Daily Archive: October 19, 2013

Good Product, Affordable, And Hard To Find Outside

The range is not quite sufficient if you have a large house and transmit from the far end. I was unable to find it a local home-improvement or even electrical supply stores. Ideally, you could buy the system with two transmitters. As it is, you need to order a second one and specify the same channel. Then, you have six receivers.

The only lights are a couple floor lamps from Ikea, that have the switches on the floor. We bought this remote control to hang as you walk into the room. Basically I used the silver loop to just hang on the light switch. As I said, so far so good. Works perfectly, just as I hoped for. Nice inexpensive solution to an annoying problem.

I have bought several devices that make it more convenient to control equipment around my house, and this one is one of the best ones. Works well and I have easy control of fans and lights that are difficult to reach. I have found the quality of all these items from Amazon to be excellent.

Used two on hard to reach living room lamps, and the other on my bedroom lamp (small apartment). Love, love, love not having to go over and turn those lamps on/off, and not having to go into a dark bedroom to turn the light on. Working fine so far, no problems.

loved them so much that i ordered another one for bedroom tv and lamp but my mom stole them and set them up in her livingroom. needless to say im ordering a third set for my bedroom and just gonna order a fourth for my moms bedroom before she steals them again. great seller too.

I though “there has to be some kind of remote controlled outlet switch”, and sure enough there is! These work great for my purpose, I can’t comment on the max range of these as I only use them in my bedroom (probably about 15 ft. distance), but they work great for what I have got. The only thing I would change is that the remote is kind of ugly, especially with the little telescoping antenna pulled out.

We bought it about 2 yrs ago. The remote has seen some abuse, and has not broken on us. Haven’t even had to change its battery in 2 yrs. This thing just works like a charm and keeps working. Pretty good range too, we have one of the plugs on a light upstairs, and are able to toggle it from pretty much anywhere in our house from downstairs.

The unit that I received uses a 3 volt CR2032 lithium battery which was included with the transmitter. I “bought together” so now I have an A23 battery for which I have no use. Shame on Amazon for suggesting the wrong battery. Will test the unit for wireless operation and update my review later.