Daily Archive: September 18, 2013

Nice Little Remote Control At A Good Price!

The distance from our front deck to the fountain is about 50ft. With the one exception noted below, this item has worked everytime on the first click and without interference to other remote controls in use. In my initial temporary installation of the unit, I was not careful to install the remote vertically with the plug-in receptical down as noted in the instructions. Water got into the unit during a heavy rain and the unit stopped working. After drying it out, it worked just fine. This is one reliable, tough product, and well worth the price.

I get pretty sick of getting home from work every night and walking around the room turning on and off the lights, one by one. Now I can push a button before I even pull in the driveway and the lights are on to greet me. I currently have 2 in the room and sometimes if I barely tap the button the lamp closest to me will only work, but that’s an easy fix. The remote even works after our puppy chewed it up! I’ve had them for almost a year now and I haven’t had to replace the remote battery either! I recommend if you don’t want to spend your time walking around your living room.

I installed at the outlet inside my well cover, plugged my 2 low voltage landscape lighting transformers into it and now can control from the house which is about 80 feet away. Works flawlessly. I couldn’t be happier. Only wish I could get one for the rear of the house too, but there is no way to distinguish between multiples, as there is only one frequency.

I have try 3 other different brands remote control outlet, this is the only one perform the best, for around 45 feet and go through walls, still work, haven’t fail once. The channel A I have since a year ago, still going strong on the remote battery. Good product and I recommend it.

I use them to operate shopvacs in the garage piped into the house. This is by far the best. Mainly because there is only one button for on and off, that’s a huge plus. Secondly because the transmitter is strong, durable, has a strong key chain connection, and has great range. I have 2 on different channels of this unit and I love them.

The only reason I 4 starred this was because there is an unnecessary “rim” that extends over the female port. If you have a male cord going into the female end, be sure its not curved or angled or you’ll have some serious trouble getting it in.

If you’re buying multiple of these, make sure you decide between channel A and channel B. If you want both devices to operative via the same remote, purchase both on the same channel. If you want two remotes to control both devices independently, choose one of each channel.