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Savior for the Busy/Forgetful Mom!

I often found myself worrying that I got distracted and forgot to unplug my hair straightener (*insert horrible visions of me burning my house down because I’m a bozo who can’t remember to unplug my straightener*). Several times, I made a beeline back to my house to make sure I hadn’t left it on. Ordering this product is a lifesaver- I never use my hair straightener without it anymore. There’s one less thing to worry about knowing that even if I did happen to get distracted and leave the house with it still on, it will automatically turn off in a few minutes thanks to this outlet. Definitely worth the small investment for the peace of mind!

Used this to monitor the electric that it takes to run certain items for trouble shooting. Also used to check for power draining appliances. My cell phone does not even register when plugged into the charger only when it is actually charging. .

What I like so much about this thing? The long cord, you can plug it in behind things and still see the meter. I also was able to plug in my current electricity rate and figure out how much each appliance was using. Ditched one thing already because it was costing me more money to use that it was worth.

And like the timer design, I use this one for my washing machine, set to 3hrs or 6 hrs is good enough. I also have some remote control outlets, no remote control for this one is good cheap solution for my case, love it.

I used to plug the power cord directly to the wall mount power when I need lighting for playing ping pong in the yard, but now with the power switch, I just simply keep the cord plugged, no headache any more. Definitely I will recommend it to my friends.

It would happen occasionally and you would have to unplug it to stop the beeping/reset it. I bought this so we could just flip the switch instead of pulling the plug out. Works great.

Sometimes the outlet has a little higher price than the competition, but I’ve never been disappointed in the quality. This switch is no exception in good quality, and the price isn’t bad either. The sculpted, smooth switch lights up with a nice green glow when turned on. Nice attention to design detail!

This switch has helped reduce noise and power consumption. It’s convenient to simply flip the switch when I will be gone for the day or weekend. I would get more if I had more of these “always on” electronics.

I’m Very Glad I Bought This

I’ve also been concerned about how quickly our Cell Phone/GPS/Ipod/Cordless Tool batteries can wear out by overcharging. So I went looking for a plug in device to solve these problems. This turns out to be the one. I can plug in my cordless drill battery, for example, and let it charge for 6 hours and automatially turn off the charging. Days or weeks later, I can return and know I haven’t left the thing on charge the whole time.

You can choose a countdown timer of either 30 minutes, three hours or six hours.

I’d use the 30 minute choice for using the toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc. I’d use the six hour timer for charging batteries. So far, I haven’t used the three hour timer.

I bought one of these units last month, and I’ve been so pleased that today I ordered two more.

In some situations, you may prefer to simply toggle the power on and off. This unit requires you to unplug the thing in order to kill the power before the timer has run down. Not a big deal, but if that is your more dominant need, there is a better suited product from the same manufacturer (for less money too)….

To avoid burning out my charger and wasting energy, this plug-in was the best answer. It also works great for charging my laptop.

The only negative thing is that sometimes if I want to unplug my stuff before the timer is up, there isn’t a button to turn the charger off – so you have to unplug it, or let it run the allotted time over.

Overall, I’d recommend it for the energy-conscious consumer, if only because it seems the cheapest and easiest option out there. Works well with a basic power strip fully used. Cheaper than implementing WeMo all over the house.

Doesn’t make much sense for outlets that are in tough to reach places like behind furniture, the outlet needs to be readily accessible so you can turn it on (but much easier than plugging and unplugging devices, even though that would be the absolute cheapest solution :p )

Needs to be placed on the top most socket otherwise it will block an outlet. I have confirmed that there is ZERO draw when the green light is not lit up. (thanks, kill-a-watt) I wish they made one that took up the entire two outlets with timers for each outlet

I have it set to shut-off after three hours, otherwise my young son will walk away and leave the TV on for days. If it does actually reach the time limit, he just has to hit the button. I also have a second one in the garage that I use to charge my drill, that way it doesn’t stay on and drain power all the live long day. My only complaint is that mine don’t have an off button. If you decide the kill power before the timer is up, you have to yank it out of the outlet.

Nice product, here are some details

It works great and does help save $$ from Energy Vampires (appliances that still draw energy even when off). It has a small footprint and cheap to boot. I have combined this with other Products like their energy monitor and their surges with remotes and have noticed definite savings in our electric bill. It’s cheap enough to buy a few of them for other electronics in the house.

Overcharging just destroyed those batteries (and it’s not too good on the lithium batteries, either). So I’d set a mechanical timer to a few hours, and walk away. That way we could charge a bank of batteries with a control on each charger.

When I moved to 18v lithium tools, i got these electronic timers. I have found them ideal for this purpose. I use mostly Milwaukee red lithium 18v systems, so the built-in battery charge indicator is a pretty good indicator of the amount of charging required: i’ve found that the smaller red lithium batteries require about 30 min for a half charge, the bigger red lithium battery packs require 1-2 hours for a full change, and so forth. This outlet allows me to time the charge accordingly. 3 hours is more than enough time for Milwaukee battery packs, and yet not too much overcharge.

These chargers are also useful for charging acid battery packs which are from my experience very sensitive to overcharging. I use these outlet timers to charge the batteries on my Currie e_bikes – just set the timer, plug in the charger, and walk away. Full charge takes about 6 hours.

I have had 3 of these for several years, and use them with power strips in the garage. They seem to work fine for my applications. Recommended.

I’d give it five stars if there was a way to shut off the timer once you have initiated power to a device. As it is, the minimum setting is for 1/2 an hour of power, and, once you start the timer, there is no way to shut it off without pulling the timer out of the socket.

Other than that, this little device is a real power saver, especially on high consumption electrical appliances like heaters and fans.

Works nicely in wall outlet. Good for setting device and using this item to switch device on and off. Make sure whether you need a two-prong or three-prong type. Quality made, but would like to see if less expensive that $6+ each. I would havbe bought more if they were discounted for quantity.

Works Great for Coffee Maker or Other Appliances

I thought this switch can be programmed to come on and go off at regular intervals at a time of our choosing. Well, it doesn’t do that. However, what it does is allow you to set a time when you want it to go off. There are 3 time increments for this purpose. This works great when we want to leave the light on in our kids’ room to automatically go off after an hour once they have fallen asleep. This switch performs this function perfectly without a glitch. It’s a nicely made switch and is aesthetically pleasing.

Immediately shuts off the power once the time is up. The unit itself doesn’t draw any electricity when it’s off (according to the manual). Ideal for charging your cell phone overnight or when the wife uses her curling iron or hair straightener in the bathroom. The frustration-free packaging was a nice touch.

My roommates would get upset at me about leaving the toaster plugged in among other things. They work just as promised, one is used with the toaster. The other 3 are used with our phones and personal electronics.

My biggest complained is that they are too big. They they cover whatever sockets are near by (above or below them) so you can’t plug in anything right next to them.

We bought one for the breakfast area, where we tend to be on our laptops surfing or working on our work laptops. We liked how it worked, but kept unplugging to also use in the living room. So, we decided to just buy two, which may be worth it at the end since I heard laptops have pretty high vampire consumption loss.

I just wish we knew just how long it would actually take us to pay off the 9.99 cost (per unit) with the money we’re actually save on electricity. Guess we can plug in the laptop chargers through a Kill-A-Watt analyzer thingy that analyzes vampire power consumption, but we haven’t quite gotten there yet.

I just hope it was all worth the money we spent on these things. If anyone knows how long it may take to recoup the amount spent for these items, please let me know. Thanks!

Regardless, it’s nice to just push a timer button and know it’ll shut off in 30mins, 3hrs, or 6hrs. I wasn’t able to find any other similar product in the market, especially not with the trusted name as it!

I bought this so I could get an idea of the actual power usage of these appliances over a few days (the stickers only give maximum rated current draw). Comparing this to a Kill-a-Watt meter, the decision-maker was the remote display.

This unit works exactly as described – the documentation is a little thin, but it’s accurate. It would get a solid 5 stars if it had a function to display average and cumulative power use, and not just “cost-per-month” and “cost-per-year.” I cannot understand why the power-use figures are not available for display, since they clearly have to be tracked and recorded in order to compute the “cost.” It’s easy enough to do the math and derive the numbers I’m looking for, but it’s silly that that step is necessary.

I guess it was trying to make this into a device to “wake up” lazy consumers, but it’s still geeky enough that it should be able to display the raw data, and the CO2 function is just somebody at stroking their ego. My electricity is generated with a shifting mix of natural gas, wind, and nuclear. At no two times during the week does a single watt of electricity create the same amount of CO2. That particular display on the outlet is going to be such a poorly educated guess that I doubt I’ll ever even look at it, and the real estate on the device and in the software could have been better spent.

It’s functional and good enough that the above gripes are certainly not a deal breaker. You won’t regret buying this, even if you’re looking for raw numbers. It just seems like they should acknowledge that control-and-information-freak nerds are using this.

Money Saver

You have a choce of three time settings, on the side; and a tap-on button on top that lights when the plug is being used.

I use 2 in the kitchen – electric teapot and the toaster; and another in each bathroom, where they come in handy for hair dryer or curling iron, and even a night light.

Wish there was a double outlet model so you could set two devices for different power periods at the same source. For instance, I would like to be able to charge my phone a set of flameless candles in the same location. The single outlet model is too large to allow use of 2 in the same outlet.

Don’t really know how much power it saves, but it certainly can’t hurt, and it is a lot more convenient than having to unplug the many devices used around the house

One of my TVs would turn on after a power failure so now it can’t. We just set the unit to run for 3 hours when we want to view this TV as we normally only watch this one for perhaps an hour at bedtime. The unit does not use any power once it turns itself off. Times devices for 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours, whichever you want.

First to figure wattage loads of different products in our home for our emergency generator. Second to find out just how much power items around the house use when “off”. I was amazed at how much power some things around the house use when “off”. Individually they are not much but when you add them all up it equals a lot of wasted money and add to it the fact that our power company is upping their rates 10% this month and this monitor has saved us a good bit. I have since put many things on power strips and now when I turn the strip off things are really “off”. One last thing, not having to crane your neck down under the desk to read the display is a definite bonus compared to many of the other energy monitors I have seen.

I have an extra battery so I just put it in for 3 hours and then when I need the extra battery it is ready to go and I don’t have to worry about unplugging it all the time. It would be nice to have on of these with more outlets.

It does have the benefit of being easy to read when the socket is behind furniture. Measuring power consumption is kind of a pain if you have to crawl behind furniture with a flashlight to read it. The Belkin’s display is on a cable that can be placed nearby so it can be read easily.

And after exactly one month, my energy bill arrived and it was a whole $10 less!!! So, now I’ve installed the Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip (for the TV console–keeping the Tivo & router on but turning off the 2nd Tivo and Netflix box when the TV gets turned off); and also 2 of the the cute little Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet (one for my office shredder and my electric toothbrush). And now I’ve added the Stanley 31164 Indoor Wireless Remote Control with Single Transmitter, White, 3-Pack for the hot water pot that’s on 6 hours every day, my appliance strip which covers toaster, rice cooker, blender and Breville juice extractor–to my kitchen to stop vampire energy loss.

I’m on a roll and look forward each month to how much I’ll save with these 3 Belkin and 1 Stanley products together! If I can saving $20-25 per month…well that adds up to a LOT in one year!!! I can think of other, better things to spend my money on like here on Amazon–more Kindle books…and…I have a huge wishlist.

Glad It’s Simple, But Could Use a Couple Features

We use this hooked up to a power strip for our cell phone chargers, iPod charger and bedside table lamps. Turn it on about an hour before bed and turns off at what time we select. It is so easy to use and actually does turns off when it’s supposed to! I only wish it had two outlet holes and had an option for 8 hours(intervals are 1/2 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours) as I would like to hook it up to our sound machine.

If you are wanting to save energy on some outlets you know you use only at certain times like we do, purchase this! It is such a great, useful way to conserve just a little energy in your home (and some money on your bill!) Very happy with product and ease of getting the item out of packaging.

It was thrown into a paper bubble envelope which had been smashed and torn almost open. I was concerned that it would even work and I had to pay a lot for shipping. I ordered another one a few days later from another company for the same price and free shipping. This one came in a box inside of another box. I was shocked at the difference. I know where I will be ordering my future items from.

I like that it is simple. I wish they made one with a remote and/or a corded “button” to activate it, however, so it could be more easily activated. I also wish they’d let you use the start button as an on/off toggle button– currently, you can only cut the timer on by pushing the button, but hitting the button again will not cut it off; The only way to shut it off is to unplug it. I also wish they’d sell them in packs of 3 or 4 at a discount (maybe four for $25 or $30?). Easy to use buttons. The longer you leave it connected, the more accurate the cost estimate over time, as chargers for things like laptops and cell phones use different watts depending on how much of a charge they have. Having the display away from the wall is genius. Excellent purchase.

I would have given it five stars if the instructions had said that the green led that shows that the power is on is vey very dim once you have pressed the start button. Without that clarification, I was concerned that it wasn’t operating properly.

For the money it is a very good purchase. I would have liked the option to reset the timer without having to unplug the unit from the wall, but I suspect that that would have added to the price, so I can live with the shortcoming.

The cost of a kWh in HI is 28 cents, more than double most places on the mainland. Having a long cord on the unit allows me to check on the power usage without having to weasel around to read the device at the wall outlet. The unit can tell you how much you will pay for power used on a monthly and yearly basis. You can also update the power cost which is set by default at 11 cents per kWh.