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This Really Saves on the Electric Bill Every Month

I have 2 large lighted display cabinets that don’t have switches for the lights. I don’t like the idea of plugging and unplugging them from the outlet as that loosens up the outlet. These switches are inexpensive and have some nice features. First, they are 3-prong. The receptacle is outlined in green, which makes it easier to see when plugging something into it. The on/off switch is a good sized, is easily accessible, has a good feel and illuminates when on. The only potential downside is the switch is slightly wider than a standard outlet cover. So, if your outlet is in a tight spot, this switch may not fit. If not for that, I would have given this product 5 stars.

In today’s world, it seems everything needs to be charged; especially if you have kids (ipods, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.). I was constantly going around the house and unplugging the chargers that were plugged in and charging nothing! Now I set this to the time interval that is needed and my family plugs their items into it and presses the button. Yay! it turns off when its done charging. I only wish amazon would sell a multi pack at a slight discount because I would have them all over my house! LOVE this item! and Im back to buy another one!

Would be amazing to have more time options, especially 8 hours but the current options have solved my problem.

These products are most of the time well build and they are inexpensive, this is the case with this conserve socket, feels great, uses only one power outlet if you place it on the top in a dual outlet, has an start button that will start the countdown and a led to let you know when there is power going and off when the device is inactive. I’m really happy with this purchase.

I use to so I can charge my phone at night without over charging my phone. My battery will never turn to crap with this! Love this.

I was forever plugging and unplugging the toaster oven. I had once had a fire in one that was plugged in but off, so I am very careful now. This lets me just touch the switch. I use another one for a different kitchen appliance so that I can always leave them plugged in. The fact of the energy conservation is an added plus.

It disappears once something is plugged in, but the one improvement I’d suggest is making it a bit more discrete. The switch itself is very easy to use and the illumination that signifies it is on is not distracting.

I always worry as I leave the house whether I turned it off or not; now I can plug it in to this and it’ll auto shut off after 30 minutes, which is way more time than I need to do my hair anyways. I wish I had gotten a couple more for charging my iPhone, etc. These are really great.

Slick Convienent Product

I was tired of finding the curling iron left on for hours – best defense against a fire is turning those items off when done using them, the Outlet will ensure you will never forget!

I thought I had always just had a high electric bill, but when I’m gone it should have been miniscule. I used this device to find out that my fridge had a doohickey broken and had gone out of control on its electricity usage. I don’t have money to replace the fridge (thanks high electric bills), but now I know. And knowing is half the battle!

I accidentally came across this, and thought I’d share this.

None of my power outlets are “green” – that means, even when the power switch is set to “off,” power continues to be drawn (albeit at a lower level of current) through the plug outlet where it’s still plugged in.

So, how to completely stop that current? Up until now, my solution was to unplug the power outlet every night, and then plug it back in the following morning.

Another motivation I had for completely unplugging the power outlet every night is that I have items that are plugged in that have colorful LEDs that are always on, even when the attached item itself is turned off. The only way to turn off those LEDs was to unplug the power outlet, turning the switch off on the power outlet didn’t do the trick. I prefer my bedroom to be completely dark when I’m sleeping, with no LEDs on.

I was fully prepared to get rid of all of my current power outlets and to buy new ones that are advertised as “green” power outlets which are designed to cut off all power, so that I wouldn’t have to keep unplugging my power outlet every night and then plugging it back in every morning, but that would have cost me a bit of money.

With this device, I no longer need to do that. This device also allows me to hang onto all of my non-green power outlets that I had bought before, no need to recycle them now. I never knew such a device existed. Now that won’t be necessary after all! My non-green power outlets get to live a longer life. And, this device is a cheaper alternative than completely replacing all of my power outlets.

(There’s a green LED light that’s on when the power is on. When you turn the switch on this device to off, the green LED light that’s on the switch itself also turns off. That’s another way how you know if current is being permitted to flow through this device, or is blocked.)

I’ve now been using it for a few days, and as far as I can tell I think it’s really a terrific product.

So, if any of you didn’t know about this possible solution before, now you do!