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Perfect for Unswitchable Appliances!

I put this in our bedroom where we have a TV,PS3 and AT&T Uverse Cable box, and we are only in the room at night time and that the only time when the TV is on, so other then that, all the components would be sitting in standby allllll day long, so I attached the Outlet and it’s great, because I can set it for 30 minutes and I go to bed watch 15 minutes of TV and then the Power turns off automatically, I have Southern California Edison and we have a Smart Meter and I can see my power usage by the hour, and I see the power usage has went down, and it’s saving me money, I recommend this to everyone, it will save you money.

In order to better gauge what your kilowatt price is you should average your last bill and not set it at what your power company says they charge you..

I wanted something that would let me cut power then they weren’t in use without having to reach behind to get the power strip. This was a cheap and easy solution.

I bought one for my toaster and one for my coffee maker (it doesn’t have a good auto-shutoff). I like that this brand of socket lets you set different times until shut-off, though I always use the 30 minute shut-off. The only thing I don’t like is the size. I have one plugged in to an outlet with a switch right next to it (one of those big rectangular switches that you push in the top or bottom) and the plug makes it a bit hard to work the switch. Otherwise, though, it doesn’t get in the way of the other plug.

It didn’t have a switch on it and constantly sparked when unplugging. In fact, it even melted one of our outlets. Having this switch outlet has been wonderful. We can leave it plugged in all the time (without worry about extra current usage) and turn it on whenever we want without worrying about sparks. If I ever have any other appliances like this, I’ll definitely be ordering more of these switches.

So I was happy to find this one because it can be used in more robust scenarios. Also, this is the only switch I have seen that is shaped so that two of these switches will fit into a single wall outlet. The others that I have seen are vertically oriented (switch button on top instead of on the side), so two of them cannot be plugged into the same wall outlet.

To avoid the toasts from getting burned, I end up pulling the plug, sometimes generating a few sparks. Not good. I decided to try this Power Switch. It works perfectly. When I turn it off while the toaster over is still running, there is no sparks!

I ended up buying 4 of them in one order, taking a slight gamble without trying first. Now I ended up using all of them on various devices. I may be buying more in future. Good stuff.

There are some vendors on Amazon web site selling the same products. I only choose products “fulfilled and sold by Amazon”. Amazon stands by the products they sell. Peace of mind.

Savior for the Busy/Forgetful Mom!

I often found myself worrying that I got distracted and forgot to unplug my hair straightener (*insert horrible visions of me burning my house down because I’m a bozo who can’t remember to unplug my straightener*). Several times, I made a beeline back to my house to make sure I hadn’t left it on. Ordering this product is a lifesaver- I never use my hair straightener without it anymore. There’s one less thing to worry about knowing that even if I did happen to get distracted and leave the house with it still on, it will automatically turn off in a few minutes thanks to this outlet. Definitely worth the small investment for the peace of mind!

Used this to monitor the electric that it takes to run certain items for trouble shooting. Also used to check for power draining appliances. My cell phone does not even register when plugged into the charger only when it is actually charging. .

What I like so much about this thing? The long cord, you can plug it in behind things and still see the meter. I also was able to plug in my current electricity rate and figure out how much each appliance was using. Ditched one thing already because it was costing me more money to use that it was worth.

And like the timer design, I use this one for my washing machine, set to 3hrs or 6 hrs is good enough. I also have some remote control outlets, no remote control for this one is good cheap solution for my case, love it.

I used to plug the power cord directly to the wall mount power when I need lighting for playing ping pong in the yard, but now with the power switch, I just simply keep the cord plugged, no headache any more. Definitely I will recommend it to my friends.

It would happen occasionally and you would have to unplug it to stop the beeping/reset it. I bought this so we could just flip the switch instead of pulling the plug out. Works great.

Sometimes the outlet has a little higher price than the competition, but I’ve never been disappointed in the quality. This switch is no exception in good quality, and the price isn’t bad either. The sculpted, smooth switch lights up with a nice green glow when turned on. Nice attention to design detail!

This switch has helped reduce noise and power consumption. It’s convenient to simply flip the switch when I will be gone for the day or weekend. I would get more if I had more of these “always on” electronics.

A Very Nice Solution to a Real Problem

I only use it in the morning and was looking for a way to shut it off when not needed. Un plugging and re plugging is not good for the receptacle so I tried a timer. The small plug in units fail after a few months I suspect due to the high amp draw.

This is the perfect solution. I turn it on when I get up in the morning and shut it down at about 9:00. Works great and fixed my little old problem. Highly recommended..

I got it to help conserve energy in with my heater fan and though there is not a marked difference in my electricity bill, I feel better that I am trying to make steps to reduce my energy usage. And it can shut off after 3 hours, so if I forget to unplug my heater fan, I don’t have to worry about my cats bumping it and starting it up again or it catching something on fire.

What we do use it on is an electric room space heater where I am worried about forgetting it and leaving it on overnight — maybe burning down the house while we sleep. If you forget, and I have so far exactly once, then this device automatically shuts it down for you. Also, it saves you electricity money, about 10 cents an hour in our case, when we forget, which could easily cost you a buck or two if you leave that heater on overnight and into the next day in your (like we have) basement office. You could also use it to automatically shut down your kids’ video game after they have used up their time allowance, hint, hint ;-)

It’s especially nice for a a few that don’t really have an on off switch (like a Krupps burr grinder that feels warm whenever the power is on even if it’s not grinding). The glowing green light (indicating ‘on’) makes it really easy to see when everything is turned off.

I hoped the lighted switch would alert me that I had forgotten to turn the power off. Unfortunately, I feel that the lighted switch is a little dim and hard to see, as it is located on the side of the device. It does what it is supposed to do — you just have to check it with all the kitchen lights turned off.

There are three buttons for measurements. Watts, cost per period of time and CO2 effect. I use just in the wattage position to use . What makes it easy – Plug into any outlet, plug device to be tested and the gauge shows the wattage beginning used. The two parts are interconnected by a four to five foot cable which makes it so much easier to read. I have read wattage, so far, from 4 watts for a LED light bulb to 1400+ for a coffee maker.

I programmed my usage rates in and was able to see how much it cost both hourly and monthly to run items in my home. If you want to see why your energy bill is so much try this. I was suprised how much some things cost to run.

Great Energy Saving Device

We were able to further reduce power consumption about 15% by putting fans, chargers, coffee maker and our TV entertainment center on count down timers like these. The half hour, 3 hour and 6 hour options are more useful for us than the Woods unit with 1,2,4,8. The outlet also pulls very little power– about 1/5 that of the Woods. We have not tried the outlet on higher wattage appliances as yet.

The on-off switch has a good feel to it, and I suspect it will prove to be reliable in the long run. This allows you to individually turn on and off items plugged into a power strip, something that is occasionally important.

I have been plagued with switches going bad long before electrical devices otherwise cease working. Some lamps, for example, have a ludicrously low-quality on/off switch, and in some cases, the switch is not reasonably replaceable, and when the switch fails, the lamp must be discarded – very frustrating. This switched outlet allows me to use the switch on the outlet and extend the life of what is plugged into it.

I was going to buy your product that automatically turns off the power after a period of time, but so many people who bought it reported that it quit working after only a short period of time that I decided not to do that. This is unfortunate, because that is a product that is potentially very useful. If you could make it more reliable, and then persuade me that it is reliable, I would certainly buy a few of them.

I use it for charging my phone because one of the reasons for early battery failure is over charging the battery. It does great for preventing over charging and I do not have to remember or even be awake to disconnect the charger from power.

I did run into an issue with one of the sockets. Because there is no wall socket near my night stand where I can reach it, I have a conserve socket plugged into an extension cord. One night I dropped my shoes and clothes on top of the socket and it kept the button on top pressed down. The light in the unit is brighter when the button is pressed down. Normally that is not an issue because the button is supposed to be a momentary contact button. You press it and release it in less than a second. My shoes and clothes kept the button pressed all night. The heat from the brighter light melted the plastic a little. I suppose the clothes kept the heat in too. The button would not work after that.

I consider the way that it failed to be due to a fairly unusual set of circumstances. I still recommend this device.