Daily Archive: October 6, 2013

Great Product, Could Not Be Happier

I also hooked one to the stereo so that if I’m streaming wifi radio on my iPad but want to hear it though the home sound system I just click. No need to go downstairs and turn on the system.

I have to admit though that I’ve had the most fun surprising people… I no where near the light or blender but there it goes! Maybe I’ll put one on my rice cooker next. Touch my iPad when I leave work and fresh cooked rice ten minutes after I get home. The possibilities are endless. Next they need one to hook up to a wall plate so I can turn on the whole house fan from downstairs.

Set up only took a couple of minutes. Very easy and intuitive.

Belkin has provided a good entry level product with a well programmed iPhone App; if they could toss in an Android based app they could attract a wider customer base.

The WiFi is easy to set up and works well from both within your home WiFi zone and remotely. There is a bit of a response delay when tapping on the power button in the app or when searching for the switch (when the app starts) however this could also be that I’m using an iPhone 4 so possibly a 4S or 5 might be a bit snappier on the uptake.

The new firmware updates allow upgrading the switch remotely as well, although if you are expecting to control something critical I wouldn’t do that unless you’re having problems – hence the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. If you’re traveling just wait til you get home. When I did my upgrade the switch it’s lost connection and had to be manually rebooted although this was prior to the announcement of remote firmware updates.

There are no forwarding rules required on your home router in order to control it from outside your home network – yet another plus especially for the technically challenged.

Construction is solid and doesn’t have that plasticky, hollow, flimsy cheap feel to it vs some of the other questionable brands out there; I’d definitely buy another one of these if I found a need for it.

My only big frowny face would be the cost. $50 for a single control outlet is a bit steep but that’s the price your pay for tech gadgetry that’s on or near the bleeding edge of development, right?

I did try it and have to say I could not be happier.

Setting up was very easy, connecting the switch to our WAP/2 network was no problem and within 10minutes it worked perfectly.I love ITTT-integration and look forward to more units.

I have the app on my iphone and it was super easy to set up and use right away. i have had friends be at my place while i was across town and it worked perfect. you can set it up as a timer or you can just turn it on. A must if you are gone a lot and have wifi!