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Simple and Effective Power Switch, Great for Christmas

This is a perfect little device to shut off power to chargers, lights, and audio equipment when you no longer want it. I set it for 3 hours when charging my laptop and cell phone so they don’t overcharge and I don’t waste vampire power. I also put one on my night readnig lamp so it shuts off after I fall asleep. Liked this gizmo so much that I got a bunch as stocking stuffers for each of my (grown-up) kids.

I set my electric toothbrush for 30 minutes, dust buster for 3 hours, and the rest for 30 minutes (mainly if I forget to unplug them–for safety purposes). If you buy the Conserve Power Switch (non timer switched version of this) and intend to use it on the bottom outlet, don’t bother–you can’t get both to fit, it’s one or the other on the same wall panel. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

I have one for my toaster, espresso machine, coffee maker, and iphone/ipod speaker dock. You can stack to fill both outlets, but will not fit on the bottom outlet if you try to use it with Conserve Socket Energy-Saving Outlet (the timed switch version of this). I sometimes forget to switch it off, but it’s not too long before I noticed the green light glowing and then I promptly switch it off.

The actual switch part lights up when in the on position. I’m using it with an external hard drive’s AC adapter that I only turn on during backups. I’m picking up a few more when this goes on sale.

I wish they also made another version with the plug rotated 90-degrees so it fits on power strips.

The cell provider said that it was due to the battery charging too long since I charge at night. I got a new battery and now charge with the Conserve Socket. It is great. I set it for 3 hours and it charges and cuts off. The unit can be set for 1/2 hr, 3 hrs, and 6 hrs. Hopefully, I won’t be buying any batteries any time soon.

The design allows for two to be used over/under in a normal outlet and it also looks fine. Price is also very good but again the functionality, appearance and design for this model is the best I have found/used. A must for those who are reaching behind things to unplug from the outlet often for items like Christmas lights.

Electric toothbrush usually takes an hour to full charge, but the charger continues the draw power even when it’s not charging. Instead of remembering to unplug the charger after an hour or so, I simply use the Conserve Socket. With one simply click I can initiate an one-hour charge.

Excellent Little Electronic Gizmo

It’s a cool gadget that’s easy to use. It comes preset with regionally-based default energy cost and carbon output values which can be manually changed to match those specified on your energy bill to provide more accurate readings.

The display uses symbols which are both easy to see and understand. The buttons are clearly marked with unmistakable symbols. The unit is made of durable, well-contoured plastic – a nice quality piece.

This product provides useful information to use to influence your energy consumption for the better. It’s a fine item for gadget lovers and would even make a wonderful gift for the green conscientious individual who has everything.

It allows the user to see the impact that their electronic devices have on the environment and their wallets, as well as the watts used to make the device work and the watts used while the device is dormant.

The monitor is very simple to use. Simply plug the monitor into a wall socket and then plug any device that you wish to track into it. The display automatically starts showing you the CO2 output, cost of use, and the watts used. The amounts can be alternated between monthly and yearly numbers. Cost and CO2 output is also averaged after a forty-five minute period.

The device gives excellent and surprising results. I have an oscillating fan that I leave plugged in pretty much year round and I was amazed to see that when it isn’t in use, it costs me $.79 a year just sitting there. When I turn it on, depending on the fan speed, the cost can range anywhere from $29.25 a year to almost $45.

Personally, the CO2 output is cool to see, but the green I’m most interested in saving is the kind that goes into my wallet. With that in mind, I have to say that I do recommend the Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Monitor for the simple fact that it can save you a good bit of money by showing you how much it costs you to leave devices like cellphone chargers, lamps, printers, computers, etc. on when they aren’t in use.

It’s very simple and works every time. I’m actually on here to buy another one for my son to plug an RC car charger in to.

I plugged my coffee pot into this socket and set the socket’s timer for six hours. Now I know that the coffee pot will automatically turn off, even if I have to run to a meeting or leave the office in a hurry. I bought a second on to use in my daughters’ room. They like to have a lamp on so that they can read for a little bit. I set the timer for 30 minutes, and they know that it is time to stop reading when the light goes off. The product is durable, easy to use, and reliable.