Daily Archive: October 16, 2013

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Easy to setup, easy to use; but more importantly, it just works, PERIOD. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for remote-controled AC options.

I was spoiled in my last home where I could plug stuff into an outlet and it would just flip on with the light switch. So I thought about getting an electrician to come in, but turns out it would be a lot of money, and for $24, I solved my problems, both up and downstairs. I would have gotten the ones with the switches on the wall, but I didn’t want to have a bunch of extra light switches. This actually works perfectly, you can keep the little remote by the door and turn it all on. It so perfect!

I use them to power lights hanging from the ceiling in my studio. Range is decent as well. The remote comes with a battery, so there is no need to order any extra.

We wanted to use these to plug in some lamps in our room so that we didn’t have to get up while we were in bed to turn off the lights. They work perfectly, and they work on the first click every time so far.

It saves having to trip over things to get to the little light across the room. I use this on a light, fan, and laptop power cord. I added a piece of mesh tape next to the light button to make it a little easier to tell which button will turn the light on in the dark. You hear a little click when the outlet turns on/off, but it’s barely noticable. I don’t remember seeing anything about batteries on here, but this one does come with a battery for the remote (I can’t remember what CR number it was, but it’s one of those large button batteries). I’ve had this for about a month and use it daily. Great purchase for my little world.

This makes life so much nicer in my home, as I hate overhead lighting but also hated going all around the room, turning on lamps. Now my lighting is perfect every evening with just the push of three buttons on one device I keep in a central location.

I have one connected to a TV with an Apple TV box and the other two connected to a speaker set and some lighting. I like that within 1 second I can turn everything on or everything off. I also like the fact that, when connected to lighting, you don’t have to stumble around in the dark trying to find the switch.

This wireless remote control works well for us and saves us a lot of extra steps. It even worked outside on the patio, with the door closed, and about 45 feet from the router we wanted to turn on. We have not tested it from a longer distance.

Using these and a variety of other timers, power-conserve surge protectors and other neat home-improvement gadgets. These timers were the most life-altering of the bunch. I bought several packs and hooked them up to lamps by room (e.g. room 1, room 2, room 3) and even surge-protectors used for charging. It was awesome being able to enter the home and have the exact lighting-sceme desired with a push of a button. This was my gateway gadget into Amazon home-improvements.

Soon I had maxed out the scope of upgrades for my girlfriend’a apartment or even my rental house! I needed more! I needed a place to fully utilize all of the new gadgets and life-improvement devices I’d discovered in this vast ocean of gadgetry goodness. It was all started with this simple awesome on-off remote.

When people see my home, with all of its gadgets, they are often more intrigued by the “remote lighting” than just about anything else.

Awesome! No need to toggle stupid lamp switches or plug in christmas tree! Buy a few of these and you can turn on a bunch of stuff around the room with 1 click. Impress yo friends with easy 21st-century living. Quick and easy on-off switch saves time and set the mood in nothing flat.