Daily Archive: September 9, 2013

Quick Remote Solution For My Fountain

I recently installed a small fountain in my landscape near my front door. I ran a new GFI’d electric outlet previously in expectation of a fountain there, but wanted something besides the usual timer for controlling it. After hooking up the fountain… Christmas time and the usual exterior seasonal lights and reindeer were setup. I decided to use this remote solution for those too. Love it! …. no more running outside in the cold to unplug the Christmas lights late at night.

I do have this under my eaves. I definitely feel more comfortable keeping this in a relatively dry location for an exterior solution. So if you have that type of indoor/outdoor situation this is the ticket for you.

We could click this button and turn on the waterfall if we had guests. Worked great. This year, we finally put up holiday lights outdoors and plugged everything into this – and it’s PERFECT!!!! We stand at the window after supper and countdown with our toddler and the lights “magically” turn on – then just a quick click and they are off before bed. No fiddling with a timer, especially the holiday days themselves when we have the lights on all day and night. Awesome little gadet.

One for the back of the house Christmas lights and one for the front Christmas lights. Plugged them in, plugged in the lights and touched one of the remotes while inside the house. Since both of the Skylink units are on the same channel (A) both of the strings of lights went on…..front and back. This works for me.

If you just want one of the sets of lights to go on you need to get real close to one of the units and quickly toggle the remote and maybe just that string of lights will work. So, if you wanted one Skylink to turn on the coffee pot and another Skylink to turn on the lights in a room two WS-100/WS-100Ns would not be what you want. You should look for a two channel unit.

We have outside stairs leading from our living floor to the garage area under the house. I wanted a light that could light the stairs as well as the outside storage area below. Since I needed about 300 watts to light the whole area, a dusk-to-dawn would waste too much power. So, I needed to be able to turn a light on and off from two different locations, upstairs and downstairs. Hiring an electrician to put in all the wiring normally required, plus sheetrock repair for the added switches would have been an expensive job.

The first remote I used on my water fountain all summer without a problem. It worked every time. Now I’m using both remotes for my Christmas lights and they work perfectly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.