Daily Archive: October 20, 2013

Great Remote Outlets With Decent Range

Most of the light switches activate outlets across the room, and others don’t seem to do anything! These wireless switches helped us to make sense of the situation, and now we walk in the room and turn on all of the lights with ease. Range could be better, but for the price it’s hard to beat. Of course make sure to keep a spare battery for the transmitter on hand!

The transmitter has a very long range as long as you are in a direct line with the receiver and there are no objects blocking that line. The price is definitely right if you need an inexpensive way to control lighting or small fans.

We would have to climb a chair to plug or unplug our cabinet lights – an obvious pain, so we never turned on the lights. I bought this and now we can turn the lights on and off from anywhere in the vicinity of the kitchen, and no more standing on a chair. The range seems to be pretty good, and the outlet is inside a closed cabinet.

Works great…And works best if you use the transmitter with the telescopi cantenna up. We just leave the transmitter on an end table and when it gets toward evening we can turn them on/off from just one location. Very convenient for the inexpensive price. I wouldn’t recommend this though if you needed to remotely turn something on/off from a long distance or through walls…For us it has performed great.

1 remote controls 3 different outlets, separately. I have a lamp that works, but the switch doesn’t, so I’ve had to pull the plug to turn it off. This solves that. Just plug it in once, then let the remote do the work, just one click on, one click off! Yay, no need to toss the lamp, or crawl to reach the plug behind the couch! (Still plugged in behind the couch, and the remote gets to it fine.)

Didn’t need the other two, til I saw how great it was, so I plugged in my basement fan to #2, and voila, I never need to do the stairs just to turn on/off the fans. Just open the door, and click away. (I do have to aim it, but better than the stairs! : )

#3 is a seldom used lamp, in a dark room, that I rarely go into. Nice to not have to fumble my way through the room to search for the little switch they conveniently placed about a foot down the wire, to turn it on. Just click, and it’s on. (Who designs houses with no lighting in the ceilings, anyway?)

I got mine at a tool store, for about half this price, and while I only needed one, I’ve found use for the 2 spares, and couldn’t be happier. Just a note, they will fit in the top slot on the outlet, leaving the other plug accessible, too. Great tool, and a good price for the ease of use.