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Fantastic For Us Lazy People, A Good Reliable Product

So I bought these things. Fantastic! I velcro mounted the remote in two locations (one by the door to be the light switch and then a second mount by my bed if I wanna feel lazy. Super convenient for my two lamps which are at opposite ends of the room.

Then I had three plugs left over and I got creative. I attached two of them to stained glass lanterns and the fifth to a semi-complicated set up that let’s just say can turn on Marvin Gaye at the push of a button… I’m not saying that it’s WHY the girl I’m seeing is still seeing me… but it didn’t hurt.

Cheesiness be damned, remote controlled lights are amazing, geeky fun.

The one big downside of these is that they are HUGE. If there are three sockets, it can basically knock out the ones on either side of it and above it. On a basic power strip it can knock out almost the entire strip. It would be nice if you could turn the socket as I’ve seen on other devices so big but you can’t. Be ready to either get an extension cord or find yourself losing access to a few plugs. Other than that though, works perfectly.

I decided to go this route and I’m beyond happy with it. The remote is easy to use, and the outlet plugs don’t give off too much light (all these remote devices have a tiny LED light on them, which can be annoying in the dark). I’ve got these things plugged into every outlet in my room, so I can basically lay in bed and turn everything on and off. Laziness rules!!!

It could be the range is enhanced because of the size (I’m not capable of analyzing the electronics), but you can’t plug two of these into one regular wall “double” outlet. They are grounded plugs and that requires that they both be inserted the same direction. I have a six outlet surge protector I used for the prior remote controls, but only one of the new units would fit in the six outlet plug at a time. In other words, they are big. I’ve included pictures above to show the difference between the old style I had and this newer style. The old style had an antenna you pulled out to enhance the signal, but it still didn’t work all that well. These, however, seem to have a good range and don’t use an antenna. Overall, I’m pleased.

The box was labeled “3 pack” even though it contained 5 units. A search on Amazon for “DB-Tech Wireless Remote Control” turned up a 3 pack (apparently they use the same box for both). The remote is a little smaller. You might also be able to find a better deal on Amazon for the 5 pack doing a search for “DB-Tech Wireless Remote Control”.

Great Little Gadget, No More Running Around The House Turning On Christmas Lights!

To prevent over heating, I placed small desk fans in each compartment. I had a single outlet remote switch that turned all the fans on, or off. I wanted to be able to control each compartment fan individually. This remote system works out perfectly. With the 5 numbered outlet units, I can now control TV, Cable Box, and DVD Player individually. I can now also turn power on or off to my laptop charger, instead of plugging and unplugging it. This still leaves me with one extra outlet unit for later use. All the outlet units are in the same room, but NOT in direct line of site, and they all work with no problems. You do need to know that the outlet units ARE NOT SMALL. You should look at the product photo to get an idea of the size.

To prevent over heating, I placed small desk fans in each compartment. I had a single outlet remote switch that turned all the fans on, or off. I wanted to be able to control each compartment fan individually. This remote system works out perfectly. With the 5 numbered outlet units, I can now control TV, Cable Box, and DVD Player individually. I can now also turn power on or off to my laptop charger, instead of plugging and unplugging it. This still leaves me with one extra outlet unit for later use. All the outlet units are in the same room, but NOT in direct line of site, and they all work with no problems. You do need to know that the outlet units ARE NOT SMALL. You should look at the product photo to get an idea of the size.

I have the router fixed on the cupboard, so when ever I wanted to reset it I had to bring my moms small lether unplug it and plug it again :”/

After getting this it became a click of the remote, I installed the other four units to my bed light, and the side room lightening, and to the computer screen. its very useful I felt like I have a smart house inside my room :)

We decided to purchase the one with 5 outlets just in case though. My wife and I are very happy with this product because now we can be even lazier! I’m not sure how long the remote will last as the quality is not the best, but for the price, I’m pretty sure I will get fair use out of it. Sometimes you have to press the button twice to turn a lamp on, but it’s not that often. One other con to this product is that the devices that plug into the wall are quite big, so keep that in mind if you have multiple plugs needing juice from the outlet you are planning to use this on. If you consider the fact that most (if not all) of the other similar products on amazon are the same size, this con doesn’t really matter. Overall this product has turned out to be very handy.


I absolutely love that I can switch them on and off from almost any distance and even from a different room before I enter it, the remote seems to have a decent range, the signal even seems to go through walls, which is perfect for my use case. I’ve been using this for a few months now, and never had any issues with the product.

They give you the option of turning the appliance, light, or whatever you’re running, on & off with either the remote, or at the plug in itself. Amazon’s price was also lower than the ones I saw at other stores. All in all a great product for a great price.

It is excellent for someone who is handicapped, and can not reach the normal on/off switch. The range is excellent. After reading the feedback on numerous remote receptacles, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of distance. But, this product is excellent. Standing in my Living room, which is 35 feet (a foyer and two rooms away), the switch worked perfectly, each time. I was pleasantly surprised at the distance it worked…One slight issue. If you plan on using a Power Strip, they are a little bulky, overlapping the adjacent receptacle, rendering it unusable. They do make Power Strips designed to house power transformers, or give it more thought on where to strategically you place each device on the power strip…Not a big issue. Overall, the product is excellent, it has a very good range, it comes with a battery, and it just simply works without any problems. Would purchase the same brand again. Extremely pleased.

I bought these because I have no light on my ceiling, so every night I would have to go around my studio turning every single bulb each by each…now everything is centered in my control…also, when going to sleep I just turn it off when already in bed. Great!

What you plug in the wall could actually be smaller…it works very well, but it is huge!

I plugged it into a socket in my attic. I plugged my attic fan into the unit. Then I went downstairs and pushed the on side of the button for the unit and I heard the fan immediately start running. I then pushed the stop side of the button and heard the fan stop. I then started the fan again with perfect results. The signal is passing through a wall, up one story, and through a door to the receiving unit without any difficulty. I would recommend this item to anyone who needs a remote control device for controlling 110-120 volt devices.

Handy Solution for Power Control

They work great and we’ve had the remote halfway across the house in another room and they still work. They do make a loud click when you push the button. Be aware the plug is huge, it’ll take over the entire wall socket you use it on.

However, I found a need for them when I found myself plugging in lighting cables to a socket on the roof and having to get a ladder to unplug them. I was also unplugging a DJ speaker that was mounted on a high bracket and I couldn’t reach the “on/off” button.

I found these, took a chance and am currently using them to great satisfaction.

The remote control features 3 buttons, each aligned with the unit. Pressing button 1 turns on/off unit 1, etc. One very nice feature is that it is also possible to perform the same action right on the unit if you need to. This is handy in case you misplace the remote.

One reviewer noted that the remote uses the more expensive battery type, and this can be a drawback. But in terms of functionality and range, these units work well. My own peeve with these units is that they are fairly bulky. It is not possible to put two units on one socket as they are oriented along the same direction.

Overall it is a good product that does what it’s supposed to do in a convenient way. I would purchase them again as needed.

Our living room has no overhead light so it is nice to be able to turn on the lights without crawling over furniture to get to the lamps. Unlike some other similar products, the remote is highly responsive from a long range, so you don’t have to have it pointed directly at the socket or be within inches of the reciever. WELL WORTH THE COST.

Only con is that the outlet is so large that it clogs up both spots on the outlet unless the other item you have to plug in has a very small plug. I am willing to deal with this as the remote works so nicely.

Love them for my Christmas tree and living room lamps. These three are just as good, though the battery installation is tricky. (Use tip of box cutter to open the compartment. Snap batttery in tightly and it slides closed easily.) If there was one thing I would change it would be to not have it be so big that the edge of it blocks the second plug on an outlet.

The operating range is pretty wide and extends through walls. Also, they each consume just 0.75 watts. (For us, that comes out to about 75 cents a year each.)

The challenge you will probably face is how to fit these things into power strips that are already being used. These devices are BIG! It can be done, but it’s probably easiest to use them in conjunction with an extension cord, where the extension cord would plug into the power strip allowing the device to lay somewhere else.

Good to Save Energy, Best Invention Ever

To combat the harsh ceiling fixture lighting in my place, I bought some floor lamps that would reflect light up toward the ceiling instead of the light coming down. The lamps’ switches are toward the top of the lamps; I can stand from my wheelchair to operate the switches, but with my lack of balance it wasn’t safe turning them on and off. Searching for a solution, I came across these and they looked like they’d do the trick. And they do. The first thing which impressed me was their heft, hopefully a sign that the manufacturer takes the plugs’ 10 amp rating seriously – overkill for lamps, but they can be used for small air conditioners and the like, if you trust the heft of these things isn’t just dead weight. Installation of the outlets is straight forward and plugs fit into them easily. The only flaw of the outlets is that they encroach on the second outlet in the wall. This maybe intentional for the chance that a person does plug in a high amperage appliance into it, but if you’re just using lamps, etc. there’s no need to cover the second outlet. However, a flat profiled plug will fit underneath this outlet and into the wall. As for the battery, I had little issue putting it in the remote. But I did have problems replacing the battery compartment door. I chalked this up to my spastic condition and do think that a person with more coordination wouldn’t have a problem.

The outlets work great! I keep the remote I’m my saddle bag on my wheelchair and can turn on any equipped lamp from anywhere in my apartment.

I have had zero problems and plan on buying more for other lights around the house.

My only concern is losing the remote, or my two year old daughter sticking it in the couch… or the trash… or the toilet… or her mouth… or under the mattress… what I am trying to say is the remote is small…

He can leave a room with the light on and shut it off when he is in the bedroom. I recommend for anyone with disabilities or lights/other appliances that are hard to reach. Easy to install but a bit bulky.

I bought one three pack and was so satisfied by it I bought another one for other parts of the house, it is truly amazing how they work and you cannot beat the price. I would highly recommend this product to anyone especially if you are lazy like me, lol.

They have Christmas lights strung up around the ceiling, and they each have a desk light and a bedside lamp. So, they install all three with this remote system, and then from their bed they can control the lights on and off. It’s great because they use the Christmas lights way more than they would if they had to plug/unplug them all the time, and they can give their room a nice glow with the three lights on, but then not have to get up out of bed to turn them all off. Maybe they’re lazy, but it sure is handy! The only thing they don’t like is that each unit is big enough to cover both plugs in the outlet, so they can’t plug anything else in. Since we have power strips galore, it’s not really an issue, but you should know they cover the whole two outlet plug.

Seems to Work Just Like It Should

I have an old house with no overhead lighting so until now I’ve had to run extension cords all over each room to get the lights to turn on and off with the light switches.

Now I can plug in the lamps anywhere without the extension cords and turn them on and off with this wireless remote.

Range seems great so far, can switch bedroom lights on/off from my living room.

Highly recommend and can’t beat that price.

At first I could tell she thought it wa something she didn’t need. After my Daughter & I hooked them up for her, she absolutely loves them. She uses them regularly & tells me all the time how handy they are for her. She has bad arthritis in her hands & I just can’t explain how much they’ve helped her. Only bad thing is they will NOT work in any durable medical equipment, such as an oxygen converter.

I bought a second set and used them to control uplights in our family room installed in the corners behind the couch and wall cabinet. Really handy, well-functioning!!

So these remote control outlet switches were just the thing I needed.

A few minor complaints, though: The outlet boxes were very large and completely blocked out the second outlet in a conventional wall socket. I plugged them into a power strip, but even there they were space hogs. I used one-foot extension cords to plug into the power strip and then plugged the boxes into the extension cord. This freed up space on the power strip. It was a mess to look at, though everything was hidden under dressers and bedside tables. However the large size of these outlet boxes necessitated the additional purchase of the extension cords.

The remote takes a nonstandard 12-volt 23A sized battery. The remote is big enough that it would take one or two AAA or even AA batteries. Why the nonstandard battery size in the remote? This size battery is not that easy to find.

I received a remote and three outlet boxes that were prominently branded “dbtech” but this branding was not shown in the photo on the product page. Plain white components were shown.

Otherwise I’m well pleased with this item.

Very quick response from the remote. Yes the plugs are pretty large and also the remote back is less than easy to open up. But overall good product.

The old ones never worked that great and interfered with each other. All of those problems are gone now! Each plugged device works perfectly every time with just one press of the button.

If there was a negative I’d say that the plugs themselves were bigger in size than I thought they’d be. I had to use a short piece of extension cable (made for strip additions) to get my third device going.

But the buttons on the plugs are sweet. I don’t use them, but I count that as a very useful feature depending on the application. Believe me, I don’t miss my old switches one bit. I can get the remote to turn the plugs on and off from quite a ways away. If I’d known how well this set would work, I’d probably have ordered it sooner!