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Excellent Little Electronic Gizmo

It’s a cool gadget that’s easy to use. It comes preset with regionally-based default energy cost and carbon output values which can be manually changed to match those specified on your energy bill to provide more accurate readings.

The display uses symbols which are both easy to see and understand. The buttons are clearly marked with unmistakable symbols. The unit is made of durable, well-contoured plastic – a nice quality piece.

This product provides useful information to use to influence your energy consumption for the better. It’s a fine item for gadget lovers and would even make a wonderful gift for the green conscientious individual who has everything.

It allows the user to see the impact that their electronic devices have on the environment and their wallets, as well as the watts used to make the device work and the watts used while the device is dormant.

The monitor is very simple to use. Simply plug the monitor into a wall socket and then plug any device that you wish to track into it. The display automatically starts showing you the CO2 output, cost of use, and the watts used. The amounts can be alternated between monthly and yearly numbers. Cost and CO2 output is also averaged after a forty-five minute period.

The device gives excellent and surprising results. I have an oscillating fan that I leave plugged in pretty much year round and I was amazed to see that when it isn’t in use, it costs me $.79 a year just sitting there. When I turn it on, depending on the fan speed, the cost can range anywhere from $29.25 a year to almost $45.

Personally, the CO2 output is cool to see, but the green I’m most interested in saving is the kind that goes into my wallet. With that in mind, I have to say that I do recommend the Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Monitor for the simple fact that it can save you a good bit of money by showing you how much it costs you to leave devices like cellphone chargers, lamps, printers, computers, etc. on when they aren’t in use.

It’s very simple and works every time. I’m actually on here to buy another one for my son to plug an RC car charger in to.

I plugged my coffee pot into this socket and set the socket’s timer for six hours. Now I know that the coffee pot will automatically turn off, even if I have to run to a meeting or leave the office in a hurry. I bought a second on to use in my daughters’ room. They like to have a lamp on so that they can read for a little bit. I set the timer for 30 minutes, and they know that it is time to stop reading when the light goes off. The product is durable, easy to use, and reliable.

Super Convenient and Works Great!

I was completely amazed that the description was spot on! The sensor will go through walls, floors, and ceilings! The remote is well built, and when you press the button, it does what its told and never misses a beat. Love it! Will be buying more outlets in the future to add to my army of outlets!

I ordered the 3 pack self learning remotes last week, planning to combine them with a 5 pack to use as a client notification system in my office suite (I’m a psychotherapist and it’s helpful to know when clients arrive:-)). Unfortunately, the system Amazon sent did not include the self learning button (not an issue except that I needed to combine outlets with other remotes). Amazon offered to send another one, but I wasn’t sure that it would be any different than the first so I contacted it directly. They responded very quickly, and within days I had a new set which was exactly what I needed. This system will work perfectly for us (it works in our offices through at least 2 heavy sound-proofed walls) and is so much more affordable than the other systems I was looking at. I’m now thinking of all sorts of uses for these gadgets in my home and may need to order some more……

I am currently using it in my son’s nursery to control a dresser lamp and a standing lamp. I used velcro straps to velcro the remote to the entrance way wall and it looks and works perfectly. These easily work through walls and across the house. They are a little bulky but a small downside.

I returned one box and like some others in the reviews thought I had a defective set with an incorrect remote. So I ordered another box hoping the odds were better now and returned the old one – only to see it was exactly the same.

One remote (marked 01) worked while the other (marked 04) didn’t. I set it to the reprogram mode (put it in the socket witch on and keep the yellow button pressed till the light blinks) and used the non-working remote to switch it on. Again – use the non-working remote and not the working one here. Now both the remotes work. I repeated this step for the remaining 4 and they work great. 5 stars if the instructions mentioned this at least even if it didn’t work out of the box.

I Wish I Had Known These Existed Earlier

The switch itself runs on a battery and can be attached with screws, but I used Command adhesive strips so I could remove it easily from the wall of my apartment when it was time to go. Each set of switch and receiver runs on a different frequency (I received an A and an E, but I don’t know how many different ones there are), so you can have more than one right next to each other without them interfering. The receiver can be a bit bulky if you’re trying to fit it on a power strip, but it’s not hard to work around that.

I bought two and they are fantastic! I hook them up to power strips and connect lights through out the room. Works way better than even built in lights. Long batter life too. Great product, love it.

Very responsive and consistent where as the one I purchased before that was from another company had a lag time from when I flipped the switch on and when the light came on. The only thing I dont like about this one is the fact that the switch is not a flip on, its a push up and push down one. Not convenient if you are used to always walking into a room and flipping on a switch. Otherwise great product.

It maybe looks a little on the cheap side with the fake front screws but hardly noticeable. Just FYI, it is activated by on/off rotation only, so it makes no difference which up/down direction is pushed, it only makes it do the opposite either way it’s pushed. Could just as well been made with a single in-out push button rather than a rocker. But the rocker does look more “authentic” I guess.

We have a high-tech young adult son who has set up and maintains an array of devices for us in his former bedroom, now converted to a “movie room” but also housing our wireless router, cable modem, our son’s “satellite” workstation, and God knows what else. Since most of those devices draw their power from the switched outlet, our son removed the switch and replaced it with a plain covering, so we would not accidentally cut the power by reflexively flipping the switch to turn on the room light. Minor problem: If the room was dark, you had to grope around for the lamp itself, or remember to bring a flashlight, to get the light on. This bugged my wife enough that I finally put it at the top of my priority list, and she hasn’t stopped thanking me yet.

I use it for a standing lamp on the other side of the room, I mounted the switch with the included screws and I was done in minutes. The plug is a little big, but it only uses the one plug, so it leaves the other plug unobstructed so you can use it

Works Great And As Expected

The remotes works exactly as expected. Since I have an office and just work at home at night and on the weekends, I wanted an easy way to completely shutdown my home monitor, printer, and ext hard drives when I am not using them. This worked great. It costs $30 on Amazon and $35 at my local Home Depot. Unless you have Prime shipping, it is probably not worth buying online if you have a local Home Depot or Lowes.

I’m one of those people that switch off their power strip/surge protectors; when seated at my desk I only need to lean a few inches (maybe a foot at most) towards the floor to knock the green-lit selector into the off position.

My Enercell worked fine; however, while purchasing beginning-of-the-year crap, I decided to buy a surge protector with a wall insert that was flush with the wall rather than a protrusion (note: yes I know that last part wasn’t exactly technical), and was tempted by the promise of being able to ‘manage [my] power use via remote control’.

These are not the ho-hum benefit statements of yore; Belkin is promising, in effect, to add seconds (possibly ten seconds on aggregate) to my life. And remember kids, we are ALL selling convenience…

…and so I bought it, and it screamed from some state in the interior of this country (with the other crap for the year that is now upon us) to solve the “energy cliff” which I was so precariously teetering off of. I unplugged everything, rewired it all into the Belkin, and like Link holding up the Master Sword, held the remote above my head and clicked.(!)

And it didn’t bloody work. I repeatedly clicked it, and it repeatedly didn’t work.

I unplugged it all, plugged everything back into the Enercell, and started reading the manual. And then I logged back onto Amazon to read the reviews, somewhat like your doing now (only somwhat because you are actually reading an unboxing epic), when I noticed in the preview pics that the remote was mounted on the wall.

In order for it to be mounted on the wall, there would have to be a wall mount. But there was none in the box! They denied me a wall mount! I was certain that words would be exchanged with a Belkin customer service representative!

But nay! Upon closer inspection, I noticed the other pics with the remote out of the wall mount…and realized it came shipped inside of the wall mount. It was like studying epistemology for the first time, all over again.

Quite frankly, whatever time would have been saved by purchasing the Belkin Conserve Switch Energy-Saving Surge Protector with Remote has been spent writing this review. Buy it, get what you expected, and always remember friends…

Works As Advertised And Suits My Needs PERFECT!

It has good spacing for AC adapters. It makes really good surge protectors. The remote is wall mountable so it can be used to solve lack of wiring in a room. You can use multiple surge protectors with the same remote or use many in the same area because you can set different channels.

I wish there were more constant on outlets. It should have done 4 always on and 4 remote switched, but maybe that’s just me. The remote control is great but the button can stick sometimes and doesn’t click all the time like you would expect it to. I bought two of these and one switch is better than the other. I should probably contact it but it works so whatever.

Overall I really like these and the remote makes it really handy. It worked for me but might not work for everyone.

All the little bright lights for the audio/video products I own have such BRIGHT standby lights to let you know they are off it just does not make sense!?? So, with a flick of a switch at night those bright Led’s diminish! :) I like a dark room environment so it solved my problems and will probably buy another if and when they ever go on sale.. It has some outlets that still stay on for the equipment that you need left on for some juice still. VERY “nifty” idea…. Problem solved! And I cannot thank Amazon.com for being my number one source for almost all of my online shopping cause they are VERY easy to contact if you can understand some broken English from time to time but every time I have EVER had a problem arrive it has been promptly resolved or if it was not through their chat system they will call you back and that person has a little bit more room to bend on things I think…? Anyways, good product and a good seller!

Another very nice feature is the child safety covers over each switch, you can slide each one thats not in use so the holes are covered to prevent accidents. The strip itself is nice and flat and feels very well built. The main unit also has a built in cable management system that can route wires when things are plugged into the strip. There is a warning light on the strip that tells you if your main wall outlet that the strip itself is plugged into is grounded or not. I like how well the outlets are spaced out and are side by side to provide more room for bigger power bricks.

To use the strip you plug your devices that dont need constand power into the remote switched outlets(6 side by side total) and devices that always need to be powered on into the 2 always on outlets. Once everything is plugged into its respective outlet you use the included wireless remote to turn off the “green” switched outlets, thus saving you lots of electricity. When a pc needs to be powered up just flip the remote to on and the whole strip powers up. I think the price on amazon is excellent and its worth every penny but check around I have bought mine in store for half the asking price online.

Really Cool Innovation, Saving $$$$$$

I was easily able to bring my electric bill down $50 with Belkin power strips. Personally I use this at an entertainment center so that with a flick of a switch TV/DVD/Game systems everything is off when I’m done using them though the cable box can stay on for recording. Although its bigger than I had imagined that’s only because there’s more plugs than an average power strip as well as more space between them so you can have AC Adapters plugged in as well.

I got this so I can control some of the light far far away at the other end of the room. So I dont have to get out of my bed and walk all the way to the end to trun off my lights in a freezing winter night.

Either way great product, high quality, would buy again. I use it on my fish tank to turn the pumps on and off for water changes but keep other devices on all the time.

Once I got all the plugs arranged where they were supposed to be, this turned everything off with just one click! Just great. Only thing, the remote needs to have clear ‘view’ of the main unit to have it read the ‘off/on’ signal. Not taking away any stars for this as it’s not an inconvenience at all. Just have to aim ‘high’ & directly at the receptacle. Highly recommend this product.

I purchased an AICO Michael Amini older style entertainment center for $250..I know, right???!!! It only came with the two tall tower sides, lighted bridge top, and shelf. It was purchased originally without the tv stand so I had to purchase that myself to accomodate our tv.

The older style AICO entertainment center side towers were made with wood shelves and no built in lighting so they are really dark. In addition, the doors have a tinted glass making them even darker so the pic frames etc you put inside don’t even show up.

So I went and purchased these buffet torchiere lamps, one for each side, and put one on the top shelf but I had an issue with being able to turn them on at the same time without having to reach for the thumb switches that are now hanging behind the entertainment center. I wanted to tie them in with the lighted bridge that had also had an inconventient switch that I had to struggle each time to reach (it is located on the bridge but it is 6 ft high).

I searched for switch that I could touch where all three could be connected together..and I found this here on Amazon for around $30 shipped. I was worried because it really seemed to great to be true but lo and behold it was PERFECT. All I have to do is turn on the lights by touching the switch (shown in picture) and it turns them on and off magically without a wire! YAY! All three are plugged into it and it works perfectly. Everyone who sees me turn on the lights in the ent. ctr. ask what it is and where I got it! I HIGHLY recommend!!!