Daily Archive: October 18, 2013

Can’t Live Without It!

Where I have them plugged into the wall is very inconvenient to unplug and the on/off control is also the volume control on the speakers. It was a real “pain in the tush” to turn them on and off this way; so I got the bright idea to look for remote controlled outlets. I read several reviews on other brands and settled on these. I highly recommend them; the remote is totally “dumb proof” and they work flawlessly!!

I orginally had an older brand that didn’t work half as well. This model doesn’t even have to be programmed – just plug it in.

Plug them in and click and go. HOWEVER, I ordered two and the remotes are both set to the same channel which cannot be changed so I f you turn on A in room A, the second set of A will also turn on. If I turn on A in the living room, A in the bedroom also goes on. Had to send a set back.

They work awesome for lamps or Christmas lights. This last set I bought for my mom. So nice not having to walk around and turn off lamps.

Walking around to turn them on is little cumbersome, so I bought two of these. They worked great, and still are. I installed them in living room (3) and family room (3). The only complaint is that there isn’t a way to change the frequency, so if I turn on lamp 1 in living room, then it would also turn on 1 in family room as well. The work around was that I put two 1′s in living room, and two 2′s in family room. Other than this, I recommend this product.

This little device takes care of that: definitely safer and energy-conserving (mine!) for me. It was extremely easy to set up. I chose this particular remote bc, unlike many others I looked at, does not block both plugs in an outlet. I do agree with other reviewers that the keychain and belt clip do not add anything. I just received this yesterday, so I don’t know how it will last. The transmitter is made of pretty thin plastic, so we’ll see, but right now I’m absolutely delighted every time I use it!

I originally bought them because i have a dvd player in my room that even when i turn it off the fan kicks on every now and then and its pretty noisy, so this solved the problem by killing all power to it. I have the others hooked up to a laptop so the charger isnt charging the laptop all the time and kill the battery. it has worked great and haven’t had any problems.

I have “stations” set for different projects and at the wall I have the remote receiver with task lighting and whatever I need for the project. It is amazing when I walk into the room, I hit #1, #2, or #3 and the station is ready to go. The other set is in my sewing room – you guessed it – Ta da – and it all comes on at once or in each section as needed. Best of all when you hit the off button EVERYTHING goes off! No more running around the room turning this and that on, the remote is small enough to hide or hang by the door entrance. LOVE LOVE IT!