Daily Archive: October 12, 2013

Lifesaver For A Scared Child

We use them for our bedroom lights and it’s wonderful not being able to see when you go get in bed rather than turning the lights off and then trying to find your bed!!!

A handicapped resident came to me and told me she was having trouble reaching the switch on her living room lamps from her wheelchair. So I did a little research on the web and the Stanley product came up and it was available at Amazon. The price was right and the resident thinks I’m a genius.

We have a hard to reach light plugged into one base and a lamp in the front room can be turned on in the event of a “bump in the night” The only con is that the base does not have a switch itself. It can only be activated with with the remote.

The only thing I do not like about the remote is the fact the you have to pull a little antenna out of the top in order to get the best reception. This tends to make it feel like an RC car remote or something. Other then that its a great product that I use in my home theater to control the lighting.

His playroom is on the lower level of our house and unfortunately there’s only 1 ceiling light for his playroom which is at the bottom of the stairs so the rest of the playroom remains dark unless you brave the dark to find the various lamps in the room and turn them on…watch out for any rogue toys left on the floor. With this device he can now illuminate his entire playroom before he walks downstairs. He loves it!!!

Like other reviewers I too thought the key chain was a bit of a waste because I wouldn’t attach it to my keys nor would I wear it using the belt clip. Having said that, I put 2 screws in the wall next to the light switch and hung the remote there so that way we always know where it is.

Bottom line, this is a great product and has made my son very happy…now if only he would stop playing with the buttons, lol.

The remote that was shipped with my unit DOES NOT use the A23 battery which others have referred to (and which I would have preferred). The remote requires one of those round thin wafer type batteries. Can’t understand the brain trust which decided to make the remote so small or for a keychain. I used velcro and stick the remote in my desired vertical position.

It was so easy to use w/o reading any instructions. The best thing is that I don’t need to be close to turn it on/ff. As for the key chain complain, it does not bother me since I only place it on table top. Would be nice if it is detachable but it does not worth a strike on a star rating because it works exactly what I need. I chose this over other brand because it is by Stanley and the price is reasonable. Already used all 3 remotes so I may need to buy another in near future.