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I’m Very Glad I Bought This

I’ve also been concerned about how quickly our Cell Phone/GPS/Ipod/Cordless Tool batteries can wear out by overcharging. So I went looking for a plug in device to solve these problems. This turns out to be the one. I can plug in my cordless drill battery, for example, and let it charge for 6 hours and automatially turn off the charging. Days or weeks later, I can return and know I haven’t left the thing on charge the whole time.

You can choose a countdown timer of either 30 minutes, three hours or six hours.

I’d use the 30 minute choice for using the toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc. I’d use the six hour timer for charging batteries. So far, I haven’t used the three hour timer.

I bought one of these units last month, and I’ve been so pleased that today I ordered two more.

In some situations, you may prefer to simply toggle the power on and off. This unit requires you to unplug the thing in order to kill the power before the timer has run down. Not a big deal, but if that is your more dominant need, there is a better suited product from the same manufacturer (for less money too)….

To avoid burning out my charger and wasting energy, this plug-in was the best answer. It also works great for charging my laptop.

The only negative thing is that sometimes if I want to unplug my stuff before the timer is up, there isn’t a button to turn the charger off – so you have to unplug it, or let it run the allotted time over.

Overall, I’d recommend it for the energy-conscious consumer, if only because it seems the cheapest and easiest option out there. Works well with a basic power strip fully used. Cheaper than implementing WeMo all over the house.

Doesn’t make much sense for outlets that are in tough to reach places like behind furniture, the outlet needs to be readily accessible so you can turn it on (but much easier than plugging and unplugging devices, even though that would be the absolute cheapest solution :p )

Needs to be placed on the top most socket otherwise it will block an outlet. I have confirmed that there is ZERO draw when the green light is not lit up. (thanks, kill-a-watt) I wish they made one that took up the entire two outlets with timers for each outlet

I have it set to shut-off after three hours, otherwise my young son will walk away and leave the TV on for days. If it does actually reach the time limit, he just has to hit the button. I also have a second one in the garage that I use to charge my drill, that way it doesn’t stay on and drain power all the live long day. My only complaint is that mine don’t have an off button. If you decide the kill power before the timer is up, you have to yank it out of the outlet.

Great Way to Kill Zombie Power Users

The side switch allows reasonable time periods for live electricity. The light indicates whether the socket is live, and the top button is handy. It seems durable enough, and works best in those outlets that are easily accessible.

Now I hit the button, it charges for 3 hours, and then shuts off. The phone is charged, and the charger isn’t sitting there using up power when I don’t need it. I think it would be great for laptops, or any device that uses a charger. A lot of power in a home is used up by phantom consumers like cell phone, laptop, and other chargers.

I bought this to charge my cell phone after my first battery died from charging my phone all night long. When I needed to purchase a new battery I also purchased this. Your cell phone really only needs 3 hours to get fully charged and when you charge it for 8 hours it actually drains the battery. This device fits into a 3 prong outlet (the top being the better position). You can set it for 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours. You just have to remember to press the button at the top of the device to turn it on. Also, when this is off it doesn’t suck power. Great energy saver too.

You can set the timer for 1/2, 3 and 6 hours. It is totally quiet when it shuts off – no “click” or any noise that might wake you up if you use it in your bedroom. I only wish that there were a couple of more time settings. It would be nice also if there were a way to either shut off the outlet or reset the timer without unplugging it.

You just have to plug it into an outlet, and then you will be plugin into the monitor everything you have. This thing is addictive and useful, not only because you realize how much energy (and money) an appliance waste, but the carbon footprint too if you are sensitive and know that all we are heating our big home. All this just with the touch of the button with the icon of what you want to display. The cord that came to put the screen not in the outlet but at a place you can see easily the display is one thing that similar products don’t have, and really is very helpful if you don’t want to be on your knees every time you want to see what’s in the display.

Slide the switch to the desired time, push button, and voila! It works perfectly. It’s rated high enough that it will support any item you can plug into a regular outlet. It will even power heaters, toaster ovens, and any other high drain 120V device. It will also handle small items like chargers. It is indespensible to me for charging power tools. I have cooked a few batteries in my day by forgetting to unplug them after 6 hours, sometimes days later. They are then rendered useless, and this is a pricey accident. Set the Conserve to 6 hours, and worry no more. It is also great when I make Crock-Pot meals, cause I’ve never seen one with a timer. 6 Hours on high, roast is done. Now it’s worry free when I’m at work. It will even have had time to cool off to an edible temp by the time I get home. This is great, and I plan on buying more. You will easily earn back the $10 in energy, and definately $10 in lost frustration. I can’t wait for more models with more time settings.

Good If You are Interested in How Power is Used

Not only will you keep track of the energy you use so that you can keep the electric bill payments down, you can also feel good that you are conserving energy and helping out the environment. It’s a win/win situation. Highly recommended product! It is also a great teaching tool for children about energy consumption. When the switch is off it turns off the power to the mixer which is good. Also, its spaced properly so we can use the below outlet for something else if needed.

It works great. I put in how much our electricity costs and bam I know exactly how much something costs. The averaging feature is what really makes this nice.

There is no way this unit can tell me what my carbon foot print is. Am I using my solar or wind or am I using the power company’s coal or nuke power plant. So, ignore that feature it’s useless.

I like that I get to put in my cost per kwh. I took my power bill and divided by the kwh they said I used and it came out to $0.13kwh (including taxes). I entered .13 and now it is giving me “MY” usage.

I like the long cord between the plug and display unit. Don’t have to bend over to read it. It shows me when I am using power and how much. Plugged my old fridge in for 30 days and it cost me $8.00 a month. Plugged my new BIGGER fridge in and it cost me $3.67 a month. That’s a $51.96 a year savings in power. Therefore, I will turn a profit on the new fridge in 36.5 years.

I’m trying to figure out why my electric bill is so outrageously high.

It’s the dumb things that add up. My cable modem, router, NAS, and notebook is running me $14.50 a month. My remote control and cordless phone is $1.50 a month.

This unit is great if all you want to do is see how much an item is costing you in electricity.

This unit is great for the cord between the plug and the reader.

I took off one star for the look I’m left, I’m Green, I’m care about my carbon foot print stuff that it can’t truly measure.

I would give it 5 for the fact it is inexpensive, works, and does what I need. I use it for my curling iron. Only complaint–the light does not stay on when the power is on. It does turn off at the end of the selected time.

I ordered from amazon but was disappointed because they didn’t come in retail boxes. Just plain boxes and I started to think they were used. They are straight forward to install and setup (did it without looking at instructions). I use them with my cell phone set for 3 hour charge and my razor for a 1/2 charge. They worked as advertised. The big negative is the LED on the top which tells you if it’s on. It’s not clearly lite when on. It can only be seen clearly at night and even then I sometimes have a hard time. Both have the same problem so I it makes me think they are what they are. After using it for a while I’d also like them to have a reset button or a off feature to reset it. Otherwise I have to unplug it. Be nice to have at least two outlets to plug-in my toothbrush too but you can come up with a solution for that too as I did. Overall it works as advertised and the LED just sucks.

Works GREAT!!! Time & Energy Saver!!!

I was able to go 40 feet away and close the door. I was still able to remotely turn the switches on and off repeatedly. I would recommend these remote switches highly.

I already own a 3 outlet setup from another company and the remote on this was better. I like the switch that most people complain about. Click for on and click for off without having to look for a specific on/off button.

What sets this apart is the use of a radio frequency instead of infrared. This makes it able to receive signals from a distance and through walls and windows. I’m able to turn on a porch light from 30 feet away and through a window without line of sight. Excellent!


1. The 12v battery should last a long time. I have a similar remote with the same battery and that’s been going for 5 years with daily use. Harder to find but you won’t need to replace often.

2. Because it uses a radio signal, it can work from a long distance and without line of sight. Believe the manufacturer claims.

3. Receiving 5 outlets for $27 calculates to $5.40/outlet. That’s a great deal compared to other offerings.

4. Switch on outlet in case finding the remote is less convenient than just turning it off at the outlet.


1. It is true that remote outlet boxes are big and interfere with the second outlet when plugged in. These large outlet boxes will allow a two prong to plug in below it, but a larger 3 prong would be difficult. You will have to buy a “power strip liberator” if you want to avoid this issue. They are basically 1′ extension cords that will take the box away from the outlet and allow for another plug. Another option is to buy a 3-2 prong adapter and use it on the wireless box. This will move the box far enough from the outlet face plate to allow that 3-prong to plug in below it.

2. Wish it was 1500 watt rated instead of 1200 watt. 1500 watts means you can plug in the heater, but with this, you need to watch out.

I wish they would just wire houses for this in the first place. Great for those floor lamps with out of the way switches and many other things. This is an excellent gift for elderly people at Christmas. They might look at like you gave them socks or a “clapper”, but once you demonstrate it, they will love it. My mom turns on her fountain lights in the garden from the kitchen (outdoor safe version).

Works Well for Remote Operation of a Shop Vac Dust Collector

We can turn on 10 separate Christmas window candles in just a few seconds and without the inconvenience of visiting each location to plug or un-plug each one.

Remotes work good, through walls and at a good distance. Very convenient. It does not cover both plugs but some plugs will be too big to work with this plugged into the outlet.

When I’m using the various tools, I always attach a vacuum hose to control the dust and shavings, if the tool is set up for it. The problem is that the shop vac and the tools are often some distance apart and it’s tempting not to bother with the vac if I’m only making a few cuts or sanding a small area. There are devices such as the iVac Automated Vacuum Switch that will control a shop vac automatically when a tool is activated. The downside of this solution is that it’s expensive and only works for 110v tools. I have a mix of 110v and 220v machinery, so this won’t work for me.

So far it is working just as I expected. Either of the 2 remotes will reliably start and stop the shop vac from anywhere in the shop. I’m happy that 2 remotes come with this because I can leave one at each end of the shop and I’m never far from one.

This thing is big. I have it plugged into a Tripp Lite PS2408 Power Strip 120V 5-15R 8 Outlet 15ft Cord Vertical Metal, and unfortunately there is no way to avoid having it cover 2 of the outlets. Fortunately, that still leaves me 6 more, which is enough. I dinged it one star due to the size.

This was a pain when getting into bed or coming up the stairs. These remote switches allow light control as you walk into a room or start up the stairs. When you get in bed, you simply click off all the lights.

That’s what I like, what I don’t like is how huge the plugs can cover the whole outlet if you can’t fit it in the top outlet because of the 6 inch height. Also, a great feature would be to have a swivel plug on the backs to help better fit into small spaces by tilting.

Convenient. Simple. Senior citizens can use this product to turn lamps and appliances on and off without leaving their chair (or bed). Buy it for each senior you know. Also wonderful for Christmas lights.

I work in an electronics lab and share a fume extractor with another. This unit allows us to switch the unit, which is located behind our test stand, on and off remotely and give us each the ability to do so. The remotes of this particular model use 9v batteries so no problem finding replacements. Works great so far.

Great Item. Very Useful. Highly Recommended

i knew before that these things are usually pretty big but these are significantly bigger than the Stanley ones. Stanley 31164 Indoor Wireless Remote Control with Single Transmitter, White, 3-Pack for me this really wasn’t an issue but it basically takes up both outlets. the open outlet still has enough room for a simple plug to be plugged in but anything bigger like an iPhone charger won’t fit.

the range is good. i’ve been able to activate it from at least 30 feet without direct line of sight through dry wall. sometimes you have to press it more than once but usually works on the first click. depends on how picky you want to be.

the only down side is that it uses special 12V 23A battery so harder to replace. also the left and right buttons don’t really mean anything. you just have to hit it in the middle. one press = off; next press = on and so on.

i haven’t tried it with any heavy duty appliances so can’t speak towards how well that works but it’s rated at maximum 1200W per outlet.

even with these few negatives they don’t really bother me and they work extremely well for my purpose at this price range.

I use it with floor standing lamps with CFL bulbs when I am not using a 3 way bulb to allow for instant on instant of turning the nob 3 times. It works really well and had good range of at least 30 feet. I deducted 1 star because of the size. It is really big and essentially makes the 2nd outlet unusable unless you’re using a small, basic plug which is annoying. Also the plug on the back cannot be rotated to fit into certain outlets/spaces which would be a nice plus. If they could make this slightly smaller (like the Stanley version) and the plug able to be rotated then it would be perfect.

I have not tried 2 separate ones in the same house as the 2 I have are in 2 different homes.

The receivers are a bit larger than I had hoped but doable. Had to add a couple outlet strips. Nice to be able to control 5 outlets with one remote control. I reserved the 5th one for our yearly Christmas tree.

I use it to light up my accent LED lights behind my IMAC and my Flat Screen TV. It is very responsive. I dont even need a line of sight to operate these. I must say that it does the job well.

It is very economical and ideal to have 5 outlets and 1 remote. No need to carry multiple remotes.

I have setup 1 remote outlet to my Modem. Sometimes my kids will not stop using the internet. I just hit the switch to shutdown the modem and not the router. Meaning, they are still connected to the router but without and internet connection. :)

I highly recommend this to all. Trust me, you will definitely find a use for it. These are better models than what Home Depot and Lowes sells.

About the seller, I spoke to them on the phone and they are very professional, polite and most importantly, they listen. I hope everybody is like this seller. I called them to tell them how satisfied we are with this product.

I will definitely buy again from this seller.