Daily Archive: October 29, 2013

Great Product – Just What I Needed

First, because the wiring in my basement is really screwed up. Because of this if I wanted to use a switch that was on the wall to turn my standing lights on and off, the overhead light HAD to be on. I got this product because I wanted to be able to turn those lamps on and off with a switch – but I didn’t want to have to redo all the wiring at this stage (lazy, I know).

The great thing is that this switch can be put on any wall or service and works great.

The second reason I got it was because I was very interested in saving some $$$ on my electric bill. Since my TV/HTPC/Xbox don’t get used while my wife and I are at work there is no need for them to be pulling phantom power. (Again since I am lazy) I don’t want to go to all my computer wiring every night/morning and flip the manual switch on a surge protector.

I cannot comment on how much electricity I am saving because we have had some amazing weather recently that has allowed me to keep the AC off over the last month. However, I do plan on getting another one of these for my desktop setup.

However this one works flawlessly and is perfect in every way and even works great in very cold temperatures! This is the only one I could find that actually worked!! I recommend it! The range of the remote is good also.

Good spacing on the outlets, so wider plugs fit in next to each other. The remote is a nice ‘feature’, making it easier to turn on and off without reaching back behind the desk.

Currently its to early to tell if I will be saving any money on electicity but, I needed a power strip. I oredered another one because I needed another power strip. On a side note, if you have two many things drawing power on the power strip it has a breaker that will trip if it overloaded.

I can shut off the power to the TV, Blu-ray and amp with one switch, while leaving the DVR powered up. It’s a great idea to kill all of these power sucking devices when they aren’t in use. I like this so much that this is actually the second one I bought. Now I can do the same with all of my computer components.

You can also configure the remote to work on multiple surge protectors, if you get more than one like I did. I decided to control mine separately, but I did test the remotes ability to control both. It worked great, even though the two devices were in separate but adjoining rooms. I’m not sure what the range of the remote is, but it works well.

All components plug into to energy saving outlets which are turned off with an easy to use remote control unit. Space for two outlets that supply continuous power such as telephone and router. Easy way to save on standby power wastage.