Daily Archive: October 8, 2013

Dependable And Higher Rating, Works Like A Magic

I am going to buy another set and hope that it works separately from what I already have.

These are rated at 10 Amps which is twice as much as my last set. My last set had only 3 outlets and one doesn’t always work. So I’m really happy that this set actually works.

These work very nicely for our indoor Christmas lights. No more straining to get to the outlet to pull out the plug that is typically hidden by a bookshelf, instrument, kitchen appliance, or what have you. :)

These new units work great as they are wireless. Hooked up all 5 and they work. All for about the price of one of the x-10 plugs. Two notes – the units are large. And, the remote looks like on/off switches. In reality, they are a toggle. If the light is on, it goes off. If the light is off, it goes on. So, it is important that you can see or hear whatever is plugged into these. Each of the 5 have their own switch. We can turn 5 Christmas trees on or off in about 3 seconds.

Great deal though. Might get some more.

I was tired of going around turning on and off the lights in my living room and now with a couple clicks viola, let there be light! The only con would be the size of the outlet boxes are a little big but I would recommend this to anyone.

This allows me to unplug and start the printer back up without leaving my laptop and going to another room. I can also turn several fans and lights on and off from across the house.

This product now allows us to turn off all the lamps from the front door instead of walking all around the store. However it does not work so great through walls or over 60ft away. Otherwise it’s an amazing product!

For those who are disabled this is a Godsend. Occasionally you may have to hit the buttons a few times before lights go on, but those times are few and far between. I have many througout my home and couldn’t think of ever being without them, they truly are a great convenience.

My wife and I are in our late 70′s and don’t bend and stoop as well as we use to. However she loves to decorate and uses lamps all over the house as well as some indirect lighting that plugs in. we have approx 15 different lamps and lights that we turn on and off at night (Sounds like a tall tale but it is true)

I installed these switches and by using strips and hidden extension cords got most of the lights in three rooms on the five switches. Now we can sit in our easy chair and turn off and on the lights in three different rooms. We just ordered two sets for a friend who is older and has the same problem and one more set for us.