Daily Archive: October 10, 2013

Love These Wireless Remotes

I bought a set for myself while living in a crappy house in NC with no light switches for outlets– I got tired of getting up to turn on rocker switches at the base of my thai bamboo/fabric lamps. The module is kind of big and an outlet killer for two outlet modules, once plugged in the other outlet is dead!

This set I bought for my parents who are 69 & 84 respectively. For ease of turning on and off lights around the house these modules are well used! Great gift for all ages….a lot cheaper than the app version of these.

Only con is the batter A123 not listed in the instructions, only place I found that sells them near home is Walmart. FYI make a not of that!!

I’m old enought to remember when we had to get up out of the chair and walk across the room to change channels (between our choice of three offerings). So when I bought this great little set, I never dreamed that life would get even better. We have three lights in our living room, with none of them controlled by a wall switch, each plugged into a standard three prong outlet. Each light has an individual switch. Now I have inserted one of these little jewels as the jam in the sandwich between the outlet and the light’s power cord, set the switches of all three to on, and I can turn them on and off individually with the simple press of a button. My indolence runneth over, and my retirement just got a whole lot better! Seriously, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The range is very good. The only drawback is the size of the outlet “receiver”. It’s at least 2 inches deep and then the electrical plug goes into the front of it which means it adds another inch or so of depth. The result is having my credenza a little farther away from the wall than I would prefer. Having the plug on the side of the box would help out. Other than that, we love them.

I have 4 lamps spread around my living room and it’s a huge pain to walk around turn them on and off every time I come and go. These work perfectly for that purpose. The remote has never failed and it turns on instantly. My only complaint is that the units are pretty big (so big that it covers up the other plug on the outlet) and not terribly attractive. Not a huge deal, and still totally worth it for me, but it might bug you if you’re super into design details.

One is used for an interior close light and one for an attic fan. X10 relays work over longer distances because they send the signal in the electrical wire. These use RF and need to be closer in order to work but they are more consistent than the X10s and less expensive.

This is the 2nd set of these outlet remotes we’ve purchased. It’s a small but very pleasant luxury to remain relaxed & comfortable while remotely controlling lighting as well as the ability to occasionally reboot, when performance lags, our internet devices including cable modem, network switch, wifi routers, Roku & Apple TV.