Loved It So Much I Bought More

Some of these switch outlets were not conveniently located for table light location. This product enabled her to put the lamps where she wanted them and then use the remote as her light switch. It has been very helpful and much safer for her. Although we’ve owned this product less than 60 days, it is operating as it is billed; and the price was very fair for what you got. I would buy this one again.

But needed more receivers to accomodate my 2 “Subwoffers” for my sound system and 3 seperate sets of lights..

I wanted them to be controlled by one “transmitter”..

This unit does the job.. Have had no issues . 1 of the receicers is block by a “large” plant and one is “inside” my electric fireplace enclosure because of the outlet location …. no problem with reception… all work as advertised.

Would recommend this product..

Unfortunately there is no on/off signal its really just one button … so if I can’t just turn off the light in my office from my bedroom, I have to get up and make sure I didn’t just turn it on.

Also they partially block the outlet so you can only use a normal two prong plug in the 2nd outlet. (Easily fixed with a 2-6 outlet adapter if necessary).

The remote takes a weird battery, so I bought a cheap 5 pack on Amazon, if I picked up the same type locally I’d either not find it or pay 10 times as much.

Given the price this is an excellent product. I would pay slightly more for a model which had both on and off buttons rather than just one toggle button.

The wireless outlets have numbers on them already so you know which outlets work what switch. However, the wireless outlets are very bulky. Most of the time they will take up the entire wall outlet.

As I walk in my house, I can turn lights on throughout the house before even entering any further. I also have my portable, floor fan plugged into one. Anything plugs into these. I can control everything from my couch without getting up. Not sure if that’s good or not! ….. Next, the coffee maker!!!! Lol …… 5 stars from me!

I got this set about a year ago – plugged them in and plugged in the light fixtures and that was it. It was as easy as that and so far not a single issue… every button on the remote matched from day 1 to now… no loss of connectivity. I’ve given 4 stars ONLY because i think they could probably be a little less bulky and maybe a 2nd remote because i imagine if you lose that remote the whole system is no good.

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