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Super Convenient and Works Great!

I was completely amazed that the description was spot on! The sensor will go through walls, floors, and ceilings! The remote is well built, and when you press the button, it does what its told and never misses a beat. Love it! Will be buying more outlets in the future to add to my army of outlets!

I ordered the 3 pack self learning remotes last week, planning to combine them with a 5 pack to use as a client notification system in my office suite (I’m a psychotherapist and it’s helpful to know when clients arrive:-)). Unfortunately, the system Amazon sent did not include the self learning button (not an issue except that I needed to combine outlets with other remotes). Amazon offered to send another one, but I wasn’t sure that it would be any different than the first so I contacted it directly. They responded very quickly, and within days I had a new set which was exactly what I needed. This system will work perfectly for us (it works in our offices through at least 2 heavy sound-proofed walls) and is so much more affordable than the other systems I was looking at. I’m now thinking of all sorts of uses for these gadgets in my home and may need to order some more……

I am currently using it in my son’s nursery to control a dresser lamp and a standing lamp. I used velcro straps to velcro the remote to the entrance way wall and it looks and works perfectly. These easily work through walls and across the house. They are a little bulky but a small downside.

I returned one box and like some others in the reviews thought I had a defective set with an incorrect remote. So I ordered another box hoping the odds were better now and returned the old one – only to see it was exactly the same.

One remote (marked 01) worked while the other (marked 04) didn’t. I set it to the reprogram mode (put it in the socket witch on and keep the yellow button pressed till the light blinks) and used the non-working remote to switch it on. Again – use the non-working remote and not the working one here. Now both the remotes work. I repeated this step for the remaining 4 and they work great. 5 stars if the instructions mentioned this at least even if it didn’t work out of the box.

HUGE Money Saver for Us!!

We have a large open unfinished potion of our basement that is used for storage, workspace and music area. It is very dark and lighted by hang down shop lights that plug in. The lighting works well but it is treacherous walking through the dark trying to find the pull string to turn them on unless we left one on constantly which was a waste of money and not at all green. We were contemplating hiring an electrician to rewire the lighting so we could have a switch by the door when we found this wireless set. MUCH cheaper than an electrician and we can turn each light on individually instead of all on at once. This wireless remote is a money saver for us all the way around. It even works from the other room so we can turn on a light before we open the door. It was easy to install and no more walking blind in the dark. I guess the instructions are good but you could easily figure it out without them. We absolutely could not be happier!

The remote and outlets work great and are super easy to program. I used them in a room that requires a lot of light and I have them setup so that 1 button turns them on or off but I can also shed individual lights by using the other programmed from the factory buttons. The remote control outlets sturdy and well built.

I LOVE this product so much that I had to tell you! I originally bought the first set for my newborn daughter’s room because the cute lamp that she had as part of her room decor did not have a switch. If I wanted to use it I had to plug it in, and when I was done, I had to unplug it. With a newborn who needed a diaper change in the middle of the night, this was never going to happen. This product was EXACTLY what I needed. One click and her lamp switches on – no fuss! I have since then installed one in just about every room. I also have one in my son’s room for his nightlight so it doesn’t stay on all the time. This is really convenient so that when I am nice and cozy in my bed, I can simply turn off the lamp from my room. I just ordered a second set for my in-laws for their Christmas tree. They think it is the most amazing gadget ever!

But all aspects of the initial transaction exceeded my expectations. The order was promptly filled. The price was as good or better than that asked for competing units. The outlets and remotes were very easy to set up and so far have worked flawlessly. The instruction material was clear and written with a nice tone of customer service consciousness. The remote units even came with initial batteries and one replacement battery for each. Wouldn’t it be nice if more firms showed thoughtful consideration of the customer like this!

Great Purchase So Far, But Why not Sell Extra Remotes?

i have 2 of them connected to the lamps in our bedroom. one thing i would change and i wish was different is that each unit only has 3 “memories”. i was able to program each remote to turn each light on individually, but was only able to program one remote for “both on both off” on one channel. also, the “owners manual” leaves a little to be desired.

I bought a second set and it worked great exactly as advertised also. I did not give them 5 stars because the instructions left some information out which you need to figure out by yourself.

It turns out that when you reprogram the channel you must first clear all the channels or else you will have both programmed channels working off of the remote with the same outlet.So clear it first if you want one button working one outlet.

I also discovered that the remotes (mine anyhow) are not interchangeable with the outlets, regardless of the button number,unless you program the outlet with that specific remote. So you have a lot of flexibility here. These are all good features. I just think the instructions could be more thorough. Other than this the instructions are good.

This a great product especially during the Christmas Season. I can stand at one corner of my downstairs and click on the tree, the lights on the mantle, the lights on the inside wreath in my breakfast room amd the electric candles in the windows.

I bought the 5 outlets + 2 Remotes version because I would use them in different rooms & figured I’d want 2 remotes. So far they are great for the lights I have them hooked up to. Very reliable, very consistent operation.

I put one outside to control the decorative lights on my balcony and I love that I no longer have to step into the frigid cold to activate them. They are also quite useful for controlling appliances that are otherwise normally hard to plug and unplug.

Then plug in the lamp to the remove control outlet. Finally to program the handheld remote to the remote control outlet, press the side button on the remote control outlet until the red light on it starts blinking. Then press and hold the ON button the handheld remote until the lamp turn on. Continue programming the next lamp and use the next available position on the handheld remote control.

One can program both handheld remotes to turn on/off the same lamp. So one can have as many remotes controlling the same lamp.

The handheld remote signal range is excellent and works flawlessly. Press the ON button and immediately the light turns on.

Works as Described, What’s Not to Like

I bought two sets because I knew I would need more than two remotes. I didn’t think I’d need 10 outlets. The hot water recirculation pump has a built-in timer, but the timer means it’s often running when we don’t need hot water and not running when we do need it. A remote motion-detector switch wouldn’t have been ideal because often we are in the bathrooms but don’t need hot water. Problem solved with the remote switches.

I’m now using the extra switches to control pretty much everything else in the house that doesn’t need to be on all the time (primarily AV equipment). So far I’ve found uses for 9 of the 10 outlets. With one remote next to the garage door opener it’s easy to make sure everything is switched off when we leave and then to turn on things we want on when we come home. With additional remotes next to our bed and in the bathrooms it’s pretty convenient. I’m not sure we’ll ever save enough electricity and gas (water heater) to justify the expense (plus replacement batteries for the remotes), but I feel better knowing that all those energy wasters are shut off when we don’t need them on.

So far I’m impressed. The range seems excellent and the on/off function seems rock solid. I was a little skeptical that they would work that well, but they’ve exceeded my expectations. Probably the best functioning remote devices I’ve ever had. I’ve only had them a week, but they seem very well built.

I’m giving them 4 stars only because they don’t sell the remotes by themselves. Otherwise I’d give them 5 stars. On the company’s own web site they list the remotes by themselves for a ridiculously high price that makes no sense. Based on the pricing of the packs the individual remotes should sell for less than $10 each. At that price I would probably buy a couple more remotes just to have them in more convenient places in the house.

Program the outlet and the remote control is very easy the only thing that is two remote working as one. You can’t not assign two outlet in two different room with same number in two different remote because when you press any remote the two outlet will turn off/on the same time. Right now just have to wait and see how long it last

The range for the remotes is outstanding and flawless to this point. I would definitely recommend this product to any household for making the process of turning lights on and off a simple and effortless push of a button.

Great Long Lasting Product

These switches have been a lifesaver. I attached a piece of velcro to the back of the remote and stuck it to the wall. Now I can use the remote like a light switch, or remove it from the wall and use it as a remote.

That’s where these babies come in handy. I can be as lazy as I want and with the push of a button, my fan / lamp is off or on. Or they can be used for something else, either way they are convenient.

To do that I needed to know how to remove a plug from a certain remote number. I am reducing the rating by one star, because the user instructions do not mention this and I had to call them (hold the learning button on the plug while you plug it on to reset it, so it will react to none of the remote numbers).

They work great! I like that any outlet can be paired with any remote, and that you can pair more than one outlet to any remote button.

The outlets themselves are rather large. However, if you plug them into the top part of a wall outlet, you can fit a small plug into the bottom part. If you have a larger plug or transformer, or are using a power strip, you’ll need something like 1-Foot Extension Power Cable, 5-Pack. I bought a set and they work very well to make the outlets usable in those situations.

I bought the 5-pack of the newest model with two remotes. However, one of the remotes didn’t work properly. I contacted Etekcity’s customer service and they sent instructions on how to clear and reprogram the outlets to the remote. I followed these instructions, but the remote still didn’t work. They quickly sent me a replacement, which works perfectly. The rep who helped me was polite and professional, and responded quickly to several emails.

I’ve been so happy with these outlets that I bought a second set to use in my bedroom. I’ll probably buy another set for my elderly mother, so she can control her lights without having to get out of her recliner. I would recommend them to anyone!

I have used it for a long time and have had no problems with the device. However, I received the device with only one remote and not two remotes as shown in the image in the product page. This product is especially great for nights when one doesn’t want to get up to switch off an electrical appliance. The remote does not consume much battery which is surely a plus point in the long run. However, one needs to ensure that the remote is in line with the outlet to actually work but that is not much of a problem(However, this is the reason I rates this product 4). Thanks to this products life and my lazy attitude, I will surely be heading back to this seller and purchasing it again!

Performs Exactly As Promised

I use mine every day. Only two cons that I’ve come across:

1. the plugs are MASSIVE. and 2. the battery is not a standard size so when it comes time to replace it, that might be a challenge. Also getting the battery into the remote was quite a challenge but not a huge deal. I couldn’t do it properly so the cover doesn’t fit back on.

Again. for the money this is good solution. If I had paid any more than $15 then I probably wouldn’t give it four stars.

i did not want have to run down the stairs every time i wanted to switch the cameras on or off (i need to reboot them like once a week, sigh i know……) and the other ones i have till now (i think from x10) used to stop working on occasions, the reason they didn’t work is not because of the “distance” because the basement is just a few feet under where im standing in the kitchen its just that all the concrete and insulation seemed to make the signal fain every so often so i went for this unit. this unit work flawlessly! so this review is not targeted at the distance of the product but rather about the fact that it seems to send its signal through walls and floors pretty well. for me that was a plus.

it saves me so many steps, I can’t believe it. I bought it pretty much on a lark. But am I glad. I can control so many things from one spot. Lights in other rooms on at dusk, off at bedtime. Various Entertainment components easily controlled without moving to each of them. Considering more of these for my office.

They simply work. I’m sure that maybe a few out there don’t, because some bad reviewers have noted some lemons. But, also look at the high reviews… they all worked for me, and I bought about $200 worth for different houses/ rooms. I added fluorescent under-cabinet lights all over my house… 4 underneath my bed, 3 behind each television, etc. These remote outlet switches allow me to have accent lighting galore.

These worked instantly and very well. They are pretty big, so don’t plan on using the other plug unless you run an extension (probably ill advised). The remote is curved, so I can’t hang it on the wall like I did the last one. Now I have to walk one whole step into the room. I think I’ll live.

First off, the socket switches are much larger than I expected and limit your ability to use the other socket in the outlet (if you have 2 like most outlets). For example, I could plug in another lamp below the switch, but my Ipad charger will not fit due to switch bulkiness. Second, the 3 button control is not flat on the back, its concave. To most this is not a big deal but I wanted to attach it to the wall with Velcro. I was still able to do so but it doesn’t stick nearly as well as a flat back remote would have with less Velcro space to hold it.