Daily Archive: October 17, 2013

Wonderful Gift For Someone Who Has Had Surgery

We use them for 3 floor lamps that don’t have an on/off switch; we would have to plug and unplug the lamps in order to turn them on/off. This product solves that headache for us. I highly recommend this product.

I will be using it year round to turn out three (actually four) lamps with a single “one, two three”. All three lamps are in hard to reach places and I keep them on all day and until I go to bed, but have to bend and reach to get to the switches (two are on my mantel and are controlled by the same plug-in. Now I just pick up the remote and hit three buttons to turn them on in the morning, three buttons to turn them off at night. LOVE THIS THING! No set up, just aim and press ON. Amazing!

I can control both of them from my bedroom which makes it very convenient if I have to get up late at night. I would recommend this product to anyone who lives in an apartment that doesn’t have sufficient built in lighting and you have to add your own stand up lighting.

I have it set up for a fan, an overhead craft light, and my router. (A bit of an odd combination, but every blue moon I have to reset my router and I grew tired of crawling under the desk.) I’ve had it for almost a month and it’s been trouble-free.

A set was also purchased for my elderly mother. She’s so delighted with it that you’d think I gave her a winning lottery ticket! She loves the convenience and safety aspect of it. When she goes to bed at night, she takes the remote with her. If she wakes up before dawn and can’t get back to sleep, she uses the remote to light her path as she walks to the main part of her home. She’s keenly aware of the danger of falling, so this is a significant benefit to her.

I recently built shelving in our bed room that covered the entire wall above and around the bed. I installed an electrical outlet on top for some soft lighting and I needed a way to turn these on/off easily. I also installed 2 sets of LED lighting under the shelving above the bed headboard and use it also to turn these on and off remotely.

I needed 2 remotes, 1 for my-side of the bed and 1 for the wife’s side. So I bought 2 sets. It would be nice if you could buy an extra remote, but for the price what the heck.

The product works great! Just snip of the key chain as you are not going to want this remote on your personal key chain. I recently bought another set for another room in the house.

I needed it because my husband goes to bed earlier than I. The house is dark when I want to get ready for bed. I can now turn my bedside light on from outside the room without disturbing him.