Daily Archive: October 11, 2013

Best Remote I Have Ever Used, Well Worth Buying

Unlike my old ones these have an “on off” switch on the unit as well as the remote. I recommend getting the one foot extension cables. They are inexpensive and necessary since the wall unit takes up more then the space of one outlet. I haven’t really seen any that are small in size so this seems the best solution. Received them- hooked them up and everything worked perfectly. As others have said these are not on/off. The remote has a button for each unit that switches the state. On to off and off to on. There is no way to tell which way you are switching without seeing the light or knowing if the unit is on or off. Since I am switching lights this is not a problem. Well made and work well. Recommend

If you are not in a position to actually see the lights turn on or off, it can be hard to know if you just toggled it. I had no problems with the reach of the remote control. Our house is 1,400 sq. ft. and this toggled all the lights in all portions of the house.

One in the bedroom on the night stand for 3lamps, one in the kitchen for 3 lamps,one in the living room for 3 lamps and the last in the guest room for 2 lamps. You can turn all the lights in the dark and not worry about tripping in the dark. I even have a spare for the Xmas lights and decorations.

Frankly, I love options and functionality and these remote controlled outlets served the bill. Affordable, reliable. Yes, on both counts. Integrating LED with old school effects — even better.

Once I got it out of the blister pack(I hate those things!)and plugged everything in it was great! Worked as advertised! I don’t get the keychain remote though. The remote is a little on the cheap/flimsy side too. I will have to see how it holds up. For now all is well and working. Highly recommended.

He keeps the remote right by his bed and with a click, everything is OK.The product works right out of the box.The only thing to watch out for is a slider at the base of the remote to change the channel the signal broadcasts on.This is not really a problem with the product, but more of the situation it is used for in my case, since 4-year-olds tend to fidget with buttons. So check that first if it stops working for any reason.

They do work but…range is short , maybe under 10 feet even with sntenna up. Have to push button more than once or hold down.

It is RF rather than IR signal so it will function even when there is no direct line of sight between the transmitter and the remote socket modules. So, great for hidden plugs which is exactly what you buy it to do.

Like – small, easy to use transmitter,units not over bulky so they don’t block all the other sockets on a power strip ( will block 2 including the one it’s plugged in to ) and they work as described. Reasonable price.