Daily Archive: October 23, 2013

Very Convenient Gadget

The reason that I keep buying is because the remote control quits working after about 5 months. My wife loves the ability to turn on/off the lamps in the room with a remote, so I just look at this as a disposable item that keeps her happy. A small price to pay in my opinion! This time I went ahead and purchased two of these, so I’m prepared when the remote quits working….planning ahead so I will not have any “down time” waiting on the replacement to arrive!

We used it with my mother-in-law’s Christmas lights in the house – which are plugged in behind the couch, tree, mantle, etc. With one click each outlet comes alive – with no crawling behind things!

The product works as described when it works. Unfortunately the battery enclosure in the remote control is very poorly built and causes a loose contact leading to the unit not working. You have to remove the battery and insert it a few times before a good contact is made. Also, it seems like the sockets go into some form of “sleep mode ” when not turned on for a long time, so when you first use the remote (after a prolonged period of inactivity) you have to push the button twice to turn the socket on. After that a single click seems to do the job. I haven’t fully tested the range as I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and the remote is sufficient for that sort of space. Overall, this is a very convenient ting to have. Just wish the build quality of the remote was better.

First order only #2 and #3 outlets worked. Returned and replacement order same thing, but this time #1 and #2 outlets worked. Third replacement #1 and #3 worked. Good thing Amazon sent my 3rd set really fast as I still had the 2nd set. So I kept the ones that worked to complete my set. As for 50 ft of transmission through walls, HA! Yea right. I was lucky to get maybe 10-15 ft of UNOBSTRUCTED view. For my needs, it works in my small room. If I was using for a larger room, I would think twice about this. Remote is tiny which I like. Outlets are HUGE, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Helps if you need more than 1 set or if you’re worried your neighbors might have one. Otherwise, it works as advertised. I found that it works better when the antenna is pointed upwards, not at the outlets themselves.

You can put your light on before you enter the room. You can turn your bedroom lamp off when your finished reading without getting up. There are so many uses for this remote. You will love it if you purchase it.