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Remote Controls for My Home Lights

I think these are a great deal for anyone who only wants to control a couple of outlets and avoid the expense of setting up a true X-10 system. I like that there are buttons on the units themselves that can also turn the lights on and off. Since I have one next to my bed for lamp, I can just reach over and turn it off without having to have the remote next to me.

The only con is that the outlets are bulky and make it hard to plug in something in the other outlet of a two-port receptacle. Some might also find the red indicator LEDs annoying. Overall, a good buy and recommended.

I can turn on the lights in the driveway from inside my car. I can turn on the Xmas lights on my porch from my car in the street. My fiance will never have to worry about walking into a dark house too.

I had trouble because I had to turn the lights out before I got in bed and if I needed a light would have to get out of bed to turn the light on. Was looking at other items and found these. They were very reasonably priced and had good reviews. I chose the packet with 2 remotes because I can then use them in 2 different rooms and have a remote in each room. This way I didn’t have to carry one on me all the time. When laying on the couch I use a remote to turn on a nearby lamp and in the bedroom to turn a lamp on from the bed. So, when I knock my cane over or need a light, I don’t have to get up in the dark. I can use the remote to turn on the lamps in the other room with no problem. Haven’t decided what I am going to use the 3rd socket outlet on yet, but have time. Am very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.

They work flawlessly. I was concerned that having two devices in close proximity would interfere with each other, but they don’t. Highly recommended!

It works well, from anywhere in my apartment. I am quite pleased with how well it works. One note is that it is larger than I thought it would be – if you want to put this into a power strip, for example, be forewarned that this will only be useful sticking off the end. It’s bigger than the power adapter for my stereo.

Attached the remote to the wall over the light switch. Works great and everyone says they like the ambience in my office.

You have the wall-piece that plugs in. It has a light on it indicating that it has power and a button to turn it on and off manually right on the socket. The remote also turns the socket on and off (which is the whole purpose behind it). There is an on/off light on the socket that indicates its status. There is an audible “click” when it is turned on or off. The battery included is a nice touch as many items these days don’t include batteries making it a pain for the first-time setup. As a basic, functional item with a decent price it is pretty good.

Nice Range, Simple Functionality, Overly Large Plug Modules

The only issue I have is with the receiver that plugs into the wall outlet. One, it is extremely large, you aren’t able to plug two of them into the same outlet and they protrude 2 inches away from the wall (I was not able to put it behind a couch); and two, if it isn’t plugged directly into the wall (I put one of mine onto a power strip so I can still use the outlet) the signal is significantly weaker. I used to be able to turn on this light from over 20 feet away in another room when the receiver was plugged directly into the wall, now I have to be within 5 feet with the remote pointed in the direction of the receiver while pushing the button repeatedly to get the light to turn on.

Basically, just keep in mind that you will be utilizing an entire outlet with this device. Otherwise it is a very handy thing to have.

I’ve never had the remote not work because it’s out of range, so that’s good. The remote doesn’t have any indication whether your devices are on or off, but this isn’t an issue because I can just look at the tree and see.

You can also turn on and off the devices from the front of the plugs, which comes in handy if you misplace your remote.

Every apartment I’ve lived in has zero overhead lighting in the living room and bedrooms. Remote control outlets were the perfect solution. I just leave the switch on the lamp on all the time and control the power with the remote. No more feeling my way to the lamp. This would also be great for a hard to reach outlet that turned something like the christmas tree lights on.

I really love this device, especially at this price point. The simply work, and they have worked flawlessly. The only issue is their size. They are annoyingly large. But I do my best to hide them from being visible.

A surprising annoyance that I never considered is that when you want to turn off your light, it’s actually more work to remember where the remote was last placed than it is to know where the light switch is. But it’s worth that small inconvenience. I just leave it on the coffee table…usually!

Out of all of her presents she liked this stupid thing the best. She hooked her tacky lights to this. This year I bought her 2 more. I color coded each set because each set works on its own frequency. Now she’s controlling things all over the house and just loves it. Now if she could only control me….