Daily Archive: October 15, 2013

Works! And Has Some Good Distance!

I have two lights in my living room that I turn on at night to watch TV with. This is a nice little remote and it reaches over 30 feet to the other side of the room. Now if I could just get my Harmony to work with it. lol

I bought this to control power to my swamp cooler without having to get up and reach overhead so often. I removed the grill on the vent, unplugged the motor from the outlet, and plugged this gadget in its place, then reconnected the motor to this controller. SO far its doing fantastic! The fact it can reliably control an inductive load like a fairly heavy cooling fan attests to the device’s ruggedness.

The second device I use to control a lamp in my living room. This works great as I can even control it from the driveway.

Considering using the third to control my porch light, that’s a little more complicated as it means I’ll have to wire my porch light to an outlet. It’s too bad they don’t offer one of these as a contractor special, a sort of plastic box with five wires to attach inside a wall.

My only niggle is the bulky remote. It works ok on my keychain but it’s very large. And it has a BELT CLIP! I mean, who uses a belt clip for something like this? The remote needs to be 1/4 size and sleek so it doesn’t get caught on things. And why does it need an external antenna? Make the metal keychain the external antenna, silly! The battery is easily replaced via a small “drawer” so they at least got that right.

Overall I give it 4 out of five. Fix the remote and it’s about as perfect as you can get short of a remote control that reads your thoughts.

Turns on 1,2 or three lights frm where you sit. Remote can be located when you come into your house and turn any light on (plug type)

I use one at Christmas for our Christmas tree lights, one for our living room lights and one for a lighted display case. They work very well.

The only caution is the battery holder can come loose easily. A little care however is all that’s needed to keep it in place.

On the whole, I like it. I’ve owned about 4 different wireless light controllers in the past and they all expired (stopped working) except for one. The Stanley product looks and feels like good quality. The 3 wall plug-ins are solidly constructed. The 1 remote unit feels like flimsy plastic but sturdy enough. The features on the remote unit like antenna, separate on/off buttons, and easy access CR-2032 battery were nice. The belt clip and key chain can have their use. Since the remote unit is kind of small, I insert my finger in the key ring during operation to prevent it from slipping and dropping on the floor for fear it might crack.