Daily Archive: October 30, 2013

Remote Stuck to Wall-Mount, SOLVED

I found it would be unusable as the Remote was thoroughly jamed in its Wall-Mount, blocking the battery compartment etc. Repeated Prying & Prodding [with moderate force] were to little/no avail. In despiration, with the clock ticking, I flipped it over & into the 2 screw-holes on the back I inserted, head first, 1.25″ Finishing Nail(s) Pressing these forcefully did nothing but with repeated, heavy hammer-taps on the point I got the 2 parts to start moving apart.

The problem proved to be the throw-away clear plastic tab [keeping the battery fresh] sticking out the side of the remote. When the factory pushed the Remote into its tight-fitting Wall-Mount, the tab folded up between the 2 creating a complete jamb

This sort of oversight has always been a bother and now, with so much production contracted abroad, it seems that problems which “ONLY” happen now and then are just ignored [at least by SOME firms ... ].

I used to use a normal switch with 8 outlets, and I don’t like it very much because my TV, XBox and speaker were always on (my wireless router connected to the same switch). So when I found this switch on Amazon, I know this is what I need.

Setting up the switch is just a piece of cake, and it works perfectly so far. The only one thing that I’m not sure if it’s intentional is that when you turn on/off the switch using the remote, you need to press and hold the button for a few seconds until the green light flashing. In the beginning, I thought that it’s like normal switch for light, so I just flip it on and off and it doesn’t work. And even now I know it, sometime my dad still doesn’t do it right and leave everything on over night.

Overall, I’m happy with this switch, and would recommend it to everyone who owns an entertainment system.

This waste energy and now becomes a fire hazzard. This Belkin Conserve Switch F7C01008q Energy-Saving Surge with Remote is a safe way to hook up charges and other devices that you want to be able to turn on and off at will. The remote can be put anywhere and can be used to turn on and off lights, Tv’s, etc. I have one in all rooms so like the guess room I can shut off everything when the room is not in use. Saving energy, being safe. Hope this helps you on purchasing this unit.

I was surprised how much energy my home theater setup was using when not plugged in. The 30 watts it was using is equivalent to having two lamps on all day, everyday. The remote that is included makes it very convenient to turn off the power strip when I leave for work or go to sleep. However a few times the remote does not work but hitting the switch again does the job. Overall I’m very happy with this power strip and I’m looking forward to my next electric bill.