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I’m Very Glad I Bought This

I’ve also been concerned about how quickly our Cell Phone/GPS/Ipod/Cordless Tool batteries can wear out by overcharging. So I went looking for a plug in device to solve these problems. This turns out to be the one. I can plug in my cordless drill battery, for example, and let it charge for 6 hours and automatially turn off the charging. Days or weeks later, I can return and know I haven’t left the thing on charge the whole time.

You can choose a countdown timer of either 30 minutes, three hours or six hours.

I’d use the 30 minute choice for using the toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc. I’d use the six hour timer for charging batteries. So far, I haven’t used the three hour timer.

I bought one of these units last month, and I’ve been so pleased that today I ordered two more.

In some situations, you may prefer to simply toggle the power on and off. This unit requires you to unplug the thing in order to kill the power before the timer has run down. Not a big deal, but if that is your more dominant need, there is a better suited product from the same manufacturer (for less money too)….

To avoid burning out my charger and wasting energy, this plug-in was the best answer. It also works great for charging my laptop.

The only negative thing is that sometimes if I want to unplug my stuff before the timer is up, there isn’t a button to turn the charger off – so you have to unplug it, or let it run the allotted time over.

Overall, I’d recommend it for the energy-conscious consumer, if only because it seems the cheapest and easiest option out there. Works well with a basic power strip fully used. Cheaper than implementing WeMo all over the house.

Doesn’t make much sense for outlets that are in tough to reach places like behind furniture, the outlet needs to be readily accessible so you can turn it on (but much easier than plugging and unplugging devices, even though that would be the absolute cheapest solution :p )

Needs to be placed on the top most socket otherwise it will block an outlet. I have confirmed that there is ZERO draw when the green light is not lit up. (thanks, kill-a-watt) I wish they made one that took up the entire two outlets with timers for each outlet

I have it set to shut-off after three hours, otherwise my young son will walk away and leave the TV on for days. If it does actually reach the time limit, he just has to hit the button. I also have a second one in the garage that I use to charge my drill, that way it doesn’t stay on and drain power all the live long day. My only complaint is that mine don’t have an off button. If you decide the kill power before the timer is up, you have to yank it out of the outlet.

It’s as Great as Everyone Says

No more turning on a light to find the light you really want to use , and they work great. i have one to light my cd’s , one for a dim mood light and one for reading light , saves a lot of time walking around a room.

Use on my Christmas tree each year also. Don’t have to grope around among the presents and needles to find the switch. Bought one for my Mom also because her hands are no longer strong enough to turn the switch on her lamps. She can push the button now to turn on her lights.

I’m on disability and have a hard time getting out of bed, so I set up a bright light on one unit, a floor fan and my oxygen concentrator (which is in a different room due to it being noisy).

By being able to turn the oxygen unit off in the morning (which I usually forgot to do), this remote has saved me quite a bit of money.. actually paying for itself by next month.

No problems with the remote or frequency interference as others have mentioned.. Happy camper here.

It’s the first of several similar devices I’ve bought that actually works as advertised, and very well at that. If there were a six-star rating this one would get it. I just bought another I’m going to use to control my outside Christmas lights nest year. I will probably order a couple to give as gifts to my friends who ‘have everything’.

Others said that you have to be right next to it, but I am not seeing what they see. I have had zero problems with them. The only issue that I have with the items is that they are the size of a coke can. Check the images above as I added some. Oh and the battery in the remote is a very strange size. I wish they opted for AAA, but its some funky sized one. All in all, a good deal if you have the outlet space to use it.

I am disabled from a stroke suffered 3 years ago and although I can get around, my movements are very slow. I have a light I keep by my bed, but it is difficult to reach it when I need to get up during the night. I was thinking about getting a light to attach to my bed, but when I saw this product, it seemed to fit the need. It was very easy to install and has worked so well. I keep it on the bed beside me, so there is no having to get up and reach for the light. Such a comfort!

She is a little slow and unsteady moving around. I used each of the units for the lamps in her room allowing her to push a button on the remote to turn lights on and off. The product works great, just plug it in and go. She has been using it for a few months now and it is still working great. My mother-in-law thinks it’s great.

HUGE Money Saver for Us!!

We have a large open unfinished potion of our basement that is used for storage, workspace and music area. It is very dark and lighted by hang down shop lights that plug in. The lighting works well but it is treacherous walking through the dark trying to find the pull string to turn them on unless we left one on constantly which was a waste of money and not at all green. We were contemplating hiring an electrician to rewire the lighting so we could have a switch by the door when we found this wireless set. MUCH cheaper than an electrician and we can turn each light on individually instead of all on at once. This wireless remote is a money saver for us all the way around. It even works from the other room so we can turn on a light before we open the door. It was easy to install and no more walking blind in the dark. I guess the instructions are good but you could easily figure it out without them. We absolutely could not be happier!

The remote and outlets work great and are super easy to program. I used them in a room that requires a lot of light and I have them setup so that 1 button turns them on or off but I can also shed individual lights by using the other programmed from the factory buttons. The remote control outlets sturdy and well built.

I LOVE this product so much that I had to tell you! I originally bought the first set for my newborn daughter’s room because the cute lamp that she had as part of her room decor did not have a switch. If I wanted to use it I had to plug it in, and when I was done, I had to unplug it. With a newborn who needed a diaper change in the middle of the night, this was never going to happen. This product was EXACTLY what I needed. One click and her lamp switches on – no fuss! I have since then installed one in just about every room. I also have one in my son’s room for his nightlight so it doesn’t stay on all the time. This is really convenient so that when I am nice and cozy in my bed, I can simply turn off the lamp from my room. I just ordered a second set for my in-laws for their Christmas tree. They think it is the most amazing gadget ever!

But all aspects of the initial transaction exceeded my expectations. The order was promptly filled. The price was as good or better than that asked for competing units. The outlets and remotes were very easy to set up and so far have worked flawlessly. The instruction material was clear and written with a nice tone of customer service consciousness. The remote units even came with initial batteries and one replacement battery for each. Wouldn’t it be nice if more firms showed thoughtful consideration of the customer like this!

Great Purchase So Far, But Why not Sell Extra Remotes?

i have 2 of them connected to the lamps in our bedroom. one thing i would change and i wish was different is that each unit only has 3 “memories”. i was able to program each remote to turn each light on individually, but was only able to program one remote for “both on both off” on one channel. also, the “owners manual” leaves a little to be desired.

I bought a second set and it worked great exactly as advertised also. I did not give them 5 stars because the instructions left some information out which you need to figure out by yourself.

It turns out that when you reprogram the channel you must first clear all the channels or else you will have both programmed channels working off of the remote with the same outlet.So clear it first if you want one button working one outlet.

I also discovered that the remotes (mine anyhow) are not interchangeable with the outlets, regardless of the button number,unless you program the outlet with that specific remote. So you have a lot of flexibility here. These are all good features. I just think the instructions could be more thorough. Other than this the instructions are good.

This a great product especially during the Christmas Season. I can stand at one corner of my downstairs and click on the tree, the lights on the mantle, the lights on the inside wreath in my breakfast room amd the electric candles in the windows.

I bought the 5 outlets + 2 Remotes version because I would use them in different rooms & figured I’d want 2 remotes. So far they are great for the lights I have them hooked up to. Very reliable, very consistent operation.

I put one outside to control the decorative lights on my balcony and I love that I no longer have to step into the frigid cold to activate them. They are also quite useful for controlling appliances that are otherwise normally hard to plug and unplug.

Then plug in the lamp to the remove control outlet. Finally to program the handheld remote to the remote control outlet, press the side button on the remote control outlet until the red light on it starts blinking. Then press and hold the ON button the handheld remote until the lamp turn on. Continue programming the next lamp and use the next available position on the handheld remote control.

One can program both handheld remotes to turn on/off the same lamp. So one can have as many remotes controlling the same lamp.

The handheld remote signal range is excellent and works flawlessly. Press the ON button and immediately the light turns on.

Very Glad to Have This Product

It is very easy to install and use. Only one negative I think it has is, no local switch on module. I would recommend to consider this point. Because if you do not have access to remote, you will end up switching the power off to the module. Instead, if it had a local switch on it, it would have been better.

This is not an issue with this set, one press of the remote and the module turns on / off my devises, good range, easy to use, better current rating, 10 amp / 1200 watts verses my other set which was 5 amp / 600 watts. Two remotes add convience, if I forget to turn off a light, she can turn it off with her own remote.

I’m surprised at how quickly the unit showed up [2 days] since I only picked standard delivery. I’m using two of the outlets for the string lights and the other for my LED projector. I was tired of reaching up to push the power button to turn it on and off. I’d order this again to use for seasonal lighting, but I might end up controlling my existing set! I will at least recommend the product.

I’m visually handicapped, and I have three plug-in lights in various corners of the room that I call my office at home. One light is a long stretch to turn on, one has the switch lying on the floor (in-cord switch), and one is one the back corner of my desk and I have to reach over my sound speakers and control to get at the in-cord switch.

At first I was upset since I couldn’t find the battery, but my wife spied it in a corner of the box. Very small, an odd battery type, I’m very glad I bought the 3-pack WITH the battery included. The remote has a small door (typical for battery-operated devices) that we couldn’t find at first and was very hard to open, but once I managed to slide it open it worked smoothly after that.

So now I have a little (about the size of one of those big packs of chewing gum) control sitting on a corner of my desk. The 3 outlet controls are numbered, so all I have to do is remember 1 is the corner, 2 is the floor lamp, 3 is my desk lamp … and voila!

A few drawbacks that keep me from rating this as a five.

#1: The instructions should state exactly what the battery is. When I need to replace this battery I plan to bring the entire remote along to one of those battery stores and just show it to them. But I’d appreciate more info about it.

#2: The battery cover was VERY hard to slide off (and I have huge strong hands).

#3: The three remote boxes (in my opinion unnecessarily) cover BOTH of the outlets when plugged in. It would be much nicer if the prongs were on one end of the box, so I could plug something else into another outlet. In one case I needed to use a small extension cord to make everything work.

#4: My obsessive tidiness doesn’t like having the remote just floating around. I really wish it came with a holder or something I could have screwed into the wall near the door to the room.

HOWEVER … it does exactly what I wanted it to. I’m already thinking I’d like to get another one for another area of the house, and I’m wondering if they operate on different frequencies or something so they wouldn’t interfere with each other.

Best And Most Used Product In My House

I use this remote to control the lights in our bedroom, so far I have used two out of three and both remotes works well. I also want to credit the manufacturer for including a battery in the remote controller and saying so in it’s description of the product. I had a remote, different brand, the same packaging, three socket oulets and one remote. Two out of the three remote socket oulets failed in just over a year. So I am keeping my fingers crossed how long this brand would last.

I didn’t have any issues with the battery compartment on the remote, as some of the other reviewers did, and I’m not trying to control anything through the wall so range hasn’t been an issue. My biggest complaint is that the outlet boxes are obscenely large, and the plug is oriented such that if you’re plugging this directly into a wall socket, it will block both outlets. Also note that they require 3-prong outlets, so if you’re thinking about using a multitap extension cord, it will have to be 3-pronged as well. This may work best plugged into something like a PowerSquid.

The only draw back for this particular style is that the units are very large. They have been used daily for many months now and have worked beautifully. Some reviews mentioned the difficulty in putting in the batteries and I would have to agree.

The newer models allow you to program each socket to respond to any of the buttons on the two remotes provided. The instructions that came with the device are very poorly written. Poor English in some cases and incomplete instructions. There is no explanation of how to ‘un-program’ a button, and I was finding it impossible to get the two remotes to replicate one another. In some applications you want to program the remotes to control different devices, but in what I believe is the more common application you want the remotes to functional identically. If I program button number 1 on remote A, I want button number 1 on remote B to control the same socket. I would setup one remote, and then when I went to duplicate the process for the second remote some of the buttons stopped working on the first remote and vice-versa.

I reached out to customer support via email and got a quick response. The customer service rep (Tyler) was very helpful and informed me that each socket can only remember up to 3 buttons. So as soon as I tried programming a 4th button to a socket that had already been associated with 3 other buttons, it removed the association for one of the 3 previous buttons. Each button sends out a specific frequency. 5 different frequencies for buttons 1-5 on remote A, and another 5 frequencies for each of the buttons on remote B.

I explained that this is the setup I wanted, and that I wanted all buttons on both remotes A and B to behave identically. They are all hooked up to various lamps in my kids’ bedroom.