Daily Archive: October 24, 2013


I just set it up today. I recently put up string lights in my small urban backyard going between my detached garage, over my deck, and attaching to my house. It’ll be nice to have them on when friends & I are sitting outside on warm Spring & Summer nights. I cut holes in the eave of my garage and ran the power out there to connect the string lights, which are then connected via extension cords to an outlet in my garage. But it was annoying that every time I wanted to turn on the lights, I would have to go out to the garage, unlock the door, and turn them on manually from the inside. So I looked for a solution, came up with this wonderful product from Stanley, and decided to give it a shot. Well, it’s working GREAT! Not only does it always work the first time I press the button (when I’m within range), the range itself seems quite expansive. I can stand INSIDE my house at the back door, point the remote toward the garage (even with the antenna fully retracted), and the signal travels through the door, about 25-30 feet to the garage, then THROUGH THE WALL OF THE GARAGE, and turns on my string lights!!! To me, it feels like it works about the same as the remote for my car, which I can also lock & unlock when outside of the garage. If you’re on the fence about this product, DON’T BE–just get it. I don’t write many reviews, but this affordable little bit of techno gadgetry is worth its weight in gold, IMHO. If I would’ve paid to have an electrician install a switch for me, it would’ve easily been several hundred dollars. I haven’t used the other two outlets that were included yet, but I’ll try to update this if I find any faults. Also, some people find the keychain to be annoying or unnecessary–I actually like it, because I just hang it from a wire shelf near my back door and whenever I want the string lights on, I just grab it, point it at the garage, and voilĂ –they’re ON!

When I was finished reading, I would give those two loud claps to shut off my light. It was great — except that my husband was already asleep. He never complained, but sometimes he would suddenly ask a question or make a comment as if we were in the middle of a conversation. Poor guy… So we got this wonderful remote control which allows us to shut off his light and mine by simply pressing a button. It’s silent and effective.

Because of arthritic hands she has trouble with lamp switches. This device is PERFECT for her. We put one in the bedroom and one in the living room. It is amazing!!!

These inexpensive little devices will keep your lamps young and healthy, because you never have to touch them, in addition to making your life easy. One thing I will say is that Bed, Bath and Beyond recently ran a special on this exact item. It was being sold for $9.95 a pack but I just came back from there and they no longer carry the item. I guess it was a closeout. Honestly, THIS is the brand to buy.