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Perfect Socket Outlet

You can just push the top button and walk away, knowing that your electrical device will shut off at the prescribed amount of time. You have 3 time settings which is adequate for many items and you don’t have to worry about leaving something on and trying to remember to come back and shut it off. This does it for you. We use it for our towel drying rack in our bathroom.

Very simple, not a lot of settings to fiddle with and figure out, just one switch.

My only qualm is that it’s a bit *too* simple. I use this to charge my phone. 30 minutes isn’t quite enough to charge it, but 3 hours is too much. If there were just a bit more granularity this would be perfect. But, it does exactly what it says it will do.

It is very well made, looks nice with a gentle green LED when it is on, and easy to use — just press a button to start the on-timer.

It is an energy-saving outlet because it uses no parasitic energy when not active.

The features are lacking, however.

The only available stay-on time choices are 30 minutes, 3 hours, and 6 hours. So, you cannot have something powered-up for an hour. Instead, you are stuck leaving it on longer and wasting energy.

The biggest problem is that it cannot turn itself off any earlier than it is set for, unless it is physically unplugged. Nope, pressing the button again does not turn it off.

For those of you thinking of modifying the electronics should change their mind because it is not worth the effort. The connections are soldered to the circuit board. The components are hardwired and not programmable. And the case uses triangle security bits.

It is simple easy to use; much easier than a timer. On the conserve socket you just set the amount of time you want your appliance on (you have 3 choices, the longest is 6 hours), plug your appliance into the conserve socket and then turn on the conserve socket. No more worries about leaving on cup warmers, curling irons etc.

I do trust the this brand, but you still don’t know what a new item is going to be like. The bathroom I use to style my hair is small with poor ventilation and it is always HOT, winter and summer alike. I am constantly using a fan to stay cool while getting myself ready, then walking out of the room to leave it running all day long. My husband is sweet and I don’t really get in trouble :) – but it does seem as if he is usually the one to discover the fan running unnecessarily.

I love this reliable and easy to use timed use socket outlet!!!

A Very Nice Solution to a Real Problem

I only use it in the morning and was looking for a way to shut it off when not needed. Un plugging and re plugging is not good for the receptacle so I tried a timer. The small plug in units fail after a few months I suspect due to the high amp draw.

This is the perfect solution. I turn it on when I get up in the morning and shut it down at about 9:00. Works great and fixed my little old problem. Highly recommended..

I got it to help conserve energy in with my heater fan and though there is not a marked difference in my electricity bill, I feel better that I am trying to make steps to reduce my energy usage. And it can shut off after 3 hours, so if I forget to unplug my heater fan, I don’t have to worry about my cats bumping it and starting it up again or it catching something on fire.

What we do use it on is an electric room space heater where I am worried about forgetting it and leaving it on overnight — maybe burning down the house while we sleep. If you forget, and I have so far exactly once, then this device automatically shuts it down for you. Also, it saves you electricity money, about 10 cents an hour in our case, when we forget, which could easily cost you a buck or two if you leave that heater on overnight and into the next day in your (like we have) basement office. You could also use it to automatically shut down your kids’ video game after they have used up their time allowance, hint, hint ;-)

It’s especially nice for a a few that don’t really have an on off switch (like a Krupps burr grinder that feels warm whenever the power is on even if it’s not grinding). The glowing green light (indicating ‘on’) makes it really easy to see when everything is turned off.

I hoped the lighted switch would alert me that I had forgotten to turn the power off. Unfortunately, I feel that the lighted switch is a little dim and hard to see, as it is located on the side of the device. It does what it is supposed to do — you just have to check it with all the kitchen lights turned off.

There are three buttons for measurements. Watts, cost per period of time and CO2 effect. I use just in the wattage position to use . What makes it easy – Plug into any outlet, plug device to be tested and the gauge shows the wattage beginning used. The two parts are interconnected by a four to five foot cable which makes it so much easier to read. I have read wattage, so far, from 4 watts for a LED light bulb to 1400+ for a coffee maker.

I programmed my usage rates in and was able to see how much it cost both hourly and monthly to run items in my home. If you want to see why your energy bill is so much try this. I was suprised how much some things cost to run.

Perfect for its Purpose

I also plugged another power strip into the 1st one to power up my phone, tablet and Bluetooth earbuds. My older TV was a rear projection unit that used a lot of juice. It died, I bought a LED and then my town went with electrical aggregation. Because you can adjust this unit to the exact cost per Kilowatt charged, I was able to see my cost per month for electric go from between $15 to $17 per month to only $4.44 now. Hence the TV should pay for itself in about 110 months. Great to see and calculate that.
But I saw in other reviews you should not use this for large appliances like refrigerators, microwaves or washer/dryer. It can cause those type of appliance to BURN OUT COMPRESSORS OR BURN UP. THIS SHOULD BE CLEARLY EXPLAINED IN PRODUCT DETAIL.
I was about to hook up to old fridge in garage that because of its age is a power hog. And it’s a good thing I read that review(s). You can’t buy old type fridge that you can leave in garage below 32 degrees anymore without paying almost $1,000.
It was inexpensive when I bought it, and has worked fine so far with the novelty/Christmas lights that I ordered.
There are timer settings for 30mins, 3 hrs and 6hrs.There is one thing I would have liked to see on it and it doesn’t have.There is no override switch to keep it on when needed. There are a few times where I need it on for the whole day, but there is no way to do that. I have to turn it on again each time the timer expires.
The only drawback is you won’t be able to fit two of them in the same outlets because they are too wide and tall. I just hooked up a power strip to it and use one of them to time out the two items I run off it. I use it to time out my boot dryers so they don’t stay on around the clock.
I use this with my electric blanket in the winter, which doesn’t have a built-in timer. I appreciate that it has three very easy settings (30-min, 3-hr, 6-hr) which are simple enough to adjust in the dark. I also like the look– it’s attractive, unlike many other timers.
This product works exactly as described. The one improvement I suggest (for 5 stars) would be to allow the timer to shut off the appliance without having to unplug it. (This could potentially be implemented through a long duration press on the timer start button).
It works great and has awesome features. It would be nice to be able to program the local cost of electricity though, because in Alaska electricity is much more expensive than most places so the monthly/yearly estimates are fairly inaccurate. But overall this thing is awesome!

Works Great for Coffee Maker or Other Appliances

I thought this switch can be programmed to come on and go off at regular intervals at a time of our choosing. Well, it doesn’t do that. However, what it does is allow you to set a time when you want it to go off. There are 3 time increments for this purpose. This works great when we want to leave the light on in our kids’ room to automatically go off after an hour once they have fallen asleep. This switch performs this function perfectly without a glitch. It’s a nicely made switch and is aesthetically pleasing.

Immediately shuts off the power once the time is up. The unit itself doesn’t draw any electricity when it’s off (according to the manual). Ideal for charging your cell phone overnight or when the wife uses her curling iron or hair straightener in the bathroom. The frustration-free packaging was a nice touch.

My roommates would get upset at me about leaving the toaster plugged in among other things. They work just as promised, one is used with the toaster. The other 3 are used with our phones and personal electronics.

My biggest complained is that they are too big. They they cover whatever sockets are near by (above or below them) so you can’t plug in anything right next to them.

We bought one for the breakfast area, where we tend to be on our laptops surfing or working on our work laptops. We liked how it worked, but kept unplugging to also use in the living room. So, we decided to just buy two, which may be worth it at the end since I heard laptops have pretty high vampire consumption loss.

I just wish we knew just how long it would actually take us to pay off the 9.99 cost (per unit) with the money we’re actually save on electricity. Guess we can plug in the laptop chargers through a Kill-A-Watt analyzer thingy that analyzes vampire power consumption, but we haven’t quite gotten there yet.

I just hope it was all worth the money we spent on these things. If anyone knows how long it may take to recoup the amount spent for these items, please let me know. Thanks!

Regardless, it’s nice to just push a timer button and know it’ll shut off in 30mins, 3hrs, or 6hrs. I wasn’t able to find any other similar product in the market, especially not with the trusted name as it!

I bought this so I could get an idea of the actual power usage of these appliances over a few days (the stickers only give maximum rated current draw). Comparing this to a Kill-a-Watt meter, the decision-maker was the remote display.

This unit works exactly as described – the documentation is a little thin, but it’s accurate. It would get a solid 5 stars if it had a function to display average and cumulative power use, and not just “cost-per-month” and “cost-per-year.” I cannot understand why the power-use figures are not available for display, since they clearly have to be tracked and recorded in order to compute the “cost.” It’s easy enough to do the math and derive the numbers I’m looking for, but it’s silly that that step is necessary.

I guess it was trying to make this into a device to “wake up” lazy consumers, but it’s still geeky enough that it should be able to display the raw data, and the CO2 function is just somebody at stroking their ego. My electricity is generated with a shifting mix of natural gas, wind, and nuclear. At no two times during the week does a single watt of electricity create the same amount of CO2. That particular display on the outlet is going to be such a poorly educated guess that I doubt I’ll ever even look at it, and the real estate on the device and in the software could have been better spent.

It’s functional and good enough that the above gripes are certainly not a deal breaker. You won’t regret buying this, even if you’re looking for raw numbers. It just seems like they should acknowledge that control-and-information-freak nerds are using this.

Simple and Effective Power Switch, Great for Christmas

Nice little gadget to check how much all of your other gadgets is costing you on electric bill – your computer, laptops, toaster, microwave, desk lamps, desk fans, window acs, tv, clock radios, WiFi router, iPhone chargers… Good quality and is easier to use than energy watts monitor.

The battery needs a 3 hour recharge and this outlet can be set for different lengths of time. This prevents overcharging. This outlet works as promised.

It’s awesome. I use it in the kitchen for my lights and appliances and in my bedroom where the socket is handier to reach than my reading lamp.

I have often worried about my poor habits with regards to battery conditioning. For example, I nearly always have my laptop plugged in when it’s at the house, regardless of whether it’s running or not, and I generally leave my cell phone plugged in all night long–even though both of these things really only need a couple hours to charge, and then “best practices” say to remove the power source.

That’s where the Converse Socket comes in. No, it doesn’t do some fancy detection of the power draw from the plugged-in device(s) like some of the more expensive devices, but rather it has a simple timer switch that will turn off the power after the configured time. The design is easy to understand: on one side is a switch that you set for 1/2 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours; and on top is a button that you press as you are plugging in whatever device needs the charge; while the countdown is running, the little green light remains lit, and when the timer has expired the light goes off along with the power.

The simplicity of the design makes it mindlessly easy to use–it’s not like programming one of those awful plug-timers with the dial of 48 tiny buttons that divide the day into 30-minute segments of “on” or “off”… just plug in and push the button, then forget about it.

My only wish is that the Conserve Socket were a little cheaper, or they would sell it in packs of 3 or something to bring the price down–then I’d buy more for all around the house. Currently, I only have one that I sometimes move between different plugs and devices, but I’d love to get some more so that each device or wall socket could have its own dedicated power-conserving socket.

The power switch creates a gentle green glow when the device is powered on. As illustrated, two of these fit well into a standard wall outlet. The frustration free packaging made it easy to open and protected the product well in shipping. Overall not a bad purchase at a reasonable price point.

Excellent Power Saver

It lacks any sort of archival features such as memory to save results or USB to computer data transfer, but for testing devices one at a time, this is an excellent device. The inclusion of a carbon-footprint mode seems silly, but for those that care about such things, it can be interesting to see. Overall, the product is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to gain insight on their electric bills.

It’s very helpful with something like a space heater or a vaporizer that you want to make sure is off after a certain amount of time. We’ve been using it with our space heater in the bedroom to warm up the bedroom while we’re getting ready for bed and after we go to bed, then it shuts off after we’re asleep. It has a half-hour setting, 3-hour setting, and 6-hour setting. Very handy, except I wish it had an 8-hour setting.

Some efforts have been quite expensive like installing all new heat pump and air conditioners while others have been small and simple such as power strips etc…

When this came up, I decided to give it a try as every little bit adds up. It’s super simple to install..plug it in, plug in the appliance or item, hit a small switch that acts like a timer. That’s all there is to it. It’s a great way to reduce those vampire watts without the headache or hassle of having to always unplug items.

Unfortunately there were two problems we encountered – one is with appliances without a solid memory storage that require reprogramming if shut down entirely. That is NOT the problem of this device but limited the use on some items.

Next, like many households we actually have a LOT of little items that could use this but even at a relatively low price, it would add up significantly to change over. Also, negating a plug was a little problematic in some areas. All in all, a nifty little device that works as advertised and is simple to install.

Most days I notice it, but still worry on the days I don’t look before I leave the house. The Belkin Conserve Socket is a robust timer that can run some heavier loads (such as a hair iron) without issue. In the morning, my wife presses the button on the top of the Conserve Socket and it allows her to power-up her iron and do her thing. When she is done, she shuts it off normally, but if she forgets, we don’t have to worry because the Conserve Socket will kill the power after 30 minutes (a value that you can select) For the money, it was nice because it eliminated a worry of mine and wasn’t too complicated to upset my wife.