Daily Archive: October 25, 2013

Works Just As It Should

I found in my research indicated the product stopped working properly after a short time, my experience has been different. I’m using these units on three lamps, two of which have no direct line-of-sight and have not had a hiccup. It’s been 6 months and I’m about to buy another set. Great solution at a great price.

I like the fact that you can control your home and its plug in devices from a distance or even from outside. This set does it all it’s great. There is not really that much to explain although I’m sure someone with more experience and expertise could write pages about it. The set comes with three receivers, one each that you plug into an outlet and then you plug the electronic device you want to control into that, you are then able to control each item remotely from a distance of I find not greater than 100 feet using the included remote. On the whole the units and remote work wonderfully, they come with the frequencies corresponded to each of the 6 buttons on the remote pre-loaded (3 each, on and off). The remote is small, its about the size of a standard car door opener, and the unusual looking battery has already been installed for you at the factory, so to use a popular phrase its literally “plug and play”? The remote has an extra extendable radio antenna built in, to boost the signal through walls, it’s quite effective. I have two sets one in my living room controlling my end table lamps and my rather out-dated A.C. Unit, and the second set in my bedroom, controlling my night table lamps, and the floor lamp, after trying them out and finding that the frequencies overlapped allowing the living room remote to control the bedroom simultaneously with it’s own intended receivers, and viceaversa, I pulled out the instructions page and read how to alter the frequencies. It was quite simple, the remote pops right open a coulp of levers flip up or down and all is well in the world. Also through research I was able to find a universal tv remote that would accept the intended remotes signal and control the receivers thusly. Very cool. I gave the set 4 stars instead of 5, for two reasons, one because at times the remote fails to work on the first press of the button, it must be depressed very hard a second time or even have the antenna extended in order to work, even from a distance or location you have used it a thousand times before. The second reason being because you cannot use two receivers in the same outlet, or even within 6 inches of one another, they simply don’t work, which I guess isn’t the biggest deal, but it’d be nice if you could use the same outlet for both lamps behind the bed, that’s all. Good product I like it and highly recommend it. They also serve other purposes beyond convenience for lazy people, and a thrill for us techno geeks, they are great for disabled people with limited mobility.