They Work Perfectly And Have A Great Range!

Now, with this small appliance in hand its easy. One handheld turns off five lamps (or other items plugged in). The units that plug into the outlets are larger than others I’ve used, but this was the one product that allowed for five outlets to be controlled with one hand held. You’ll love it. Works through walls too.

They do what they’re supposed to and the only thing I wish they had were multi controllers so you could keep them in separate rooms since they have a pretty long-range reach.

I bought these just because they were cool, but i never ended up using them on anything, i’ve used them a couple times for pranks, but that was it, they sit in my closet.

The lights sit on the floor and the switch is on the cords. I have 5 of them projecting up the walls for extra lighting, they are hidden behind furniture. With the remote I can control all 5 at once without bending or crawling on the floor. It’s awesome. I also have another for turning on/off Christmas decorations, tree, windows, etc.

I can turn on my individual yard lights from my patio. Overhead party lights along house eve on one, Party lights on breezeway eve over ornamental garden on circuit two. Party lights in gazebo & ‘Park’ lights on the third. Low voltage path lights on the forth.

Last but not least are the party lights I use to light my breezeway of my shop as I shut off the various shop lights and still have light to see to return to house where I can simply push number 5 to turn these off. The control units have manual switches that allow the turn on from my shop breezeway as evening light fades.

The same button is used to turn ‘off’ or ‘on’ thus making it difficult to use for the fountain as it takes a minute for the water to begin flowing. The fountain blocks the signal and being impatient the tendency is to keep turning it off and on, without knowing if signal activated the unit. However the ’3 Pack’ of another brand I previously had works for this as it has separate buttons for ‘off’ and ‘on.’ Between the two I have the perfect system(s).

I have some bookcase light and wanted to be able to control them remotely. These do the job but are very large. You may as well plan on buying a short extension cord for each if you have any need to use the rest of the outlets. This is true for a four plug outlet. In this day and age these units should be 1/3 the size and/or engineered not to lock outlets.

I have lamps in the corners of my living room that I can no longer get to without crawling over furniture. These outlets make that an easy fix. I also use on for my WD-Live TV as it locks up fairly frequently and needs to be unplugged and plugged back in. Now I can accomplish this from the couch!

Only down side is I haven’t found an easy way to incorporate these into my Logitech Harmony One remote as it is IR and these are RF.

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