Wireless Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet with Remote

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This Really Saves on the Electric Bill Every Month

I have 2 large lighted display cabinets that don’t have switches for the lights. I don’t like the idea of plugging and unplugging them from the outlet as that loosens up the outlet. These switches are inexpensive and have some nice features. First, they are 3-prong. The receptacle is outlined in green, which makes it easier to see when plugging something into it. The on/off switch is a good sized, is easily accessible, has a good feel and illuminates when on. The only potential downside is the switch is slightly wider than a standard outlet cover. So, if your outlet is in a tight spot, this switch may not fit. If not for that, I would have given this product 5 stars.

In today’s world, it seems everything needs to be charged; especially if you have kids (ipods, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.). I was constantly going around the house and unplugging the chargers that were plugged in and charging nothing! Now I set this to the time interval that is needed and my family plugs their items into it and presses the button. Yay! it turns off when its done charging. I only wish amazon would sell a multi pack at a slight discount because I would have them all over my house! LOVE this item! and Im back to buy another one!

Would be amazing to have more time options, especially 8 hours but the current options have solved my problem.

These products are most of the time well build and they are inexpensive, this is the case with this conserve socket, feels great, uses only one power outlet if you place it on the top in a dual outlet, has an start button that will start the countdown and a led to let you know when there is power going and off when the device is inactive. I’m really happy with this purchase.

I use to so I can charge my phone at night without over charging my phone. My battery will never turn to crap with this! Love this.

I was forever plugging and unplugging the toaster oven. I had once had a fire in one that was plugged in but off, so I am very careful now. This lets me just touch the switch. I use another one for a different kitchen appliance so that I can always leave them plugged in. The fact of the energy conservation is an added plus.

It disappears once something is plugged in, but the one improvement I’d suggest is making it a bit more discrete. The switch itself is very easy to use and the illumination that signifies it is on is not distracting.

I always worry as I leave the house whether I turned it off or not; now I can plug it in to this and it’ll auto shut off after 30 minutes, which is way more time than I need to do my hair anyways. I wish I had gotten a couple more for charging my iPhone, etc. These are really great.

Perfect Socket Outlet

You can just push the top button and walk away, knowing that your electrical device will shut off at the prescribed amount of time. You have 3 time settings which is adequate for many items and you don’t have to worry about leaving something on and trying to remember to come back and shut it off. This does it for you. We use it for our towel drying rack in our bathroom.

Very simple, not a lot of settings to fiddle with and figure out, just one switch.

My only qualm is that it’s a bit *too* simple. I use this to charge my phone. 30 minutes isn’t quite enough to charge it, but 3 hours is too much. If there were just a bit more granularity this would be perfect. But, it does exactly what it says it will do.

It is very well made, looks nice with a gentle green LED when it is on, and easy to use — just press a button to start the on-timer.

It is an energy-saving outlet because it uses no parasitic energy when not active.

The features are lacking, however.

The only available stay-on time choices are 30 minutes, 3 hours, and 6 hours. So, you cannot have something powered-up for an hour. Instead, you are stuck leaving it on longer and wasting energy.

The biggest problem is that it cannot turn itself off any earlier than it is set for, unless it is physically unplugged. Nope, pressing the button again does not turn it off.

For those of you thinking of modifying the electronics should change their mind because it is not worth the effort. The connections are soldered to the circuit board. The components are hardwired and not programmable. And the case uses triangle security bits.

It is simple easy to use; much easier than a timer. On the conserve socket you just set the amount of time you want your appliance on (you have 3 choices, the longest is 6 hours), plug your appliance into the conserve socket and then turn on the conserve socket. No more worries about leaving on cup warmers, curling irons etc.

I do trust the this brand, but you still don’t know what a new item is going to be like. The bathroom I use to style my hair is small with poor ventilation and it is always HOT, winter and summer alike. I am constantly using a fan to stay cool while getting myself ready, then walking out of the room to leave it running all day long. My husband is sweet and I don’t really get in trouble :) – but it does seem as if he is usually the one to discover the fan running unnecessarily.

I love this reliable and easy to use timed use socket outlet!!!

Perfect for Unswitchable Appliances!

I put this in our bedroom where we have a TV,PS3 and AT&T Uverse Cable box, and we are only in the room at night time and that the only time when the TV is on, so other then that, all the components would be sitting in standby allllll day long, so I attached the Outlet and it’s great, because I can set it for 30 minutes and I go to bed watch 15 minutes of TV and then the Power turns off automatically, I have Southern California Edison and we have a Smart Meter and I can see my power usage by the hour, and I see the power usage has went down, and it’s saving me money, I recommend this to everyone, it will save you money.

In order to better gauge what your kilowatt price is you should average your last bill and not set it at what your power company says they charge you..

I wanted something that would let me cut power then they weren’t in use without having to reach behind to get the power strip. This was a cheap and easy solution.

I bought one for my toaster and one for my coffee maker (it doesn’t have a good auto-shutoff). I like that this brand of socket lets you set different times until shut-off, though I always use the 30 minute shut-off. The only thing I don’t like is the size. I have one plugged in to an outlet with a switch right next to it (one of those big rectangular switches that you push in the top or bottom) and the plug makes it a bit hard to work the switch. Otherwise, though, it doesn’t get in the way of the other plug.

It didn’t have a switch on it and constantly sparked when unplugging. In fact, it even melted one of our outlets. Having this switch outlet has been wonderful. We can leave it plugged in all the time (without worry about extra current usage) and turn it on whenever we want without worrying about sparks. If I ever have any other appliances like this, I’ll definitely be ordering more of these switches.

So I was happy to find this one because it can be used in more robust scenarios. Also, this is the only switch I have seen that is shaped so that two of these switches will fit into a single wall outlet. The others that I have seen are vertically oriented (switch button on top instead of on the side), so two of them cannot be plugged into the same wall outlet.

To avoid the toasts from getting burned, I end up pulling the plug, sometimes generating a few sparks. Not good. I decided to try this Power Switch. It works perfectly. When I turn it off while the toaster over is still running, there is no sparks!

I ended up buying 4 of them in one order, taking a slight gamble without trying first. Now I ended up using all of them on various devices. I may be buying more in future. Good stuff.

There are some vendors on Amazon web site selling the same products. I only choose products “fulfilled and sold by Amazon”. Amazon stands by the products they sell. Peace of mind.

Savior for the Busy/Forgetful Mom!

I often found myself worrying that I got distracted and forgot to unplug my hair straightener (*insert horrible visions of me burning my house down because I’m a bozo who can’t remember to unplug my straightener*). Several times, I made a beeline back to my house to make sure I hadn’t left it on. Ordering this product is a lifesaver- I never use my hair straightener without it anymore. There’s one less thing to worry about knowing that even if I did happen to get distracted and leave the house with it still on, it will automatically turn off in a few minutes thanks to this outlet. Definitely worth the small investment for the peace of mind!

Used this to monitor the electric that it takes to run certain items for trouble shooting. Also used to check for power draining appliances. My cell phone does not even register when plugged into the charger only when it is actually charging. .

What I like so much about this thing? The long cord, you can plug it in behind things and still see the meter. I also was able to plug in my current electricity rate and figure out how much each appliance was using. Ditched one thing already because it was costing me more money to use that it was worth.

And like the timer design, I use this one for my washing machine, set to 3hrs or 6 hrs is good enough. I also have some remote control outlets, no remote control for this one is good cheap solution for my case, love it.

I used to plug the power cord directly to the wall mount power when I need lighting for playing ping pong in the yard, but now with the power switch, I just simply keep the cord plugged, no headache any more. Definitely I will recommend it to my friends.

It would happen occasionally and you would have to unplug it to stop the beeping/reset it. I bought this so we could just flip the switch instead of pulling the plug out. Works great.

Sometimes the outlet has a little higher price than the competition, but I’ve never been disappointed in the quality. This switch is no exception in good quality, and the price isn’t bad either. The sculpted, smooth switch lights up with a nice green glow when turned on. Nice attention to design detail!

This switch has helped reduce noise and power consumption. It’s convenient to simply flip the switch when I will be gone for the day or weekend. I would get more if I had more of these “always on” electronics.

Slick Convienent Product

I was tired of finding the curling iron left on for hours – best defense against a fire is turning those items off when done using them, the Outlet will ensure you will never forget!

I thought I had always just had a high electric bill, but when I’m gone it should have been miniscule. I used this device to find out that my fridge had a doohickey broken and had gone out of control on its electricity usage. I don’t have money to replace the fridge (thanks high electric bills), but now I know. And knowing is half the battle!

I accidentally came across this, and thought I’d share this.

None of my power outlets are “green” – that means, even when the power switch is set to “off,” power continues to be drawn (albeit at a lower level of current) through the plug outlet where it’s still plugged in.

So, how to completely stop that current? Up until now, my solution was to unplug the power outlet every night, and then plug it back in the following morning.

Another motivation I had for completely unplugging the power outlet every night is that I have items that are plugged in that have colorful LEDs that are always on, even when the attached item itself is turned off. The only way to turn off those LEDs was to unplug the power outlet, turning the switch off on the power outlet didn’t do the trick. I prefer my bedroom to be completely dark when I’m sleeping, with no LEDs on.

I was fully prepared to get rid of all of my current power outlets and to buy new ones that are advertised as “green” power outlets which are designed to cut off all power, so that I wouldn’t have to keep unplugging my power outlet every night and then plugging it back in every morning, but that would have cost me a bit of money.

With this device, I no longer need to do that. This device also allows me to hang onto all of my non-green power outlets that I had bought before, no need to recycle them now. I never knew such a device existed. Now that won’t be necessary after all! My non-green power outlets get to live a longer life. And, this device is a cheaper alternative than completely replacing all of my power outlets.

(There’s a green LED light that’s on when the power is on. When you turn the switch on this device to off, the green LED light that’s on the switch itself also turns off. That’s another way how you know if current is being permitted to flow through this device, or is blocked.)

I’ve now been using it for a few days, and as far as I can tell I think it’s really a terrific product.

So, if any of you didn’t know about this possible solution before, now you do!

A Very Nice Solution to a Real Problem

I only use it in the morning and was looking for a way to shut it off when not needed. Un plugging and re plugging is not good for the receptacle so I tried a timer. The small plug in units fail after a few months I suspect due to the high amp draw.

This is the perfect solution. I turn it on when I get up in the morning and shut it down at about 9:00. Works great and fixed my little old problem. Highly recommended..

I got it to help conserve energy in with my heater fan and though there is not a marked difference in my electricity bill, I feel better that I am trying to make steps to reduce my energy usage. And it can shut off after 3 hours, so if I forget to unplug my heater fan, I don’t have to worry about my cats bumping it and starting it up again or it catching something on fire.

What we do use it on is an electric room space heater where I am worried about forgetting it and leaving it on overnight — maybe burning down the house while we sleep. If you forget, and I have so far exactly once, then this device automatically shuts it down for you. Also, it saves you electricity money, about 10 cents an hour in our case, when we forget, which could easily cost you a buck or two if you leave that heater on overnight and into the next day in your (like we have) basement office. You could also use it to automatically shut down your kids’ video game after they have used up their time allowance, hint, hint ;-)

It’s especially nice for a a few that don’t really have an on off switch (like a Krupps burr grinder that feels warm whenever the power is on even if it’s not grinding). The glowing green light (indicating ‘on’) makes it really easy to see when everything is turned off.

I hoped the lighted switch would alert me that I had forgotten to turn the power off. Unfortunately, I feel that the lighted switch is a little dim and hard to see, as it is located on the side of the device. It does what it is supposed to do — you just have to check it with all the kitchen lights turned off.

There are three buttons for measurements. Watts, cost per period of time and CO2 effect. I use just in the wattage position to use . What makes it easy – Plug into any outlet, plug device to be tested and the gauge shows the wattage beginning used. The two parts are interconnected by a four to five foot cable which makes it so much easier to read. I have read wattage, so far, from 4 watts for a LED light bulb to 1400+ for a coffee maker.

I programmed my usage rates in and was able to see how much it cost both hourly and monthly to run items in my home. If you want to see why your energy bill is so much try this. I was suprised how much some things cost to run.