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Simple and Effective

Both my daughter and I have forgotten to turn off our curling irons on several occasions. It’s no longer a problem. I set the switch for 30 minutes and leave the curling iron plugged into this. I still try to remember to turn it off before I walk away but when I forget this automatically turns it off for me.

I use it mostly to charge battery packs that don’t want to be continually charged. I set it for 6 hours and it’s ready when I need it without wasting electricity. I’ve bought other products and been happy with all of them.

I’ve been satisfied with the outcome, though I haven’t really done an analysis of how much it’s affected my electric bill. I give four stars only because the options–1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours–are too limited. I would like to see more options in the next rendition.

I use it for my coffee maker. All I have to do is set up my coffee morning or the night before, Set the time wanted 1 1/2, 3, or 6 hours to keep my coffee going. This relieve the issue of not leaving my coffee maker on when it automatic shut down after the set time allow reach its limit

Since it is Daylight an hour or so after that, the lamp is wasting energy. I used the Outlet in the closest lamp to my front door. I set the timer to the lowest setting and it works great! Do not have to fumble around getting out the door.

This is a great way to turn them off with confidence and save money. Sure, you could always unplug the appliances, but that’s inconvenient and, more importantly, it places undue stress on the plug, which can lead to an early demise for the appliance. (Just ask my vacuum cleaner with the missing prong.)

One is a D2A converter so we can plug a pair of headphones directly into an AppleTV. Everyone once in a while the box stops working, and I got tired of feeling around the back of the cabinet for the power plug, so I put in one of these outlets. Now, I just have to flip a simple switch to reset the thing. Much easier, thanks!

I bought them for myself and my parents as xmas gifts. They love that it can save energy without them having to remember to unplug their devices.

The energy monitor allows me to figure out exactly how much energy a device uses in real time to estimate how long my batteries will last. Additionally, it’s fun to see how much it costs a month or year to run devices, and makes you reconsider your energy usage.

Much easier to flip the switch than to keep pulling a plug out. I use this for an undercabinet light with a switch that is hard to find. Also great for a popcorn pumper. Four stars only because the switch could be better designed, and I would like to see a version with the switch on the other side so you could choose based on your circumstances. Product seems to be working fine after a month. A’>If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!

A Neat Idea!

Plugged it to the wall socket with the iphone charger on it. Set it 3 hours and pressed the top button. Poof nothing worked. changed all the time configurations, changed wall sockets, changed load nothing. Refuses to start. The cost of the device is $9.99, I guess it would take me another 5 bucks to return it, ended up wasting my time and money on this. Will never ever buy Belkin products again, its not worth a try. I have to give 1 star for this dead device? Amazon needs to start with -ve or black stars to indicate that this is a useless product.

it work well for that. that said, I have a simple DIY solar electric system I’m setting up and was intending to use this to monitor how much power my system was producing, this meter does not seem to read power flowing in reverse. seem the common meter for the DIY grid tie solar crowd is the Kill A Watt. I’ll have to pick one of those up for my usage.

Plug the end into the outlet, and then plug in whatever device you want to test. That’s all there is to it. Then you will know how much it costs to use your toaster, computer, stereo – anything using electricity. What’s the carbon footprint? – push a button. What is the cost per month? per year? – again, push a button. My boss has been bugging all of us to shut off our power strips on the weekends to save electricity. I found out over one weekend that we save a whopping $.32 a year per strip (And the annual cost of running my computer workstation is around $33 a year. A great gift idea for the techno-nut in your family, or anyone interested in finding ways to save money.

All you do is plug it in the outlet then plug in your appliance. Immediately you can see how much it will cost, monthly or yearly, to keep the appliance plugged in but off. I found this to be a terrific feature. It made me realize it was time to put a few things on a power strip so that I can completely turn them off.

When you turn on the appliance you can then get an idea of what it will cost, monthly or yearly, but only if left on 24/7. Very few electrical items in our home are run 24/7. Even the refrigerator only runs periodically. This feature was only helpful in letting me know how different appliances compare. You can leave it connected for 45 minutes and it gives you an average but I am not sure of what. What do you turn on and off during a 45 minute period? Television, for example, is usually watched in half or full hour increments. Computers are rarely turned on/off in a short period of time. There are some devices that do fluctuate during use but that generally depends on how they are used not necessarily over time. And what is a monthly cost, 30 or 31 days? What would have been useful is a 1 hour cost mode. Then you could quickly calculate your own usage and get a better estimate.

Co2. How many of us have a choice of who or what source we buy our electricity from? Unless you are an activist, the only thing this may do is put the guilt on you and convince you to throw away a device which really creates more pollution.

I do think the most important thing we can do to both save money and help the environment is take concern on the items that are wasting energy plugged in but still using electricity. I found one appliance that cost roughly $5 a month plugged in. For that this device is very useful and could very well pay for itself.

One Word to Describe These, Amazing

As many people may be unaware of most of the electronics in your home actually drain energy even when turned off, just being plugged in they drain electricity. A couple of months ago I decided to get into the habit of unplugging everything to help save energy but it grew troublesome for some electronics because the plugs were under desks or behind objects. I even said to myself I wish they’d invent a way so I could do this with a remote and voila! They already had!

This works perfectly, with just one remote I can cut the power to 3 electrical outlets. I have a device that measures how many watts devices use and this cuts power 100% so those electronics are no longer draining power and these devices themselves use up so little power it doesn’t even register on my device.

Buy these and use them to save money, help lower our dependence on oil and help save the enviornment, how can you possibly lose?!

You get three wall units and the remote control and they are very easy to set up. Basically, plug the units into your outlets, plug your lights or small appliances into the units and turn them on. The wall units are each numbered and correspond to the numbered buttons on the remote. You can also turn the units on/off manually. One thing that did surprise me was the size of the wall units – they are approximately 5″ x 2 6/8″ x 2 3/4″ – and they don’t leave much room to enable you to plug something else into the bottom of the wall outlet. You might want to take that into consideration before you buy this product.

As a music educator in LAUSD, the behavior of my students is abhorrent. Most of these students are at a 1st grade level (musically), and teaching a piano class with 50+ beginning students was destroying my sanity. Anytime that I attempt direct instruction, they will not stop playing. I connected about 18 keyboards to each DSI Outlet two weeks ago, and I have not looked back. I am on the ultimate power-trip at the moment, and I don’t think I will ever come back. Silence…sweet silence.

I use it to turn on/off my bar lights and neon signs. One small concern; if u are running the microwave, the switch may not work – until your dinner is done! With a light plugged into each outlet, she is able to effortlessly control the illumination. It works from anywhere in her apartment, even when she’s in the next room!

Super Convenient and Works Great!

I was completely amazed that the description was spot on! The sensor will go through walls, floors, and ceilings! The remote is well built, and when you press the button, it does what its told and never misses a beat. Love it! Will be buying more outlets in the future to add to my army of outlets!

I ordered the 3 pack self learning remotes last week, planning to combine them with a 5 pack to use as a client notification system in my office suite (I’m a psychotherapist and it’s helpful to know when clients arrive:-)). Unfortunately, the system Amazon sent did not include the self learning button (not an issue except that I needed to combine outlets with other remotes). Amazon offered to send another one, but I wasn’t sure that it would be any different than the first so I contacted it directly. They responded very quickly, and within days I had a new set which was exactly what I needed. This system will work perfectly for us (it works in our offices through at least 2 heavy sound-proofed walls) and is so much more affordable than the other systems I was looking at. I’m now thinking of all sorts of uses for these gadgets in my home and may need to order some more……

I am currently using it in my son’s nursery to control a dresser lamp and a standing lamp. I used velcro straps to velcro the remote to the entrance way wall and it looks and works perfectly. These easily work through walls and across the house. They are a little bulky but a small downside.

I returned one box and like some others in the reviews thought I had a defective set with an incorrect remote. So I ordered another box hoping the odds were better now and returned the old one – only to see it was exactly the same.

One remote (marked 01) worked while the other (marked 04) didn’t. I set it to the reprogram mode (put it in the socket witch on and keep the yellow button pressed till the light blinks) and used the non-working remote to switch it on. Again – use the non-working remote and not the working one here. Now both the remotes work. I repeated this step for the remaining 4 and they work great. 5 stars if the instructions mentioned this at least even if it didn’t work out of the box.

Very Glad to Have This Product

It is very easy to install and use. Only one negative I think it has is, no local switch on module. I would recommend to consider this point. Because if you do not have access to remote, you will end up switching the power off to the module. Instead, if it had a local switch on it, it would have been better.

This is not an issue with this set, one press of the remote and the module turns on / off my devises, good range, easy to use, better current rating, 10 amp / 1200 watts verses my other set which was 5 amp / 600 watts. Two remotes add convience, if I forget to turn off a light, she can turn it off with her own remote.

I’m surprised at how quickly the unit showed up [2 days] since I only picked standard delivery. I’m using two of the outlets for the string lights and the other for my LED projector. I was tired of reaching up to push the power button to turn it on and off. I’d order this again to use for seasonal lighting, but I might end up controlling my existing set! I will at least recommend the product.

I’m visually handicapped, and I have three plug-in lights in various corners of the room that I call my office at home. One light is a long stretch to turn on, one has the switch lying on the floor (in-cord switch), and one is one the back corner of my desk and I have to reach over my sound speakers and control to get at the in-cord switch.

At first I was upset since I couldn’t find the battery, but my wife spied it in a corner of the box. Very small, an odd battery type, I’m very glad I bought the 3-pack WITH the battery included. The remote has a small door (typical for battery-operated devices) that we couldn’t find at first and was very hard to open, but once I managed to slide it open it worked smoothly after that.

So now I have a little (about the size of one of those big packs of chewing gum) control sitting on a corner of my desk. The 3 outlet controls are numbered, so all I have to do is remember 1 is the corner, 2 is the floor lamp, 3 is my desk lamp … and voila!

A few drawbacks that keep me from rating this as a five.

#1: The instructions should state exactly what the battery is. When I need to replace this battery I plan to bring the entire remote along to one of those battery stores and just show it to them. But I’d appreciate more info about it.

#2: The battery cover was VERY hard to slide off (and I have huge strong hands).

#3: The three remote boxes (in my opinion unnecessarily) cover BOTH of the outlets when plugged in. It would be much nicer if the prongs were on one end of the box, so I could plug something else into another outlet. In one case I needed to use a small extension cord to make everything work.

#4: My obsessive tidiness doesn’t like having the remote just floating around. I really wish it came with a holder or something I could have screwed into the wall near the door to the room.

HOWEVER … it does exactly what I wanted it to. I’m already thinking I’d like to get another one for another area of the house, and I’m wondering if they operate on different frequencies or something so they wouldn’t interfere with each other.

Easy to Use & Affordable

I wanted to place one remote in the dark and scary hallway for my kids to press on the way to their bedroom, and the the other remote right next to their bed so they can turn off the lights from the safety of their bed. They would especially like button #4 which turns all 3 light on all at once.

The rep informed me that this was not possible because the two remotes used different frequencies, and you couldn’t have socket associated with more then 3 frequencies (buttons). This is when I got pleasantly surprised. The rep offered to send me a remote that matched the frequencies of one of the remotes I already had. He explained that one remote had a number on the back, the other remote had no number. He would be sending me a duplicate remote in essence for the one without a number on the back – at no extra charge! He sent it USPS First Class. I reprogrammed the matching remote, and the one he sent me duplicated the programmed remote without any additional programming.

I was disappointed it uses strange batteries (12v A23) instead of the standard ones that the original non-learning remotes use, but I read they are smaller and provide more power for this type of application. I just ordered a five-pack of them on Amazon for under $7 and stuck them in my spare batteries drawer.

My kids are super happy campers and I am a happy parent, and now loyal customer of Etekcity. All companies should treat their customers this way.

Couldn’t be any more happy with a single product. My wife’s mother who is old, a drunk and obviously deaf and annoying has nothing better to do than to blast the TV 24 hrs a day; so this product not only allows me to shut the TV off but also all the power going to the TV so I’m the only one who can turn it on. I actually get a kick out if it because she’ll just sit there literally for hrs watching a blank screen in anticipation of the TV fixing itself. Which it does after I wake up from a good nights rest.

I gave it only 4 stars because Wireless Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet are huge! its as big as your regular outlet plate. I thought they were smaller than the others but I was mistaken. I consedered returning it but it works very well and a little inconvenience because its huge doesn’t matter to me. Lucky that we have a lot of outlet in our home that I didnt need any extension wire. The shipping was fast by the way.