Daily Archive: October 13, 2013

Light Me Up Scotty

Before my wife would be climbing over the couch or crawling on the floor behind an end table to plug in the lights… NOW from ONE single device she is able to manage things sitting on the couch, not climbing over it!!

It basically offers convenience. The small remote can be mounted in a central location or carried on a key chain so that the designated lights be turned before entering the house or a room. Very pleased and would purchase again.

I rigged mine up so I have them one in my bedroom, one of parent’s room, and one in the living room. Each has a surge protector connected to it. The wireless works very well, just push one button and it turns on/off. They look very very nice as well, they aren’t too big or anything, they fit perfectly. The only bad thing is the red light always stays on when it’s on/off which is kind of stupid. They should have put a green light when it’s on and red light when it’s off. Not a huge deal, just trying to figure out why. It comes with everything you need to hook it up and your good to go. For the price, I assume this item will pay for itself probably in like 6 months, maybe even less. For the price and ease of use, I definately recommend this product.

I used this to put some cfl lights on top of my kitchen cabinets for a night light without having the kitchen lights ,5 recessed, on all the time. can turn them on and off with the remote from my chair in the living room so I only use the light when I need to go in the kitchen for my nightly snack. if you have a use for a remote light somewhere in your house this is the product to get. I’m ordering another one for another area in my house. It has 4 frequencies so you could have 4 sets . Highly recommended.

It was not so when I plugged a unit into a two wire outlet. The action was erratic. I believe the third wire may act as an antenna, grounded though it is. This may be why a few reviewers had trouble. If all else fails, read the fine instructions!

I’ve only used one receiver but it works great. Simple to use… Plug the receiver in the wall and plug your electronics into it. I’m going to use mine for lights in my plant shelf and above my cabinets. Saves you from having to wire a switch down the wall, and the battery is very easy to change out. (Apparently they must have changed it from previous posts.)There is a little drawer that slides into the bottom of the remote, just slide it out and change it and slide it back in. Now I’ve seen mult strips at Lowes that have the remote with them and they run for $35 to $45 each, I figure if I want to turn an entire row off I’ll just plug a mult Strip into this, it’s grounded too for safety. I’m even considering getting a second one.