Daily Archive: October 26, 2013

Excellent Replacement For An Inline Switch

Little did I know that the technology had gone wireless on me. These Stanley wireless 3-prong remotely controled switches are a dream come true for my needs. They perform the exact function I was looking for without all the wires running across floors and around walls. And I don’t even have to get up from the couch to switch the HDMI splitter or home theater device on/off. Great product! That being said, I did have to return the first package I received because one of the receiver’s was bad. That was not a problem because Amazon is a great place to shop. Amazon supplied me with a pre-paid label for the return and promptly sent me a replacement, which works fine. NOTE: For the best service for a defective unit, DON’T call the company, Stanley. I am speaking from experience because that’s what I did initially, thinking warranty should cover defects. If you want the best customer service, call Amazon.

Good thing is to have separate on and off buttons, not toggles like some competing ones have.

Note however, that if you want to control more than three switches, you need separate frequency bands for the sets of three, and Amazon even when consulted prior to order cannot handle this. I ordered four kits, and all came with the same frequency band, so I was stuck with a set where four switches are acted upon by any of the four remotes simultaneously. The frequency band is hardcoded and cannot be changed by the user without soldering equipment, which is not advised unless you know what you are doing. Soldered one set just for the fun of it and doled the rest of them out to my friends. Even after trying to explain this issue after the order was delivered, asking how to make an order that would specify the bands, the response from Amazon was first totally off topic, thereafter total silence to my reply to it. Very poor customer response from an otherwise solid counterpart.

So if you want more than one set, go find them in a store somewhere (hard, I have not seen them anywhere so far – if someone knows, please comment) and choose separate frequency bands, marked with a letter on the back. Or use Amazon and cross your fingers. My first order of two sets was lucky, the second of four sets absolutely not.

For one set only, Amazon is fine, just hope that your neighbor does not have the same kit with the same frequency band…