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Savior for the Busy/Forgetful Mom!

I often found myself worrying that I got distracted and forgot to unplug my hair straightener (*insert horrible visions of me burning my house down because I’m a bozo who can’t remember to unplug my straightener*). Several times, I made a beeline back to my house to make sure I hadn’t left it on. Ordering this product is a lifesaver- I never use my hair straightener without it anymore. There’s one less thing to worry about knowing that even if I did happen to get distracted and leave the house with it still on, it will automatically turn off in a few minutes thanks to this outlet. Definitely worth the small investment for the peace of mind!

Used this to monitor the electric that it takes to run certain items for trouble shooting. Also used to check for power draining appliances. My cell phone does not even register when plugged into the charger only when it is actually charging. .

What I like so much about this thing? The long cord, you can plug it in behind things and still see the meter. I also was able to plug in my current electricity rate and figure out how much each appliance was using. Ditched one thing already because it was costing me more money to use that it was worth.

And like the timer design, I use this one for my washing machine, set to 3hrs or 6 hrs is good enough. I also have some remote control outlets, no remote control for this one is good cheap solution for my case, love it.

I used to plug the power cord directly to the wall mount power when I need lighting for playing ping pong in the yard, but now with the power switch, I just simply keep the cord plugged, no headache any more. Definitely I will recommend it to my friends.

It would happen occasionally and you would have to unplug it to stop the beeping/reset it. I bought this so we could just flip the switch instead of pulling the plug out. Works great.

Sometimes the outlet has a little higher price than the competition, but I’ve never been disappointed in the quality. This switch is no exception in good quality, and the price isn’t bad either. The sculpted, smooth switch lights up with a nice green glow when turned on. Nice attention to design detail!

This switch has helped reduce noise and power consumption. It’s convenient to simply flip the switch when I will be gone for the day or weekend. I would get more if I had more of these “always on” electronics.