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Money Saver

You have a choce of three time settings, on the side; and a tap-on button on top that lights when the plug is being used.

I use 2 in the kitchen – electric teapot and the toaster; and another in each bathroom, where they come in handy for hair dryer or curling iron, and even a night light.

Wish there was a double outlet model so you could set two devices for different power periods at the same source. For instance, I would like to be able to charge my phone a set of flameless candles in the same location. The single outlet model is too large to allow use of 2 in the same outlet.

Don’t really know how much power it saves, but it certainly can’t hurt, and it is a lot more convenient than having to unplug the many devices used around the house

One of my TVs would turn on after a power failure so now it can’t. We just set the unit to run for 3 hours when we want to view this TV as we normally only watch this one for perhaps an hour at bedtime. The unit does not use any power once it turns itself off. Times devices for 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours, whichever you want.

First to figure wattage loads of different products in our home for our emergency generator. Second to find out just how much power items around the house use when “off”. I was amazed at how much power some things around the house use when “off”. Individually they are not much but when you add them all up it equals a lot of wasted money and add to it the fact that our power company is upping their rates 10% this month and this monitor has saved us a good bit. I have since put many things on power strips and now when I turn the strip off things are really “off”. One last thing, not having to crane your neck down under the desk to read the display is a definite bonus compared to many of the other energy monitors I have seen.

I have an extra battery so I just put it in for 3 hours and then when I need the extra battery it is ready to go and I don’t have to worry about unplugging it all the time. It would be nice to have on of these with more outlets.

It does have the benefit of being easy to read when the socket is behind furniture. Measuring power consumption is kind of a pain if you have to crawl behind furniture with a flashlight to read it. The Belkin’s display is on a cable that can be placed nearby so it can be read easily.

And after exactly one month, my energy bill arrived and it was a whole $10 less!!! So, now I’ve installed the Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip (for the TV console–keeping the Tivo & router on but turning off the 2nd Tivo and Netflix box when the TV gets turned off); and also 2 of the the cute little Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet (one for my office shredder and my electric toothbrush). And now I’ve added the Stanley 31164 Indoor Wireless Remote Control with Single Transmitter, White, 3-Pack for the hot water pot that’s on 6 hours every day, my appliance strip which covers toaster, rice cooker, blender and Breville juice extractor–to my kitchen to stop vampire energy loss.

I’m on a roll and look forward each month to how much I’ll save with these 3 Belkin and 1 Stanley products together! If I can saving $20-25 per month…well that adds up to a LOT in one year!!! I can think of other, better things to spend my money on like here on Amazon–more Kindle books…and…I have a huge wishlist.

Killawatt was a Waste of Money

“Perfect! We have so many things that draw power even when not being used!” and grabbed it. Yet I can’t find a practical use for it. All of my expensive electronics are plugged into surge protectors or UPSes (Uninterruptible Power Sources), and those are the things that draw the most power when they’re not turned on. Because you have to turn this power switch on and off yourself, it’s not useful if you can’t easily reach the outlet. And if you can easily reach the outlet, you can simply unplug whatever’s plugged in, like your toaster or a heating pad. I can easily see potential annoyance developing if you go to turn on an appliance that’s plugged into this, only to realize after your toast isn’t toasting that you forgot to flip the switch on this gadget. So really, it has very limited usage and is now going to be just another item in the junk drawer! I’d happily pay twice the amount for one that had a wireless remote control on/off switch…now THAT would be useful!!

For any plug not at eye level this is not the best choice. It looks like it glows in the dark but it does not. The switch lights up when its on which is just wasteful. Captain Planet would not be happy. I feel like it costs more because of greenwashing and I’m sure you could probably find a cheaper switch at a hardware store that does not light up when you use it. I brought a wireless remote control plug set made for Christmas lights by GE that was $5 instead of the $30 conserve remote power strip. It came with three remote plugs and they can be used outside. Its good to be green but do not let companies ripe you off.

Because it isn’t really the product or the manufacturers fault that the product didn’t do what I expected it to do. If anyone is to blame it could be the copy description on the website. I would recommend if you are thinking of purchasing this item that you go to the actual product’s website and read the features and benefits on that website.

I have been using it a little more and I changed my mind. I am using it to test the wattage on my computer and it does a great job. It tells you the real amount of watts it uses, how much does it cost you yearly to use it, and its carbon footprint. hopefully they’ll come up with a bluetooth version that connects to your pc or smartphone

I got a few of these and a few of the smart sockets (Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet) with built in 1/2 hr, 3hr, and 6hr timer. The advantage this has over that is the on off switch. I prefer the smart socket with timer. In the end I guess that is what I was looking for but I’m putting this socket to good use as a way to conserve energy when an appliance is not in use. But on that subject I think I would just as well get a power strip with on off button.


It saves her from having to run up the stairs if I get a phone call or something. She is operating the remote from about 40 to 50 feet away and operating an upstairs light from downstairs.

I was worried at first because I wanted to put the plug behind my bed and I didn’t know if it would block the remote signal but it didn’t. I was still able to plug something below it too. The remotes also have a thing on the back so you can hang them on the wall.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I bought 2 remotes and one outlet. The outlet is in a closet outside the house, and I use one remote control from the 1st floor and the other from the 2nd floor. No issue. It works perfectly all the time.

I’ve had trouble turning off the lamp beside my bed. This remote has been such a wonderful help to me! Now all I have to do is click the remote button instead of struggling to reach the switch on the lamp.

I have it hooked up to my living room lamps in the apartment, it works anywhere you go, even outside! I haven’t seen how far away I can go yet but it lets me go as far as my car and… well… how much further do I need to go? Sometimes might have to press the button twice for it to “hear” me but that’s not a big deal… I just click again! It’s not that hard!

It installs in seconds and has excellent on/off response from the remote switch that comes with this product. My only caveat is that this is an RF device so it can not be “learned” by a standard universal IR remote controller.

I have one for an incandescent stand lamp and now have a new one for a compact fluorescent (CLF) desk lamp. The switches for both lamps were in a location that was hard to reach. This wireless remote control switch did the trick.

When we pollute the air, we can turn it on for a bit to clear it, and turn it off again from the couch. Plug is about 6 feet away

When I plugged it in… or rather, when I tried to plug it in, I found it had a formed piece of plastic, undoubtedly intended to shield the outlet itself from the elements, that made it impossible to plug in the router without first plugging in a three-outlet adapter.

This works, but it’s a little less than elegant. It’s not clear from the photos that this little overhand exists, and it wouldn’t make any difference to a lamp or a string of holiday lights. But the plugs for technology devices are sometimes exotic in shape, to try to make it easy to plug into power strips.

Ah well, I was able to make it work, but it’s lightly irritating (and would have been moreso had I not already had a three-plug adapter).

Great Idea, and Almost Perfect Execution

Came across this one at a good price and 5 outlets. I attach the remote to the wall and use the outlets for various lighting setups throughout the main floor of my house, and also my Wireless router that I use with a mobile broadband card. To get good signal I have to set it up quite high, and would need a ladder to reset it as needed. Now I just click the remote off and on to restart.

Why I gave 4 stars.


More outlets than most with 5.

Slim remote with front loading batteries so I can attach it to the wall and still change them.

Distance seems good, the furthest I have is about 20feet.

Price is right.

They have a manual on/off button on the outlets.


The outlets themselves are quite a bit bigger than the other units I have had. Basically they are ugly, and you will want them hidden from view. No idea why they are so big because it doesn’t appear that the casing is full of electronics. Meaning most of it appears hollow.

Overall, if you want a simple setup like I described, and your outlets will be mostly hidden, you can’t beat these for the price.

I choose this one because it had on and off button right on the units so the remote control is not required. Remote has good range and units do what they are suppose to do…. well sort of.

The knock I have against this is that they too drain power even with in the off position. For instance, I figured I’d use on the microwave for when it’s not in use, which is like 23.5 hours a day. Although the microwave only drained about 0.8 watts when plugged in, I though I’d attempt to save even that by turning it off with one of these units. The problem is that each of these units also drain 0.8 watts per hour when connected. That’s not so bad right? not at all except in the case of the microwave and a few other items, it makes no sense to use these.

However, if you have say an entertainment center or at a minimum a flat panel digital TV, the 0.8 watts is nothing. Many people don’t realize that just having the average LCD/LED/Plasma screen TV plugged in and turned off drains 40-60 watts per hour.. Again, that’s turned off. That like running 3-4 CFL light bulbs 24 hours a day. If you simply connected that TV and any other items nearby (say DVD player, cable/sat receiver, or TIVO) to one of these units and turned it off when not in use, you’d save upwards of 70-90 watts per hour during non use times.

However, since have most of my electronic on a surge strip that has an on/off switch, I simply turn off the switch and it uses no additional power. So now I find myself looking for a place to actually use these that will save me on power.

I realize the power is needed, probably, for the wireless remote communications…. so you give a little for the convenience.

I did find a home for a few of these. I put them in the kids’ room. I already had power strips in them but found another convenience. Because we have the power strips and plugs in hard to reach places, these make it easy to shut the power strips down. Also at night, we can easily turn of the TVs, DVD player, cable box, and etc… from our bedroom, after the kids fall asleep. We can also turn them off as we prepared to walk out the door.

Between using this and a number of power switches with on/off switches, we’ve seen a decrease in our power consumption/bill of between around 16-19% over the months following the installations. I accredit most of the drop to the use of power strips and us diligently turning them off when not in use, but these controllers make it easier to turn of several of those switches.

Good luck and think GREEN!

Loved These for Controlling Christmas Lights!

I had the tree, mantel swags and stairway garlands all hooked up it. For years I have used outlet timers but they can be hard to sync and can be noisy. This also gives you the power to turn them on or off whenever not just at specific set times. The only downside is the bulkiness of the plug in unit. But they are well worth it!

Remote does not have to be line of sight to work!!!!! Able to control recepticle in garage from anywhere in the house. Well worth the investment.

I hate fluorescent lighting and so I only use lamps. I have the remote on the back of my door. I don’t have to turn on all 5 lamps individually every morning. And when I step out of the office for lunch, I can easily flip them off to save energy. They work awesome. Every time. I would buy more sets for every room of my house if I didn’t have light switches. And even then… Christmas lights will never be the same.

Highly Recommended!! Bought the cheaper 3 unit set and #2 would not shut off. It would turn it on, but that defeats the purpose of “Wireless Remote”. My point is, spend a few more dollars for a much better Quality Product as these Are!!

We have all 5 of our bedrooms set up this way with their own set of remote controlled socket sets. Having the ability to choose just how much light you want is also fantastic.

I use the two remotes to switch on my dust vacuum when I am using my table saw and router. It’s durable and it works. One suggestion is that the vendor include a third remote for a slightly increased cost.

I almost feel guilty about being lazy and just pressing the button to turn it on/off from the delicious comfort of being under the covers…. almost.

Product works fantastically, had it for about 8 weeks, and no issue so far. It is a bit bulkier than other similar products I’ve had before, but that’s not really a dealbreaker. Battery’s included, which is always a good thing.

I use them to turn on my shop dust collection system. It sure is easier than rewiring a remote switch system. And they can be moved to accommodate various work stations. The plug base requires NO Battery. That confused ma at first. Highly recommended. Will buy more

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I bought 2 remotes and one outlet. The outlet is in a closet outside the house, and I use one remote control from the 1st floor and the other from the 2nd floor. No issue. It works perfectly all the time.

Great Item. Very Useful. Highly Recommended

i knew before that these things are usually pretty big but these are significantly bigger than the Stanley ones. Stanley 31164 Indoor Wireless Remote Control with Single Transmitter, White, 3-Pack for me this really wasn’t an issue but it basically takes up both outlets. the open outlet still has enough room for a simple plug to be plugged in but anything bigger like an iPhone charger won’t fit.

the range is good. i’ve been able to activate it from at least 30 feet without direct line of sight through dry wall. sometimes you have to press it more than once but usually works on the first click. depends on how picky you want to be.

the only down side is that it uses special 12V 23A battery so harder to replace. also the left and right buttons don’t really mean anything. you just have to hit it in the middle. one press = off; next press = on and so on.

i haven’t tried it with any heavy duty appliances so can’t speak towards how well that works but it’s rated at maximum 1200W per outlet.

even with these few negatives they don’t really bother me and they work extremely well for my purpose at this price range.

I use it with floor standing lamps with CFL bulbs when I am not using a 3 way bulb to allow for instant on instant of turning the nob 3 times. It works really well and had good range of at least 30 feet. I deducted 1 star because of the size. It is really big and essentially makes the 2nd outlet unusable unless you’re using a small, basic plug which is annoying. Also the plug on the back cannot be rotated to fit into certain outlets/spaces which would be a nice plus. If they could make this slightly smaller (like the Stanley version) and the plug able to be rotated then it would be perfect.

I have not tried 2 separate ones in the same house as the 2 I have are in 2 different homes.

The receivers are a bit larger than I had hoped but doable. Had to add a couple outlet strips. Nice to be able to control 5 outlets with one remote control. I reserved the 5th one for our yearly Christmas tree.

I use it to light up my accent LED lights behind my IMAC and my Flat Screen TV. It is very responsive. I dont even need a line of sight to operate these. I must say that it does the job well.

It is very economical and ideal to have 5 outlets and 1 remote. No need to carry multiple remotes.

I have setup 1 remote outlet to my Modem. Sometimes my kids will not stop using the internet. I just hit the switch to shutdown the modem and not the router. Meaning, they are still connected to the router but without and internet connection. :)

I highly recommend this to all. Trust me, you will definitely find a use for it. These are better models than what Home Depot and Lowes sells.

About the seller, I spoke to them on the phone and they are very professional, polite and most importantly, they listen. I hope everybody is like this seller. I called them to tell them how satisfied we are with this product.

I will definitely buy again from this seller.