Daily Archive: October 14, 2013

Finally A Product That Does What It Should

We have it placed on several lights around the room my handicapped mother is in and now she can turn on and off lights as she desires. we also sent an additional set down to my aunt in Fla. and she put one on a fan so when she gets hot she can turn it on and off. No problem at all. While I don’t think it should be on anything larger (air conditioner, etc.) it works very nicely for what we are using it for.

We had bought another version of them by a different manufacturer about a year ago but they were very large – you could not plug anything else in a 2-outlet wall plate if the transmitter was there. But this version is much smaller (about a third the size). I would definitely recommend it. The pack we bought is set to Channel 0. Some review had said that you could change the channel if you wanted to use multiple sets but we found that while you can change the channel on the transmitter I was not able to change the receivers (I opened them up to take a look). This isn’t a problem if you only have one set – or a large house!

Used over the holidays on decorations. Makes turning all those lights on and off a breeze. Use them in my bedroom on the lamps. Do not have to get out of bed to turn lights on or off. Goodbye Clapper!!

We use it for the hard to reach lights and it makes life so much easier. The really great option is you can use in three different areas and only have one fob to keep track of. I reccomend this to anyone and everyone!

No set-up or programming required. The items are in the package in a specific order (1, 2 and 3) and all that is required is removing those adapters from the blister packaging. Plug one in the wall, and using the small 1″ x 2″ remote, turn your items on and off. 100′ range is line of site only and probably generous at that. I have one set-up behind 1/2″ plywood and I can get about 25-30′. The line of site is easily 50′ away. Overall, extremely happy with this product given its easy set-up and low price point.

It was sold out in the stores. It was what I had expected and more. I no longer have to run around the house plugging in the candles I have in the windows at Christmas time. With the click of three buttons, I can now turn on all the candles on both floors of my house at one time. Neighbors were amazed at how I was able to light up the candles so quickly. I bought two sets and could turn on all candles using one remote. That was fantastic in itself and I was able to do this from any spot in my house.

It has two switches for on and off function which is not as simple as just one switch. The sender unit has an extendable antenna that makes the unit more reliable when extended. The receiver units are nicely sized making the second socket on a conventional home wall mount socket available for another plug.