Daily Archive: September 10, 2013

Controls Power to Audio Mixer

It works great, the remote even reaches from other rooms of the house. The ONLY complaint I have is that it should’ve come with 2 remotes, but thats not really a problem. Very happy and would buy from again!!

It’s plugged into a very inconvenient location, and it would wake my toddler up when I went into the room next to hers to go unpug it. I tried this from across the house and it works great! No more waking the little ones. Easy to use.

I was sick of having to walk behind the aquarium and wrestle the plug from the power strip. I installed this product, walked away, hit the button and it worked perfectly. I tested the range and much to my surprise, I can pretty much walk about 40 feet from the receiver/plug. I am very pleased with this product, and would most certainly purchase it again. Another plus is that it includes the battery for the remote.

I also wanted to be able to turn it on and off from inside my house which is about 50 ft away. As for a floodlight, I bought Cooper Lighting MS100PG 110 Degree 100W Portable Plug-in Motion Security Floodlight to plus into it. Works like a charm. I could not have been happier with this product.

Now I can just hit this button from across the room, and it works amazing! I have this device between a battery backup and an extension cord hooked up to 2 LCD monitors, 2 studio monitor speakers, 1 studio subwoofer, and 2 floor lamps.

My mixer is on all the time if it’s plugged in. It became a hassle to constantly unplug the mixer, and I felt I might break a pin on the mixer’s power cable, so I purchased this. It has worked wonders so far. I keep the remote within a five foot distance, so I can’t speak towards its range, but it is very responsive. My mixer turns on immediately after pressing the remote button.

Like all electronics, they need to be reset occasionally, maybe once-twice a year. So, what we did is to install a pair of these, one on the switch, and one on the router, and power reset them remotely when needed.

They hang in a plastic bag at the closest possible point to the devices, with a sheet of instructions. I test them every 3-4 months, before the office opens up. So far, they work just fine.

The switch died leaving on and off. I like to dim the light particularly when watching a movie in the evening. To replace the switch was just too expensive and the lamp was perfectly good. Voila! Here’s the solution and now I can turn the light off completely from the couch and make it movie night and not have to get up to put the lights back on!