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Fantastic Product

I got it set on a 6-hr timer so it shuts off automatically and I don’t have to worry about my son forgetting to turn the heater off when he leaves for school in the morning. It works great, so great that I bought two more, one to use on my heater in the bathroom (3-hr timer) and the other to use on this battery charger.

We installed this little fella at work, as some poor fool had been leaving the water heater on over the weekend (being a fire hazard, and destroying the heating element). It works great, looks great, and couldn’t be better!

It’s a bit pricey, but if you liked to check a particular device, this thing is easy and handy.

There’s plenty of reviews here giving all the details already. Covering, the good, the bad, and the ugly. True, true,… it misses functionality, …. it gives you the avg. consumption per year. So you need to do some calculations, if you want to know, for example, lets say how much your TV cost for watching one hour. Yeah, I wished you could just see that on the device, without having to go calculate. Makes me feel this product is even pricier than I taught. But,… still for me it works fine, for what I needed. I monitor and check the devices I wanted to check, did my calculations, and get a pretty good idea of the energy consumption of the devices. I’ll keep it at this. Check the other reviews for the good, the bad, and the ugly….. :-) I just wished this could be offer at a better price though.

As I am headed to my weekend home, I always wonder, did I turn off and/or unplug the space heater in the bedroom? This outlet provides a nice option to provide safety and peace of mind on appliances you really don’t want to accidentally leave on. It works as described, activating with a simple press of the button on top, and shutting off automatically after the time prescribed by the side switch has lapsed.

Having just purchased this, I don’t know how long it is supposed to last before wearing out, if at all, but I’m extremely happy with it now and will probably purchase additional ones, although I’d like the price to be just a bit lower.

Nice to know you can leave your device charging without worrying that it will overcharge. We use it on the 3 hr setting for phones and camera batteries, and on the 6 hr setting for laptop. We also use to shut off items like toasters that we don’t like to leave plugged into an active outlet all the time. It would be nice if it had a separate “off” switch, but if you decide your device has had enough before the time is up, you can always just unplug it.

I Love Saving Energy with These Things

We use them every night to charge ipads, ipods, kindles, phones, etc, etc.. And although it will probably take years to save enough energy to recoup the purchase cost, I like the idea of being green. (I’d guess hybrid car owners buy a disproportionately high number of these). I do have another motive though. Most new device batteries, which are usually lithium ion, are maintained best when they are charged often after any use, but they shouldn’t sit constantly on a charger. After I use a device, it goes on a charger for the night, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to take them off in the morning, even if I don’t use them for days. And finally, these are great for toys and game machines and TVs that the kids use for a couple hours, but stay in a power-using standby mode if left plugged in.

I put up 50,000 Xmas lights every year and sometimes I melt stuff. So the Belkin does not tell me Amps…but it does tell me Watts that are being drawn and I can do the math. So, I finally have a device that tells me what I need to know without finding out by trial and error.

This handy gadget allows me to set it to run for either 1/2 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. My sinuses are happy and my room does not get drenched in moisture. win/win. I am sure there are many other uses for this socket also.

It works as intended and is priced fairly. The only problem is that most households would need lots of these things, since many tv’s also have dvr’s and/or video games for example. For those instances, I think a surge protector with an off switch is a better choice, and this would be better suited for the spare tv’s or other single items in your house. For that use, it is a smart choice.

I plugged my devices into the switch when I need them I turn it on and when I don’t I turn it off. No green LED or anything in the device sucking power when I don’t need it. It also had the switch on side I needed it on.

I love this product. I have a Chi that does not have an auto shut off so many times I have had to return to the house to be sure I unplugged it. This devise works better than any other timer i have used. The only reason it received 4 stars instead of 5 is because, as others have mentioned, you cannot plug anything else in the other socket when this is being used. Other than that, I love it!

The power switch is located on the right side of the unit and glows green when power is enabled. We use ours with a cell phone charger. It’d be nice if Belkin sold these in a 3-pack value set. I’d love a few more for around the house. I recommend it.

Works Fine, but the Power is in Your Hands

I used it as the kill switch for our charging station, which charges all our iPhones, iPods, iPads, and supplies power to our printer and handheld vacuum, among other devices. They draw a lot of unnecessary current when we are not home, so this is an ideal place to use a device like the Power Switch during the day when power is not needed. Of course because this is a strictly manual switch, you run the risk that if you forget to turn it back on at the end of the day and just plug in your phones, etc., then of course your devices will not get power and will fail to recharge overnight. This happened to me a few times already. So while this Power Switch does exactly what it is supposed to, you need to remember to turn it back on if you use it in a situation like the one I described. The Power Switch might also be useful when you leave for trips, etc. however in that case it may be just as easy to unplug your power cords from their wall sockets as the net result will be the same.

It is a vert trusted and high quality manufacturer of electronic peripheral devices and accoutrements. Get this and use it with confidence. Save energy ( & money on yiour electric bill) by plugging into this switch. Pays for itself in no time!

Plug this in and flip and switch on the side and no more vampire sucking energy is used when an appliance is off yet still plugged into a socket. Flip the switch and the plug is live and ready to use. I love this and would use them in every room in the house. My kids liked it too.

Not that the action itself is annoying, but repeated plugging and unplugging causes wear on the outlet prongs over time, and I don’t want to draw phantom/vampire energy by keeping the charger plugged in. Besides, keeping things plugged in all the time doesn’t feel safe especially when the power supply gets warm even when your device isn’t connected.

This completely solves the problem, and helps save some dough on the electricity bill. Plug the switch into the outlet, plug the charger into the switch, and now I can simply flip the switch off when I’m not charging up the laptop, or any electronic equipment for that matter. I could see it being handy in the kitchen for your toaster, blender, microwave — you get the idea. Perfect for small spaces where you don’t need a giant 6-outlet strip getting in the way.

The switch is translucent with a green LED inside, so when the switch is on, it’s easy to tell that it is, even in low light. I am going to order a couple more for around the house. A great buy!

Money Saver

You have a choce of three time settings, on the side; and a tap-on button on top that lights when the plug is being used.

I use 2 in the kitchen – electric teapot and the toaster; and another in each bathroom, where they come in handy for hair dryer or curling iron, and even a night light.

Wish there was a double outlet model so you could set two devices for different power periods at the same source. For instance, I would like to be able to charge my phone a set of flameless candles in the same location. The single outlet model is too large to allow use of 2 in the same outlet.

Don’t really know how much power it saves, but it certainly can’t hurt, and it is a lot more convenient than having to unplug the many devices used around the house

One of my TVs would turn on after a power failure so now it can’t. We just set the unit to run for 3 hours when we want to view this TV as we normally only watch this one for perhaps an hour at bedtime. The unit does not use any power once it turns itself off. Times devices for 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours, whichever you want.

First to figure wattage loads of different products in our home for our emergency generator. Second to find out just how much power items around the house use when “off”. I was amazed at how much power some things around the house use when “off”. Individually they are not much but when you add them all up it equals a lot of wasted money and add to it the fact that our power company is upping their rates 10% this month and this monitor has saved us a good bit. I have since put many things on power strips and now when I turn the strip off things are really “off”. One last thing, not having to crane your neck down under the desk to read the display is a definite bonus compared to many of the other energy monitors I have seen.

I have an extra battery so I just put it in for 3 hours and then when I need the extra battery it is ready to go and I don’t have to worry about unplugging it all the time. It would be nice to have on of these with more outlets.

It does have the benefit of being easy to read when the socket is behind furniture. Measuring power consumption is kind of a pain if you have to crawl behind furniture with a flashlight to read it. The Belkin’s display is on a cable that can be placed nearby so it can be read easily.

And after exactly one month, my energy bill arrived and it was a whole $10 less!!! So, now I’ve installed the Belkin Conserve Smart AV F7C007q Energy-Saving Power Strip (for the TV console–keeping the Tivo & router on but turning off the 2nd Tivo and Netflix box when the TV gets turned off); and also 2 of the the cute little Belkin Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet (one for my office shredder and my electric toothbrush). And now I’ve added the Stanley 31164 Indoor Wireless Remote Control with Single Transmitter, White, 3-Pack for the hot water pot that’s on 6 hours every day, my appliance strip which covers toaster, rice cooker, blender and Breville juice extractor–to my kitchen to stop vampire energy loss.

I’m on a roll and look forward each month to how much I’ll save with these 3 Belkin and 1 Stanley products together! If I can saving $20-25 per month…well that adds up to a LOT in one year!!! I can think of other, better things to spend my money on like here on Amazon–more Kindle books…and…I have a huge wishlist.

Great Way to Kill Zombie Power Users

The side switch allows reasonable time periods for live electricity. The light indicates whether the socket is live, and the top button is handy. It seems durable enough, and works best in those outlets that are easily accessible.

Now I hit the button, it charges for 3 hours, and then shuts off. The phone is charged, and the charger isn’t sitting there using up power when I don’t need it. I think it would be great for laptops, or any device that uses a charger. A lot of power in a home is used up by phantom consumers like cell phone, laptop, and other chargers.

I bought this to charge my cell phone after my first battery died from charging my phone all night long. When I needed to purchase a new battery I also purchased this. Your cell phone really only needs 3 hours to get fully charged and when you charge it for 8 hours it actually drains the battery. This device fits into a 3 prong outlet (the top being the better position). You can set it for 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours. You just have to remember to press the button at the top of the device to turn it on. Also, when this is off it doesn’t suck power. Great energy saver too.

You can set the timer for 1/2, 3 and 6 hours. It is totally quiet when it shuts off – no “click” or any noise that might wake you up if you use it in your bedroom. I only wish that there were a couple of more time settings. It would be nice also if there were a way to either shut off the outlet or reset the timer without unplugging it.

You just have to plug it into an outlet, and then you will be plugin into the monitor everything you have. This thing is addictive and useful, not only because you realize how much energy (and money) an appliance waste, but the carbon footprint too if you are sensitive and know that all we are heating our big home. All this just with the touch of the button with the icon of what you want to display. The cord that came to put the screen not in the outlet but at a place you can see easily the display is one thing that similar products don’t have, and really is very helpful if you don’t want to be on your knees every time you want to see what’s in the display.

Slide the switch to the desired time, push button, and voila! It works perfectly. It’s rated high enough that it will support any item you can plug into a regular outlet. It will even power heaters, toaster ovens, and any other high drain 120V device. It will also handle small items like chargers. It is indespensible to me for charging power tools. I have cooked a few batteries in my day by forgetting to unplug them after 6 hours, sometimes days later. They are then rendered useless, and this is a pricey accident. Set the Conserve to 6 hours, and worry no more. It is also great when I make Crock-Pot meals, cause I’ve never seen one with a timer. 6 Hours on high, roast is done. Now it’s worry free when I’m at work. It will even have had time to cool off to an edible temp by the time I get home. This is great, and I plan on buying more. You will easily earn back the $10 in energy, and definately $10 in lost frustration. I can’t wait for more models with more time settings.

Excellent Power Saver

It lacks any sort of archival features such as memory to save results or USB to computer data transfer, but for testing devices one at a time, this is an excellent device. The inclusion of a carbon-footprint mode seems silly, but for those that care about such things, it can be interesting to see. Overall, the product is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to gain insight on their electric bills.

It’s very helpful with something like a space heater or a vaporizer that you want to make sure is off after a certain amount of time. We’ve been using it with our space heater in the bedroom to warm up the bedroom while we’re getting ready for bed and after we go to bed, then it shuts off after we’re asleep. It has a half-hour setting, 3-hour setting, and 6-hour setting. Very handy, except I wish it had an 8-hour setting.

Some efforts have been quite expensive like installing all new heat pump and air conditioners while others have been small and simple such as power strips etc…

When this came up, I decided to give it a try as every little bit adds up. It’s super simple to install..plug it in, plug in the appliance or item, hit a small switch that acts like a timer. That’s all there is to it. It’s a great way to reduce those vampire watts without the headache or hassle of having to always unplug items.

Unfortunately there were two problems we encountered – one is with appliances without a solid memory storage that require reprogramming if shut down entirely. That is NOT the problem of this device but limited the use on some items.

Next, like many households we actually have a LOT of little items that could use this but even at a relatively low price, it would add up significantly to change over. Also, negating a plug was a little problematic in some areas. All in all, a nifty little device that works as advertised and is simple to install.

Most days I notice it, but still worry on the days I don’t look before I leave the house. The Belkin Conserve Socket is a robust timer that can run some heavier loads (such as a hair iron) without issue. In the morning, my wife presses the button on the top of the Conserve Socket and it allows her to power-up her iron and do her thing. When she is done, she shuts it off normally, but if she forgets, we don’t have to worry because the Conserve Socket will kill the power after 30 minutes (a value that you can select) For the money, it was nice because it eliminated a worry of mine and wasn’t too complicated to upset my wife.