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Money Saver

You have a choce of three time settings, on the side; and a tap-on button on top that lights when the plug is being used.

I use 2 in the kitchen – electric teapot and the toaster; and another in each bathroom, where they come in handy for hair dryer or curling iron, and even a night light.

Wish there was a double outlet model so you could set two devices for different power periods at the same source. For instance, I would like to be able to charge my phone a set of flameless candles in the same location. The single outlet model is too large to allow use of 2 in the same outlet.

Don’t really know how much power it saves, but it certainly can’t hurt, and it is a lot more convenient than having to unplug the many devices used around the house

One of my TVs would turn on after a power failure so now it can’t. We just set the unit to run for 3 hours when we want to view this TV as we normally only watch this one for perhaps an hour at bedtime. The unit does not use any power once it turns itself off. Times devices for 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours, whichever you want.

First to figure wattage loads of different products in our home for our emergency generator. Second to find out just how much power items around the house use when “off”. I was amazed at how much power some things around the house use when “off”. Individually they are not much but when you add them all up it equals a lot of wasted money and add to it the fact that our power company is upping their rates 10% this month and this monitor has saved us a good bit. I have since put many things on power strips and now when I turn the strip off things are really “off”. One last thing, not having to crane your neck down under the desk to read the display is a definite bonus compared to many of the other energy monitors I have seen.

I have an extra battery so I just put it in for 3 hours and then when I need the extra battery it is ready to go and I don’t have to worry about unplugging it all the time. It would be nice to have on of these with more outlets.

It does have the benefit of being easy to read when the socket is behind furniture. Measuring power consumption is kind of a pain if you have to crawl behind furniture with a flashlight to read it. The Belkin’s display is on a cable that can be placed nearby so it can be read easily.

And after exactly one month, my energy bill arrived and it was a whole $10 less!!! So, now I’ve installed the Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip (for the TV console–keeping the Tivo & router on but turning off the 2nd Tivo and Netflix box when the TV gets turned off); and also 2 of the the cute little Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet (one for my office shredder and my electric toothbrush). And now I’ve added the Stanley 31164 Indoor Wireless Remote Control with Single Transmitter, White, 3-Pack for the hot water pot that’s on 6 hours every day, my appliance strip which covers toaster, rice cooker, blender and Breville juice extractor–to my kitchen to stop vampire energy loss.

I’m on a roll and look forward each month to how much I’ll save with these 3 Belkin and 1 Stanley products together! If I can saving $20-25 per month…well that adds up to a LOT in one year!!! I can think of other, better things to spend my money on like here on Amazon–more Kindle books…and…I have a huge wishlist.

HUGE Money Saver for Us!!

We have a large open unfinished potion of our basement that is used for storage, workspace and music area. It is very dark and lighted by hang down shop lights that plug in. The lighting works well but it is treacherous walking through the dark trying to find the pull string to turn them on unless we left one on constantly which was a waste of money and not at all green. We were contemplating hiring an electrician to rewire the lighting so we could have a switch by the door when we found this wireless set. MUCH cheaper than an electrician and we can turn each light on individually instead of all on at once. This wireless remote is a money saver for us all the way around. It even works from the other room so we can turn on a light before we open the door. It was easy to install and no more walking blind in the dark. I guess the instructions are good but you could easily figure it out without them. We absolutely could not be happier!

The remote and outlets work great and are super easy to program. I used them in a room that requires a lot of light and I have them setup so that 1 button turns them on or off but I can also shed individual lights by using the other programmed from the factory buttons. The remote control outlets sturdy and well built.

I LOVE this product so much that I had to tell you! I originally bought the first set for my newborn daughter’s room because the cute lamp that she had as part of her room decor did not have a switch. If I wanted to use it I had to plug it in, and when I was done, I had to unplug it. With a newborn who needed a diaper change in the middle of the night, this was never going to happen. This product was EXACTLY what I needed. One click and her lamp switches on – no fuss! I have since then installed one in just about every room. I also have one in my son’s room for his nightlight so it doesn’t stay on all the time. This is really convenient so that when I am nice and cozy in my bed, I can simply turn off the lamp from my room. I just ordered a second set for my in-laws for their Christmas tree. They think it is the most amazing gadget ever!

But all aspects of the initial transaction exceeded my expectations. The order was promptly filled. The price was as good or better than that asked for competing units. The outlets and remotes were very easy to set up and so far have worked flawlessly. The instruction material was clear and written with a nice tone of customer service consciousness. The remote units even came with initial batteries and one replacement battery for each. Wouldn’t it be nice if more firms showed thoughtful consideration of the customer like this!