Monthly Archive: December 2013

Works as Promised

I use them for all of my christmas lights, garlands, etc around the house that are plugged in. Works great, no complaints. Responsive. Exactly what I was looking for. (suggest getting as many plugs as possible, you’ll end up using more than you think!)

Works even if you control the units from the other room! Only issue I found is the size, they still make this prodcuts very bulky! I dont care but I could be a 5stars if the size was more on the small size.

Ever since Time Warner Cable bought out Insight Communications (near Louisville, KY), I have had my internet connection drop out at least once per day. I have my cable modem plugged into one of these remote power outlet switches so that when my internet connection drops out, I don’t need to go to the basement to powercycle my modem.

I have recessed sockets in my floor so I had to get an extension to plug this into, but once I did it works great. Love the remote – makes it convenient for my living room light and bedroom light that have hard to reach switchs – I just use the remote and they work great.

For some reason our home has very few wall switches and installed lighting. We must use lamps to light our home. It’s pain to go around turning each light off individually (one room has 6 lamps). These make it simple and are a new necessity in our home.I love being able top walk in the front door or any room and use a switch to turn on a light instead of stumbling through the dark to the lamp.

Easy setup, just hold the learning button on the side and choose your button on either remote. Was planning on using at two different locations, but now I think I’ll buy another set. Very convenient.

My daughter has one of those elevated beds so we wanted to have an easy way for her to turn her lamp on/off when she’s up in the bed. This is perfect and the price was right.

Programming is easy, you can have them each on their own channel, or put them two or three on the same channel. I do have a little problem with the second channel sometimes turning on the third channel too, not turning it off, just on. One of the remotes I received is a five channel remote, not sure why I got that, but at least it works. I feel sorry for whoever needed five channels and only got three. Over all, I am very pleased with my purchase, they make life just a little easier!

Great Idea for Christmas

You take them out of the package, put the battery in the remote and connect one or both of the wall sockets. One independent button to turn each one on, and one separate button to turn each one off. Has helped me a lot with a raspberry pi that required to be disconnected and connected back to switch on. Served its purpose as it was expected. Haven’t prove the range but in the same room, it works like a charm.

I tried a G/E model of wireless light switch that I found at Target prior to getting this. That one would turn on/off at random from what I can only assume was radio frequencies either coming from other apartments or from garage door openers near me. The “rotating security code” claim was nothing but a lie.

However, I have had ZERO issues with the model. It works every time I press the button, never turns on/off from outside interference, and has performed flawlessly. I only knock it down one star due to there being a different image on the product page than what I bought. For reference, mine looks like the one that has a squarish shaped outlet with 2 buttons on it and a boxy remote control with only one button. If they were more coherent in their product info I would absolutely give it 5 stars.

The switch is hard to reach, so it seemed perfect. It works well, but occasionally loses connectivity to the power under the sink and has to be switched on and off.

I wish the unit had a plug in the side instead of the front; if you have this behind furniture with a standard plug, the piece sticks pretty far out from the wall. The depth of the head is 1.5″, so a low profile extension cord solves that issue. Overall we’re very satisfied!

Usually, my techie gadgets get an eye roll from my spouse, but this one has gotten me a two thumbs up! She loves to be able to turn all of the accents off at night without going to each one and switching them.

You know how you wake up at night and just need a cool blast of air? Well, in the old days (last week), you had to sit up, fumble for the fan knob (they keep moving it!), turn it on, lie back down, get cool, get cold, get freezing, sit up, fumble, turn it off, lie back down, rinse, repeat, right? With this, you put the little remote (about the size of a pack of gum) under the pillow or on the nightstand and a light touch brings blessed coolth. Another tap makes it go away again. It also works for whatever other electric-y things that can be plugged in. I had a plan to surreptitiously put this on my neighbor’s living room lamp (very close proximity) and randomly turn the lights on and off. But no, wiser heads prevailed.

Excellent Product for Controlling Electrical Outlets!

I have it hooked up to a power strip running my Xbox, Apple TV, BluRay, and TV so when I’m finished watching I can simply push the button on the remote and all of my devices lose power. This saves on standby power by preventing the devices from drawing electricity that isn’t really necessary. Of course you want to make sure that all of your devices are already turned off before cutting the power to them! I measured the electrical draw and my setup was using 13 watts of electricity at standby and this device uses only 1 watt. Pretty awesome!

I wanted to be able to turn it off from the office when I returned. It works like a charm. For some strange reason I turn off the lamp and then pull it out of the light socket at night. It’s next to my bedroom door. You do not have to disconnect it because I have used it both ways and it works great!!!

And now all I have to do is tap the button! It works so well I bought another one for a bedroom lamp, so much easier to reach over and press the button than looking for the turn switch.

I would recommend this for anyone with a difficult switch, or perhaps one in a hard to find spot, also it anyone has any issues with their hands such as arthritis.

The only real problem is that the range of the remote is a bit hit-&-miss… particularly with the battery supplied. By the way, the battery isnt your standard AA or AAA either, its an A23 which may or may not be difficult to find in your area. Also the plug-in bits just a -little- too wide to go in side-by-side on most power strips.

My room lamp is all the way on the other side of the room. This product helps especially when reading at night and tucked in bed. At this point, I really do not feel like moving or walking all the way over on the other side of the room to turn off the lamp. Wonderful – and I do not feel lazy (smile)

We moved into a house that was built with no overhead lighting. We’re out in the woods, so when it gets dark – it’s really dark! These have been a godsend to us. I have a few of these and I also have the other style that has 3 separate plug units with one remote. Perfect for my living room (3 lamps). the remote sits on a small end table just inside the room. We used to trip and fall trying to get to lights, etc. not anymore!

We also use this for Indoor holiday lighting. I have my tree & foyer displays set up on one remote. perfect.

Bonus: For people who wake up during the night (hot flashes, night sweats, etc.), try putting a fan in your room and use one of these… if you wake up, push the button and blast air on you for a minute or two, then push the off switch – without ever getting out of bed! You can go right back to sleep! Wonderful product!

A Very Happy Receiver of My Christmas Gift!

I spent over $200 on other brands that didn`t work. It works at a great distance. It uses a 9v and that`s the reason I only gave it four stars and it it`s so large it covers both outlets. It should only use two AA batteries. 9vs are expensive. The prongs are strong that hold in the batteries. Mine came with 2 remotes that work independently. The dude that dropped his is blaming the company for his error. The other review complained about the metal clips. The clips are strong and do the job. I bought a multi plug outlet and snapped it in and then plugged the remote in sideways. That left room for another outlet. It works through walls also. This is a quality product and I don`t believe the negative reviews. There`s enough positive reviews to back it up. Keeping the product and getting a refund is a multi billion dollar scam. I dropped mine on a tile floor and it still worked. Had to pop the cover back on. update-had this for awhile and it still works good. The cover is looser on one remote than I like so just used a piece of tape. It is the best I have ever found.

Comes with battery in the pack. The only issue (though not a big one) is that the plug is a bit big in size. So if you plug it in, you cannot use the adjacent wall sockets. But not a big deal though.

I was able to find a smaller unit at Lowe’s, so I’ll just use this one for my Christmas tree instead of year-round lamp use.

It worked but there was a Prop 65 warning on the packaging that it was made with toxic materials known to cause cancer and birth defects, and that you should “wash your hands after using it”!! (Probably made in China!) That went straight back! Then I ordered this product and I couldn’t be happier.

It comes packaged in a very nice manufacturers box and looks and feels like a very high quality item. The remote works with a 9V battery, included, which is really nice as 9V’s last forever. The battery is in the remote but is wrapped in plastic, so open the cover (slide the lower portion downward to reveal the battery) to unwrap and install it.

In addition to controlling the off/on by the remote, there are off/on switches on the AC adapter. I guess this could come in handy if the remote’s battery died and you didn’t have a spare on hand, or if the remote was misplaced temporarily.

The AC adapter does take up a lot of space but I have a power strip plugged into the wall, and the AC adapter plugged into the power strip, so that wasn’t an issue for me.

Now I can turn my fan off and on from my recliner and wouldn’t be happier. Also, I emailed Elekcity before my purchase with a question and they answered immediately and were very nice. I would buy from the company again in a second.

Now I can turn my fan off and on from my recliner. :)

Remote Controls for My Home Lights

I think these are a great deal for anyone who only wants to control a couple of outlets and avoid the expense of setting up a true X-10 system. I like that there are buttons on the units themselves that can also turn the lights on and off. Since I have one next to my bed for lamp, I can just reach over and turn it off without having to have the remote next to me.

The only con is that the outlets are bulky and make it hard to plug in something in the other outlet of a two-port receptacle. Some might also find the red indicator LEDs annoying. Overall, a good buy and recommended.

I can turn on the lights in the driveway from inside my car. I can turn on the Xmas lights on my porch from my car in the street. My fiance will never have to worry about walking into a dark house too.

I had trouble because I had to turn the lights out before I got in bed and if I needed a light would have to get out of bed to turn the light on. Was looking at other items and found these. They were very reasonably priced and had good reviews. I chose the packet with 2 remotes because I can then use them in 2 different rooms and have a remote in each room. This way I didn’t have to carry one on me all the time. When laying on the couch I use a remote to turn on a nearby lamp and in the bedroom to turn a lamp on from the bed. So, when I knock my cane over or need a light, I don’t have to get up in the dark. I can use the remote to turn on the lamps in the other room with no problem. Haven’t decided what I am going to use the 3rd socket outlet on yet, but have time. Am very happy with this product and would recommend it to others.

They work flawlessly. I was concerned that having two devices in close proximity would interfere with each other, but they don’t. Highly recommended!

It works well, from anywhere in my apartment. I am quite pleased with how well it works. One note is that it is larger than I thought it would be – if you want to put this into a power strip, for example, be forewarned that this will only be useful sticking off the end. It’s bigger than the power adapter for my stereo.

Attached the remote to the wall over the light switch. Works great and everyone says they like the ambience in my office.

You have the wall-piece that plugs in. It has a light on it indicating that it has power and a button to turn it on and off manually right on the socket. The remote also turns the socket on and off (which is the whole purpose behind it). There is an on/off light on the socket that indicates its status. There is an audible “click” when it is turned on or off. The battery included is a nice touch as many items these days don’t include batteries making it a pain for the first-time setup. As a basic, functional item with a decent price it is pretty good.

Makes Your Life Simple

The range is good (all 3 function from the driveway), but not quite sure if the 100 ft is accurate (only the foyer lamp location will work from the street).

As someone stated before these cover the other outlet on a typical wall plate just enough to make you briefly question the design (hence the 4 stars). You can possibly force another regular plug under it, but it’s risky…and probably not so safe. Keep that in mind if you have limited outlets like I do. They are also bulky and probably won’t work as well behind a cabinet unless you use a flat-ish extension cord like I did.

The manual on/off buttons are good to have, and not all remote outlets have them. All outlets and remotes have been working good for a few months now. Every now and then you may need a second click to engage one or the other. No biggie.

The only reason why it lost a star is because of its size. The receivers are about 2x5x2 inches (w-h-d) which is big especially if you want to plug them in a tight spot.

Walking around the dark room was hazardous. We bought a wireless switch from local hardware, but it never worked quite right. It would go on inthe middle of the night for no reason and it cost over twice what this switch cost. The Etekcity switch solved all our problems. The switches and remotes work perfectly, every time, no problems with outside intereferece. The cost is less than half what I paid for inferior products at the big chain hardware store. Batteries were included, packaging was perfect.

Mine had things missing, and amazon helped me with the return process. But for the few days I tried with the single remote it was pretty cool, and works very well in a small enclosed environment

These work super! Used one remote with two outlets in the bedroom and the second with one outlet in the basement. The two remotes can control all three lamp outlets and the signal carries from the main level to the basement. Just plug them into the outlet, plug in the lamp and they are ready to go. I used a little art putty (available at office supply) and stuck the remote to the wall next to the door. The putty is easily removable and does not stain. Allows me to pull the remote off to change the battery then stick it back. I plan to buy another set for the bedrooms upstairs.