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Excellent Configurability!

I got the set with 3 outlet controllers and a remote that has 5 sets of on/off buttons. I later added a fourth outlet controller to the set. I originally bought it to control a lamp across the room at night. However, after getting it, I decided to use it for three other lamps I have as well. Now I have everything set up to any combination I could ever want!

On/Off Buttons 1 – lamp 1

On/Off Buttons 2 – lamp 2

On/Off Buttons 3 – lamp 3

On/Off Buttons 4 – lamp 4

On/Off Buttons 5 – lamp 1, 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously

So not only can I turn each lamp on and off individually, but I can turn all the lamps on and off as a set! It doesn’t matter what button I used to turn them on. Even if I turn on the lamps individually, I can easily press the Off Button 5 to turn off all the lamps at once! I love this!

The instructions were not very detailed as to how to configure the remote control. It’s actually very easy. So let me include some basic instructions on how to program the outlet controllers with the remote control.

To pair an outlet controller with a remote:

(1) Plug the outlet controller into the wall socket.

(2) Press and hold the learning button until a light begins to flash, then let go.

(3) Press the button on the remote that you want to control the outlet controller.

That’s it! So simple! Repeat the steps above for any remote button you want. Each on and off button works independently so you can configure it any way you want.

You can pair any button on the remote to any outlet controller, even if the button has already been paired with another outlet controller. For example, if you want the On Button 5 to control two outlets, simply repeat the steps above for each one. You don’t have to do them together. Just do them like normal. Then when you press the On Button 5, both outlets will come on!

Canceling a pairing requires that you reset the outlet controller. It’s also very easy to do.

To reset an outlet controller (cancel all pairings) so that no remote button will control it:

(1) Remove the outlet controller from the wall socket.

(2) Press and hold the learning button.

(3) While still holding the learning button, plug the outlet controller back into the wall socket.

(4) Continue to hold the button for 5 seconds or until the light begins to flash, then let go.

(5) Once the light stops flashing, the outlet controller has been reset.

The only drawback I can find is that you cannot plug two outlet controllers into a wall outlet due to their size. You can, however, plug the outlet controller into the top wall outlet and still use the bottom outlet as normal. I don’t find this to be a big problem.

I wish I had found these long ago. I am certain I will be buying more!

UPDATE: I did buy more! I added another lamp to the room so I bought another outlet controller. I now have the remote control managing all four lamps. I could not be happier with this product!