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This Really Saves on the Electric Bill Every Month

I have 2 large lighted display cabinets that don’t have switches for the lights. I don’t like the idea of plugging and unplugging them from the outlet as that loosens up the outlet. These switches are inexpensive and have some nice features. First, they are 3-prong. The receptacle is outlined in green, which makes it easier to see when plugging something into it. The on/off switch is a good sized, is easily accessible, has a good feel and illuminates when on. The only potential downside is the switch is slightly wider than a standard outlet cover. So, if your outlet is in a tight spot, this switch may not fit. If not for that, I would have given this product 5 stars.

In today’s world, it seems everything needs to be charged; especially if you have kids (ipods, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.). I was constantly going around the house and unplugging the chargers that were plugged in and charging nothing! Now I set this to the time interval that is needed and my family plugs their items into it and presses the button. Yay! it turns off when its done charging. I only wish amazon would sell a multi pack at a slight discount because I would have them all over my house! LOVE this item! and Im back to buy another one!

Would be amazing to have more time options, especially 8 hours but the current options have solved my problem.

These products are most of the time well build and they are inexpensive, this is the case with this conserve socket, feels great, uses only one power outlet if you place it on the top in a dual outlet, has an start button that will start the countdown and a led to let you know when there is power going and off when the device is inactive. I’m really happy with this purchase.

I use to so I can charge my phone at night without over charging my phone. My battery will never turn to crap with this! Love this.

I was forever plugging and unplugging the toaster oven. I had once had a fire in one that was plugged in but off, so I am very careful now. This lets me just touch the switch. I use another one for a different kitchen appliance so that I can always leave them plugged in. The fact of the energy conservation is an added plus.

It disappears once something is plugged in, but the one improvement I’d suggest is making it a bit more discrete. The switch itself is very easy to use and the illumination that signifies it is on is not distracting.

I always worry as I leave the house whether I turned it off or not; now I can plug it in to this and it’ll auto shut off after 30 minutes, which is way more time than I need to do my hair anyways. I wish I had gotten a couple more for charging my iPhone, etc. These are really great.

Perfect Socket Outlet

You can just push the top button and walk away, knowing that your electrical device will shut off at the prescribed amount of time. You have 3 time settings which is adequate for many items and you don’t have to worry about leaving something on and trying to remember to come back and shut it off. This does it for you. We use it for our towel drying rack in our bathroom.

Very simple, not a lot of settings to fiddle with and figure out, just one switch.

My only qualm is that it’s a bit *too* simple. I use this to charge my phone. 30 minutes isn’t quite enough to charge it, but 3 hours is too much. If there were just a bit more granularity this would be perfect. But, it does exactly what it says it will do.

It is very well made, looks nice with a gentle green LED when it is on, and easy to use — just press a button to start the on-timer.

It is an energy-saving outlet because it uses no parasitic energy when not active.

The features are lacking, however.

The only available stay-on time choices are 30 minutes, 3 hours, and 6 hours. So, you cannot have something powered-up for an hour. Instead, you are stuck leaving it on longer and wasting energy.

The biggest problem is that it cannot turn itself off any earlier than it is set for, unless it is physically unplugged. Nope, pressing the button again does not turn it off.

For those of you thinking of modifying the electronics should change their mind because it is not worth the effort. The connections are soldered to the circuit board. The components are hardwired and not programmable. And the case uses triangle security bits.

It is simple easy to use; much easier than a timer. On the conserve socket you just set the amount of time you want your appliance on (you have 3 choices, the longest is 6 hours), plug your appliance into the conserve socket and then turn on the conserve socket. No more worries about leaving on cup warmers, curling irons etc.

I do trust the this brand, but you still don’t know what a new item is going to be like. The bathroom I use to style my hair is small with poor ventilation and it is always HOT, winter and summer alike. I am constantly using a fan to stay cool while getting myself ready, then walking out of the room to leave it running all day long. My husband is sweet and I don’t really get in trouble :) – but it does seem as if he is usually the one to discover the fan running unnecessarily.

I love this reliable and easy to use timed use socket outlet!!!

Every House Needs at Least 1!

I COULD use 1 instead of having 3 stationed around the house but the convenience of being able to leave on the appropriate setting and have it where I need it is awesome. I never have to worry about having left something on or the phone charger just draining energy. My dad uses one for his phone (3 hours while sleeping) and boyfriend for his humidifier (6 hours while sleeping). Great little product and I have been unable to find in any stores!

These use so much vampire power. Cell phone chargers use power all the time even if the phone isn’t attached. Plug it in, select the time, hit the button. Simple!

It beats unplugging and re-plugging things if you’re concerned about saving a little on your electric bill. Just flick the switch when you need it and flick it off when you don’t.

I use it with an office electric heater to make sure it turns off after several hours as I have to often forgot to turn it off at night just to have the heat run unnecessarily. It is very compact and just requires a push of a button to turn my heater on and then turn it off in the set time.

It works perfect because half an hour later, their reading lamps go off automatically and I don’t have to worry that the lights are on all night.

I notice that someone else wished that the light on the switch would be on when this was switched off. I beg to differ: the way it is, I can easily see when I’ve inadvertently left something turned on.

Instead of always keeping the device plugged in or unplugging it every time, just flip the switch. It will help save electricity and prevent the connectors on the devices from wearing out by unplugging and plugging.

The only thing I wish was that it would offer a 9 hour option, it only gives us half hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours… just would be super if I could get it with 9 hour option too! But overall, I love the device, I have several of them now.

The settings are super easy to use and simple. It would be nice to have more time options but I don’t mind. My only complaint is That if you want to turn the device off before the time expires, you must unplug the entire unit and plug it back in.

Another great use I have found is a auto shutoff for those new electric wax warmers. Save the sent of the wax and power! :)

This saves you from having to reach behind that dresser over and over by just hitting the side of the outlet. We use it for our bedroom tv as we rarely use this time, the outlet is easy to reach but if the cord was pulled each time we would be reaching and searching for the cord. Also makes thing like laptop chargers easier to deal with. Well worth it.

Just What Ordered and Needed

Every little bit helps. Don’t forget…..just because you powered down or turned off that tv, computer, ps3, wii, xbox, laptop…etc, doesn’t not mean its not still using power. These things are cheap enough and simple to use, buy a few. You’ll be glad you did. Example, having a 46″ tv plugged up 24hrs a day without the power being turned is exactly like burning a 60watt bulb 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But when you go to bed at night, you turn those lights off don’t you??? Like I said, Buy Them!!!!

After 45 mins it switches to “averaging” mode, where the info displayed represents a moving average, not an instantaneous measurement, but you can disable averaging if you want, or just unplug the unit briefly to reset it before measuring a new device. I like it better than Kill-a-watt, which I never understood very well. Hope it holds up for at least a year, if it does it will get 5 stars from me.

I bought this to conserve energy, but also to save the life of my phones battery since I charge while I sleep. I wish they would have had an hour setting instead of 1/2 then 3 hour. The look of it is nice and simple though. The LED is not annoying and I like that feature. I would send it back simply for the fact it covers the other outlet, but I think I will just buy a power strip for my other electronics and either hook this onto the power strip or use the power strip on my other outlet in my room. Had it not covered both plugs, I would have gave it 5 stars. I will do an update later on after having it for a while. It seems to be working fine right now.

i purchased two of the other kind of this socket thingys, the kind where you can fit two in an outlet. those were for my microwave and toaster, and work well for that since they are not on a timer. but I like using this one for my living room lamp since it is on a timer. I can walk away and forget about it and 3 hours later it turns itself off. i just wish the 2nd outlet were accessible. otherwise i like it.

We all use many portable devices, i use at least 3 (2 mobile phones and a tablet) In the past i used to leave my devices charging through the whole night, now i set the time i want (30min, 3hr or 6hr ) and this device auto shuts off when time is over. This socket is really easy to use and looks good. For a con (if you want to force one) it is somehow bigger than expected but not really a problem.

Simple and Effective Power Switch, Great for Christmas

Nice little gadget to check how much all of your other gadgets is costing you on electric bill – your computer, laptops, toaster, microwave, desk lamps, desk fans, window acs, tv, clock radios, WiFi router, iPhone chargers… Good quality and is easier to use than energy watts monitor.

The battery needs a 3 hour recharge and this outlet can be set for different lengths of time. This prevents overcharging. This outlet works as promised.

It’s awesome. I use it in the kitchen for my lights and appliances and in my bedroom where the socket is handier to reach than my reading lamp.

I have often worried about my poor habits with regards to battery conditioning. For example, I nearly always have my laptop plugged in when it’s at the house, regardless of whether it’s running or not, and I generally leave my cell phone plugged in all night long–even though both of these things really only need a couple hours to charge, and then “best practices” say to remove the power source.

That’s where the Converse Socket comes in. No, it doesn’t do some fancy detection of the power draw from the plugged-in device(s) like some of the more expensive devices, but rather it has a simple timer switch that will turn off the power after the configured time. The design is easy to understand: on one side is a switch that you set for 1/2 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours; and on top is a button that you press as you are plugging in whatever device needs the charge; while the countdown is running, the little green light remains lit, and when the timer has expired the light goes off along with the power.

The simplicity of the design makes it mindlessly easy to use–it’s not like programming one of those awful plug-timers with the dial of 48 tiny buttons that divide the day into 30-minute segments of “on” or “off”… just plug in and push the button, then forget about it.

My only wish is that the Conserve Socket were a little cheaper, or they would sell it in packs of 3 or something to bring the price down–then I’d buy more for all around the house. Currently, I only have one that I sometimes move between different plugs and devices, but I’d love to get some more so that each device or wall socket could have its own dedicated power-conserving socket.

The power switch creates a gentle green glow when the device is powered on. As illustrated, two of these fit well into a standard wall outlet. The frustration free packaging made it easy to open and protected the product well in shipping. Overall not a bad purchase at a reasonable price point.

Turns On, Waits a While, and Turns Off.

It is easy to use and does what it says. Very useful for electronic devices that I forget to turn off. Good value. No complaints or regrets; very pleased with the purchase.

You can easily set the cost of the electricity and then produce costs for a month or a year. Now I know how my computer uses down time. Let it run for a couple days and you get an averaged overall cost, measure for a couple minutes for info on just sleeping, playing a DVD or any other feature. Determines watt usage- my wi-fi uses 10 watts, computer sleeping uses one watt more than computer shut off, unplugging saves 25 watts. You can determine costs simultaneously with the wattage, just click the button. It also determines carbon footprint, but I wonder about the accuracy. I bought as a gold Box so I felt the cost was appropriate at $19.99.

I use several large respiratory machines multiple times a day. I would try to remember to unplug them after each use (even write a reminder note that still was not effective) since they use a lot of power and I need to lower my utility bill. Since using these I now can relax. They shut off automatically 30 minutes after I press the button. I also use them for my cell charger, vacuum, electric toothbrush, and power drill.

I use it for a small air compressor. Push the button, blow air on whatever needs some air blown on it, and walk away. The pump keeps running until the tank is full. Then the Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet shuts off the power.

Before using the Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet I had to remember to go back later and shut off the power to the pump. Which I didn’t. Then the pump would decide to turn on again. Like maybe a couple days later in the middle of the night. But not any more. Not with the Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet.

I looked at all these other one’s that require reading an instruction manual in order to set it up. With the outlet, you just plug it in, then plug your appliance or whatever into the outlet and select the time you want…30 minutes, 3 hour and 6 hours. That’s it! Cool little design too. I’m getting another one for around the house.

Since I have forgotten many times to unplug my Farberware Coffee Pot, I needed a small timer I could set and forget. The timer fit the bill perfectly. Now if I’m out and am not sure I unplugged the pot, I can rest easy. The timer will shut it off automatically after the predetermined number of hours. No more worries. It can also be used for many other items, i.e. cell phone chargers, etc.