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Great Energy Saving Device

We were able to further reduce power consumption about 15% by putting fans, chargers, coffee maker and our TV entertainment center on count down timers like these. The half hour, 3 hour and 6 hour options are more useful for us than the Woods unit with 1,2,4,8. The outlet also pulls very little power– about 1/5 that of the Woods. We have not tried the outlet on higher wattage appliances as yet.

The on-off switch has a good feel to it, and I suspect it will prove to be reliable in the long run. This allows you to individually turn on and off items plugged into a power strip, something that is occasionally important.

I have been plagued with switches going bad long before electrical devices otherwise cease working. Some lamps, for example, have a ludicrously low-quality on/off switch, and in some cases, the switch is not reasonably replaceable, and when the switch fails, the lamp must be discarded – very frustrating. This switched outlet allows me to use the switch on the outlet and extend the life of what is plugged into it.

I was going to buy your product that automatically turns off the power after a period of time, but so many people who bought it reported that it quit working after only a short period of time that I decided not to do that. This is unfortunate, because that is a product that is potentially very useful. If you could make it more reliable, and then persuade me that it is reliable, I would certainly buy a few of them.

I use it for charging my phone because one of the reasons for early battery failure is over charging the battery. It does great for preventing over charging and I do not have to remember or even be awake to disconnect the charger from power.

I did run into an issue with one of the sockets. Because there is no wall socket near my night stand where I can reach it, I have a conserve socket plugged into an extension cord. One night I dropped my shoes and clothes on top of the socket and it kept the button on top pressed down. The light in the unit is brighter when the button is pressed down. Normally that is not an issue because the button is supposed to be a momentary contact button. You press it and release it in less than a second. My shoes and clothes kept the button pressed all night. The heat from the brighter light melted the plastic a little. I suppose the clothes kept the heat in too. The button would not work after that.

I consider the way that it failed to be due to a fairly unusual set of circumstances. I still recommend this device.

Electronic Vampire Slayer

I can now easily turn of my TV and components after using them and leave them off 20 out of 24 hours. Also using one on our coffee pot, eliminating that energy drain too (It has a digital clock). Love, love, love this switch!

Just set the $/KWh and then you’re ready to go. I plugged my home theater power strip into this and it shows me how much electricity my whole setup uses. The long cord attached to the screen is nice and you can leave the device on a desk or table while your electricity socket is further away.

Its a little wide but it only covers one outlet and it should fit well anywhere. my favorite part is the switch itself. The switch flips easily and clicks making it easy to tell it has been activated. The light on the switch is also great to confirm if it is on or off without any guessing.

I always felt guilty for leaving my night stand lamps and such plugged in (never enough to unplug them) so I thought I’d give this a go. My energy bill has gone down and I loved it so much that I just bought another one for the kitchen. I’ll probably end up buying another one next year, besides with the energy savings it pretty much paid for itself several times over. As you saw with the other reviews it’s a no brainer to use and easy on the eyes. Buy a couple you won’t regret it!

After scanning for vampire devices using the Beling energy monitor I settled on installing thie first switch in my Keurig – which appears to draw 5-10 watts even when turned off. Looking to get another one for a fan we have in the hallway for white noise for the kids – the switch makes it much safer for them to turn it off and on.

I have a multi-adapter plugged into this switch which then goes into the outlet and with one click I can turn off all the devices connected to the adapter via this switch. This gives a nice alternative to using a power strip with a off/on switch.

I hated that it drew electricity even when I wasn’t using it. Then I got one for the flat iron and the clothes iron. I have a large closet where my ironing board is up all the time but the iron is rarely used. Thirty minutes is more than enough time and this allows me to leave the house with no worry that an iron was left on. I use on also on the bedroom TV. I set it for 3 hours but usually I turn off the TV earlier. I like that it stops the draw for the rest of the night/day when the TV is not used at all. I would improve it with an “off button” but it’s not too hard to reset by pulling it out of the socket. Rarely do I need to stop it anyway. Just a nifty discovery for me!

This Switch Acts Like A Single On/Off Button – Either Paddle Acts As You Want It To

I have the light where I really need it and the switch out-of sight. I would buy this again (when needed). Appears to be better quality than similar switch I had purchased (which failed after less than a year). Other switch had a built in night light that I liked. This one does not have that feature.

We hooked up a fluorescent strip light, but wanted a way to turn it on and off beside groping in the dark for the in-line switch. We purchased this, plugged it into an available outlet in the closet, and located the switch in the area where we wanted it. (We mounted the “switch” box with 3M picture hanging strips, so we could change the batteries easily) Works great, no problems. As others have noted elsewhere, although it looks like a standard “flip switch” in the pictures, it’s actually just a button you press for on/off. Doesn’t bother me, because I’m delighted to have light in the laundry closet!

Only complaint is that when ordering additional units they do not ask for a preferred frequency. You may want to match existing units or more than likely you may prefer different frequencies. This choice should be part of the ordering process.

They work great for this. The switch part is small and light enough to be attached with a couple pieces of removable mounting tape, which is great.

The only downside is the radio channel is built into the device, and there didn’t seem to be any way to choose which one you wanted, or really an indication that this was the case on the product page. I ordered three and they came one of each channel, which was what I needed so it worked out for me. Still you should be aware of the channel thing in case you want two to work on the same channel etc…

Now there is no danger of him tripping over something on his way to the bed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a convenient way to control electronics.

Also, up and down on the switch both do the same thing; but they are nice aesthetically I suppose. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Since daddy and teen are not on the same sleep schedule :) we had to forgo using it and purchase another locally to be sure and get a different frequency. It would be nice if the frequency was in the description, but I couldn’t find one online that let you pick that way.

The only downfall is if you purchase two or more, make sure they are not too close to each other room wise. I have one in my bedroom and the other in the living room and when I turn one on in one room, the other also turns on. Not a huge problem, but sometimes they tend to get mixed up and when one turns on, the other turns off. It’s kind of comical, but really frustrating at times. Otherwise, very simple idea for one or two rooms, if separated enough.

Canon Safe Interior Power Box options

I wanted to mount some sort of lighting and found that rope lighting was just the ticket. This switch was the perfect answer to be able to light the interior of the safe WHEN NEEDED. The plug in unit is the perfect size for the bottom outlet for lighting and leave me with another for the dehumidifier rod. 5 stars for the price and what it’s designed for.

This product is the most functional item I’ve ever purchased. This is the second one I’ve bought. The first one lasted me about a year before it spontaneously decided to stop working for unknown reasons. Given the inexpensive price I was more than happy to buy another one, worth it even if it only lasts a year! I’ve now had this item for >4 monthes. No problems.

I either had to mount an electrical box and cover plate under the cabinet, which stood out and looked sloppy or had a wire dangling down to plug into a socket.

This allowed me to hide all the wiring for the under cabinet wiring in the stove vent area and mount the switch next to the other switches for the kitchen. No wires or electrical junction boxes show and the installation looks very professional.

I mounted a light bar above the mirror and wired it to a two prong AC plug and ran it behind the mirror. I mounted this switch under the counter to make it easy to turn the lights on/off. It works just like I wanted it to and one would never know the lights werent built into the wall.

The way that I tried to specify the frequency was that the first switch I ordered was on the “B” frequency, so in the comments sections where you could leave instructions as if it was a gift, I told them to send me anything except one in the “B” frequency because I already had that. The second one they sent me was on frequency “D” so I think that it worked. I agree that there should be a way that we can just leave an instruction as to the frequency that we want, but there isn’t. I figured that since the vendor would read those instructions from the customer, this is probably better than just taking a chance that they won’t send you a second one on the same frequency as the first one that you ordered.

As far as the product is concerned, it works well and does the job. The switch has excellent range and you don’t necessarily need a clear line of sight to the remotely controlled plug. I was able to install a remote light switch for my living room pole lamp at the top of the stairs coming from the master bedroom. The second was installed on the headboard of my bed so I could remotely control the pole lamp in my bedroom. I did the same thing at my elderly mother’s house and she loves the convenience of having the light switch at the head of her bed.

I definitely recommend this product. You an use some double sided tape and mount your light switch at any convenient location.

Perfect For An Energy-Saver Like Me

Well, I was looking for something I didn’t think was possible to find:

- slim design

- always on outlets along with the ability to truly power some off

- reasonable length cord

- decent remote control (both looks and function)

I got all of the above with this product. It is tucked away in a cabinet where I don’t have to see it (and I don’t have mikes of cord taking up the rest of the cabinet area), with my laptop in one of the “always on” outlets. BlackBerry, iPad, and my husband’s phone charger are in the remote-controlled outlets. Every morning after I read the news on my iPad, I plug it in and use the remote. When our devices are charged, off go the outlets. The remote is slim and unobtrusive. I also can’t complain about the price.

Personally, I don’t like paying more than $50 a month in electricity, especially when there are things I can do to reduce “phantom” energy usage. I bought the 8 plug model over 2 years ago and am still loving it. I actually bought a 2nd 10 plug one a few months ago and thought I’d send out a review for both.

6 of the plugs are connected to the remote switch with 2 being available for always on performance. I connected my DVR and TV to the always on plugs with my router, cable modem, PS3 and receiver on the remote.

I keep the remote upstairs by my desktop computer (also on the a conserve switch) so I can turn on the internet whenever I use the desktop. There is also a switch on the surge protector so you can turn the remote-controlled plugs on and off without the remote. Since I have two Conserve units, I set both of them to the same frequency and they both work off the same remote. I use the upstairs desktop sparingly and it helps eliminate the phantom power draw from the power supply of the desktop when it is off. I used the handy to figure it cut 90% of energy usage for my desktop when off.

I did the math and it easily saves me 2-5 dollars a month in energy consumption on my router and modem alone vs. being on 24/7. I turn the router and modem off while I am at work or am not using the devices. It really pays for itself over the course of a year or two.

Eliminate power consumption on low use items that consume electricity even while off. Will pay for itself over the course of a few years. Multiple units can be controlled from same remote. At least 30 foot radius for the RF remote, no line of sight needed (I haven’t tried longer but that’s about how far mine is from the downstairs unit)

Remote Station: A Tale Of Discovery, Confusion, And Abject Laziness. Or, The American Dream

It’s become part of the overall scheme I have to slowly reduce my electricity consumption, and I plan to purchase a few more over the next few months.

While this surge protector is much larger than any of the standard power strips I own, and thus is harder to hide away behind a cabinet, the extra size makes it easy to utilize all of the outlets. I don’t actually understand why it’s so large, and the extra plastic on the end, designed for keeping cords wrapped around it and, presumably, organized, is fairly useless and annoying. But, the remote control is very convenient, and I used the included double-sided tape to stick it next to my light switch. This makes it easier to remember to turn it off when I’m not using it.

The two always-on outlets are great, because I can keep my clock powered while turning off my cable box, my PS3 and all my various chargers when I leave the house. In general, it’s hard to compare surge protectors, but the always-on outlets definitely make this one stand out from the crowd.

I was pleased to discover that one could set the devices on different channels. I had not known this and was initially frustrated that the remote was turning off both surge protectors on two different floors. This means the remote has good range. Now I set the individual surge protectors to different channels and I can turn off one set of devices without effecting the others. I have one for my home entertainment system and lights, one for upstairs tv, cable box and light, the third for my computer/home office. For the home entertainment system I leave the DVR plugged in all the time to record my programs and the TV and other plugs are plugged in the remote controlled outlets that I turn off when not in use. For those that do not know, the TVs even when idle drain a lot of electricity, and so do other electrical devices, so this saves power. The remote I put on the wall by the entrance which is also convenient to turn on lamps that are not connected to convenient light switches. The other surge protector I have upstairs for another TV as well. That cable box is not DVR so I turn it off when not in use and yes it takes time to boot up but not very long. The Fios box,and the battery backup are plugged in the plugs that are always on. The third is set up for my computer with my modem and router plugged into the outlets that are always on and the other devices for my computer are plugged in the remote controlled ones. This is useful when you go away or when you do not want to waste electricity. I put the remote switch on my desk.

I should add that one important feature which made me buy this particular surge protector is the spacing of the outlets. The outlets are spaced apart to allow plugs and chargers that normally do not fit next to each other to fit. On other power strips and surge protectors I have I cannot fit the plugs and chargers together which is an annoyance. Being able to utilize all the plugs of a surge protector is to me is a big plus! Many of my plugs are bulky and this allows one to put them side by side.

I have been pleased thus far with this product and am planning on buying a fourth one.