Daily Archive: October 9, 2013

Cool Product, Can’t Beat The Price!

I can now walk into the room, take my remote and turn everything on and off with just a push of the romote. Pretty cool…I have all my stuff plugged into surge protectors and those plugged into the remote..I guess you think I am lazy but these are just easy at a push of the finger..no more crawling around before and after I do my quilting. I can shut everything down fast if I want to take a break and not forget to turn things off..I like them..Good buy.

I used one for outdoor Christmas lights and another for indoor, hard to reach, areas. They worked fine from just about anywhere in the house. The only reason that I didn’t give them a 5-star rating is their bulkiness, which may be necessary to remain a good product. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

It was wonderful to be able to turn them off and on from the master bedroom. I’m now trying to decide if I want to use it for lamps during the rest of the year.

My only complaint is that the default setting should be on, not off. For example, the outlet I’m using is switched. When I turn the lights back on via the wall switch, I also have to hit the remote switch.

The set works great, with exceptionally good range & “through the wall” properties. As has been noted by other reviewers, the wall outlet receivers are very big and bulky. They’re not particularly ugly, but they definitely take up more than their fair share of space on an outlet, outlet surge protector, etc., which means you’ll quite likely have a problem using all available places to plug in to a given outlet

The remote works through walls and floors. I can activate the outlets on the second floor of my one bedroom apartment while I’m on the first floor and vice versa. Unlike some outlet controls, these are silent. The devices can be controlled manually at the outlet. It is awesome to have a remote control for lights.

This, plus another system of 3 remotes, rendered the chore of turning on/off all of our Christmas lights to be a snap. Couldn’t be happier. If they wear out or break, I’ll just buy some more.

Works great. These button remotes are the best. So convenient to turn on and off multiple lights. Highly recommend for every household!

We needed something to turn two lights, which were on opposite sides of a large room, off and on at the same time as we moved from one scene to the next. I knew there had to be something out there that would work. I went to Amazon. I figured that, if anyone had it, Amazon would. Another member of the crew had found a less expensive remote control through a different company. It was the reviews, which made the difference. I would not have known that some remotes only worked within very short distances and that there had to be a direct line to the device. That is not what we needed. The reviews sold me on this remote control. It performed perfectly.