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Electronic Vampire Slayer

I can now easily turn of my TV and components after using them and leave them off 20 out of 24 hours. Also using one on our coffee pot, eliminating that energy drain too (It has a digital clock). Love, love, love this switch!

Just set the $/KWh and then you’re ready to go. I plugged my home theater power strip into this and it shows me how much electricity my whole setup uses. The long cord attached to the screen is nice and you can leave the device on a desk or table while your electricity socket is further away.

Its a little wide but it only covers one outlet and it should fit well anywhere. my favorite part is the switch itself. The switch flips easily and clicks making it easy to tell it has been activated. The light on the switch is also great to confirm if it is on or off without any guessing.

I always felt guilty for leaving my night stand lamps and such plugged in (never enough to unplug them) so I thought I’d give this a go. My energy bill has gone down and I loved it so much that I just bought another one for the kitchen. I’ll probably end up buying another one next year, besides with the energy savings it pretty much paid for itself several times over. As you saw with the other reviews it’s a no brainer to use and easy on the eyes. Buy a couple you won’t regret it!

After scanning for vampire devices using the Beling energy monitor I settled on installing thie first switch in my Keurig – which appears to draw 5-10 watts even when turned off. Looking to get another one for a fan we have in the hallway for white noise for the kids – the switch makes it much safer for them to turn it off and on.

I have a multi-adapter plugged into this switch which then goes into the outlet and with one click I can turn off all the devices connected to the adapter via this switch. This gives a nice alternative to using a power strip with a off/on switch.

I hated that it drew electricity even when I wasn’t using it. Then I got one for the flat iron and the clothes iron. I have a large closet where my ironing board is up all the time but the iron is rarely used. Thirty minutes is more than enough time and this allows me to leave the house with no worry that an iron was left on. I use on also on the bedroom TV. I set it for 3 hours but usually I turn off the TV earlier. I like that it stops the draw for the rest of the night/day when the TV is not used at all. I would improve it with an “off button” but it’s not too hard to reset by pulling it out of the socket. Rarely do I need to stop it anyway. Just a nifty discovery for me!

Great Way to Kill Off Vampires

I love this product. I have a Chi that does not have an auto shut off so many times I have had to return to the house to be sure I unplugged it. This devise works better than any other timer i have used. The only reason it received 4 stars instead of 5 is because, as others have mentioned, you cannot plug anything else in the other socket when this is being used. Other than that, I love it!

The execution is excellent; the white with green accents is very sleek, and the light in the switch makes it easy to see at a glance whether the outlet is on or off. Now I just need to order about 20 more!

The power switch is located on the right side of the unit and glows green when power is enabled. We use ours with a cell phone charger. It’d be nice if it sold these in a 3-pack value set. I’d love a few more for around the house. I recommend it.

Given that the GFI sockets in my kitchen are mounted sideways (I’d have to replace them to get them mounted vertically, that’s too expensive) I can’t see the lighted switch too well because it’s facing the top of the counter instead of being out to the side.

It’s an excellent concept of item but I don’t see why they did not add some kind of plastic reflection that would use the same light in the device for the switch to also add some light to the face of the device. That would make it a lot easier for people in my situation, seeing as a lot of homes built only 20 years ago will have similar sockets as I have in my kitchen because that was all that was available.

I had to reduce it by a star because of this. If you have plugs in your kitchen or wherever for that matter that don’t have this issue by all means pick it up, it works pretty good and will help reduce useless power consumption on items that don’t need to be sucking power all the time. I’ve been using a multitude of power strips for this very purpose for years and it does help to cut down drastically on power consumed when you do it all over your house. I had done calculations before on how much power I was saving by this method about a year ago and I found that the bills were about 10-20 dollars different each month I had all the extra items “unplugged” by turning off the power strips to those devices when they weren’t needed, it also depended on how much I was using those devices as well. It also means less wear and tear on items as well. So you end up saving even more by not having to replace things as often. I’ve used a wattage consumption tracker on a few occasions to test how much some of the items that I turn off with this little plug in switch use and it was substantial when added up.

Be smart about your power usage and turn off and unplug items that don’t need to be used 24 hours a day… You’ll spend less and replace less.

Better Than the Other One I Got

Incredibly simple to operate, just one button. The main problem is the fact that you can only choose between three different presets, but so far is working perfectly for me. I have one that I use on my crockpot, another one for my cell phones chargers and one more for a night light. Perfect to operate with stuff that does not have a timer integrated.

Over a year now with all five units I own, working perfectly. Ordering a couple more for cellphones since the ones I already have are now with my two laptops, a charger of tipical AAA and AA batteries and home appliances. My batteries last forever now that they are not overcharged. The simplicity of the product I once tought it was a drawback it is now the feature I like most. Good product.

My favorite use for this is in the bathroom where I have my flat iron- it is great peace of mind to know that it will be turned off after 30 minutes if I forget. It does really only work on the top plug as it would cover both if it were plugged into the bottom, so only one per outlet.

We’re using it on our electric toothbrush so it shuts off the power to it after charging (1/2 mode). We tested the other two time modes and they worked. My only complaint is that we can *barely* fit a plug into the outlet beneath. It made it but if that bottom plug was even slightly bigger, it would not have fit. I’m certain that Belkin will read this next sentence and act immediately :) Belkin…give the 3-prong plug a rotation feature (as has become ubiquitous these days), so we can plug it in upside down if we want. This will free up the bottom plug and/or allow us to use the bottom plug for your device (which will free up the top plug). Do this and the item will be perfect :)

It had an 8hour setting, and a ‘constant on’ setting. But I like this one more because the first button press is the pre-set time (the other one you pressed button til setting you wanted) and the button is easier to access on this model. Also it has half hour which is the setting I use and the shortest on the other one is an hour, but it had more time choices. Also the top-socket aspect is great. Be nice if it had a shorter time such as 5 min but as is, it’s a really good unit. I don’t really care about the “conserve factor” I use it for the temporary turn-on of heating elements such as toaster. The number one thing this unit lacks is a way to turn it off. It should be that if I hit the button again it turns it off. Also this unit is not grounded which is bad and means many appliances cannot be plugged into it safely.

Very Good with Room for Improvement

You can adjust the cost per kwh. I sit next to mine at the computer to see my much of an energy hog it is. It shows I’m spending $12 a month to run my rig. I have all kind of things connected to it. Has a long cord to reach the desktop. Detects vampirism, too.

It is super easy to use. My issue as other customers is the lack of different times available that one can set it on such as 1hr and 2hrs. If it comes out with such a timer maybe with the luxury of a remote that would be the best. It is worth the money and it DOES save energy. I gave it 4 stars because I think it could be improved upon otherwise when one needs the times it has available 30mins 3hrs or 6hrs this is the timer to get.

That said, I wasn’t able to find much use for it on any of my electronics. You can’t use it on a computer unless you power down and turn it off, which I guess you “should” do, except that I access my computer remotely, or throughout the day, etc. Same with my stereo, which I do turn off when not in use… A good number of my electronics also have memory functions and need to remain powered in order to keep their timing or pre-programmed info, etc..

You could use it for things like lamps that you don’t turn on frequently,, but then you’d need a dozen of these for your house, and with that investment you’d not save much money of the course of the year. If you use a curling iron or clothes iron (or similar) and have a habit of leaving it on, that might be a good use, although I’d argue you should just leave yourself a Post-It or something and just unplug it…

If you have a stereo system or other “energy sucker” that doesn’t store programmed channels or other info, I’d suggest a multi-plug solution, which it also sells. This one seems too limited for me.

For me the only thing that makes sense (read: interested in) is the dollar amount. After a quick run through the instructions, I found this device to be rather simple to use. Basically you plug it in an outlet, plug your device into the Belkin outlet, and the display quickly gives you a reading. The Belkin Conserve Insight displays readings as a years usage or a month, and also averages it for you when used for 45 minutes. You’ll have to program the KWH by looking at your latest utility bill, but it’s simple enough.

Overall I guess I had nothing to fear, the device is fairly simple to understand, but you’ll have to spend a couple minutes reading the instructions and programing the wattage to get an accurate reading. I just wish the device also displayed the impact of an hour of usage.

Great Device, Far Superior to the Kill-a-watt

This device tells you that a 60 watt light uses 60 watts of energy, or a 20 watt device uses 20 watts of energy, or a 100 watt device uses 100 watts (who would have guessed?)… and then tells you how much it would cost if you had it on 24/7. Does not calculate how much cumulative energy items that turn on and off use, which is what you probably actually want to learn. This device does all basic math you could do anyway if you tried with a calculator. I did figure out my cable TV box uses 19 watts of energy. My microwave uses almost 1.5 watts for the clock. Other than that not much use.

Simply put it at the origin point of your plug and it will keep your device from draining power when you aren’t using it.

I thought this would be a perfect item for the house, in my neck of the woods electricity is expensive so such a device would pay for itself quickly, and it would…in theory.

Not that it doesn’t do what it’s designed to do, you plug it in and simply use that switch to power down and up the device that is plugged in, piece of cake right? Not exactly.

You see the only problem is one could accomplish the same thing by unplugging the device each time. People don’t do this because it’s too much of a bother to get up and unplug the device, hence the Belkin conserve power switch.

But it only takes a few days to discover that people who aren’t willing to get up and unplug a device, aren’t willing to get up to turn it off via the Belkin. and when they DO remember they forget they’ve done so and end up upset when they have to get up and turn the switch back on to use their gaming systems.

So there is very little difference overall. It’s a great idea in theory but frankly a person that concerned wouldn’t have to buy it. Now if you can get a wireless control for the switch.

I set in my cost of electricity from my power bill, plugged in my freezer and found out how much a month it costs to run. I love a product that does exactly what you want it to do. I bought this one because of the 5 ft cord. The plug in is behind the freezer making a none cord thingy unusable.

Easy to set up and great real time calculation of energy use. Has helped me put a few energy hogs in my home on timers or other ways of saving them from running up my power bill.


Give me a break, I have a big bed okay? Haha So I used an extenstion cord and connected both lamps to this gizmo and voila! I can turn them both on with the touch of a button. I’ve had zero problems with it. I may buy another for the lamps in the living room. I wish there was a two pack but I guess being lazy aint cheap!

I have a little hook on the side of the fridge for the remote and when we have company or just want to enjoy the lighting, one click takes care of it. An easier option than a new outlet or running an extension cord. Works great for what we need it to.

Great for lamps/lights that are in hard to reach spots—or for turning on or off lights outside—or after you’re in bed. I gave this to my nephew and he really liked it and put it to use right away.

It meet my needs and then some. I have an extra one but haven’t decided where I am going to use it at as of yet. Great product and great prices.

I plugged it into this and now I can shut my light of while Im in bed. VERY CONVENIENT. We also have one for our christmas tree so you dont have to bed down under all the branches to plug it in. Im sure there are many more uses for it as well!

Easy to set up, but the adapter is a bit bulky and the cord is short. Had some trouble getting it to connect to my device, but once I did all was well. Prompt delivery. Better than the fire hazard clapper.

I have it plugged behind my nightstand in order to turn on my nightstand lamp. The only problem is that I have to click the button for “On” and “Off” sometimes multiple times before it registers to turn the lamp off. This could be due to the fact that the outlet it is plugged into is behind the nightstand, and it’s just not catching the laser to the sensor. Just be aware that if it’s plugged behind something, it might take a few clicks to turn the switch on or off. This really doesn’t bother me because it works usually after the second try.

Every time I sat down on my lazy boy to watch a movie or a game, I had to get back up to turn the lamp off. I now keep the remote control for the wireless power switch right next to me. The product does exactly what I wanted it for and it’s a simple device: you plug the power switch into an electrical outlet and, in my case, the lamp into the power switch. You are then ready to turn the lamp off or on with your remote control. It’s a little expensive compared to some of the other comparable devices, but it’s simple and well put together. I recommend it.