Daily Archive: September 8, 2013

Best Inexpensive Remote I’ve Used – Great Range

It is a remotely controlled AC power switch. For what it does, it functions flawlessly. I not only can recommend this product if you are needing a remotely controlled AC power switch, but I have purchased another since my original purchase.

With this wireless remote control I was able to put a floodlight out in the yard and shine it into the woods to light it up when we take them out. I used double sided tape to mount the switch to the door so its easy to use without having to constantly plug/unplug an extension cord. This switch works 99% of the time, the other 1% sometimes you have to hit the button more then once to get it to work. ‘m using it at a distance of about 30 feet from the receiver unit, But it really does work well, just remember to let it hang with the outlet side facing down to keep water out as that seems to be the biggest gripe. But for my purposes it works well.

I have a number of these and they work perfectly in each application. One application is to turn on the lights at my boat slip when returning at night. I get great reception distance and find it quite useful. Another use is to turn on/off rope lights on my patio. I would highly recommend this product. Make sure to specify A or B Channel if ordering several.

I could not mount it so it was placed on the ground under the inflatable in a ziplock baggie. We had no moisture problems. We did often need to hit the remote repeatedly to get it to turn on, but I’ll attribute that to being under the decoration instead of mounted.

Note you can order either the “A” or “B” frequency control pair –so you can have 2 separate installations in the same proximity. It would be nice however it they’d throw in an extra hand-held unit with each control –sort of like having a spare key or, in my case, needing to control the same device from 2 different locations and not wanting to have to carry the remote around all the time. I could buy another set, but that seems kind of extravagant. All in all, this seems like a well built device, and I’m very happy with it.

What else is there to say? Saw a reviewer complain that it only worked intermittently. That might be because the user was rapid clicking the remote. If you don’t allow a good second between clicks, it won’t work about half the time. Allow the second – works every time.

While I bought it for Christmas lights, the remote for my central vacuum just failed and rather than spend over $125 for a replacement I decided to try this and it works great. My central vacuum is in one corner of my basement and even at the farthest corner of the 2nd floor the remote works every time. I am exceeding the rated load somewhat for short periods of time (the vacuum isn’t on for more than 10 minutes at a time) with no problems but I’m keeping a close eye on it.

It is true that it comes preset as either channel A or B so make sure you know which channel you are buying if you buy a 2nd, and of course you can’t have more than two.