Daily Archive: September 13, 2013

Great Indoor Product, Saved Me an Electrical Hassle!

I carry the remote on my belt. This works far better than what I have previously used, and the price is excellent.

Saved me from wiring a new switch for lights… I have it linked up to white Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling… wirelessly!

Everyone who has seen me click the button to turn the lights on has been amazed and asked me about it!

Definitely a great buy! :)

It works with an RF remote, so it can’t be controlled by a learning TV remote, which I would like, but it works great. There was one problem. Right where you plug your device into the 110v. outlet, there’s a RIDGE in the plastic housing. I use mine with a power supply module for an external hard drive and its impossible to plug it in with that ridge right next to the socket. However, I notched out the ridge with my Dremil tool very easily and my power module fits now. The module works great otherwise, and the ridge might not be an issue with just a standard plug. The Maker of this switch should remove that obtrusive ridge. You could also probably use one of those short pigtails to make it work with a large plug-in. I would recommend this device.

It is an under statement to say that i have tried several other brands and they all stopped working in two days.I almost gave up and went to timers but i like to control my lights.I am so happy that amazon is selling this product and it really works.I am going to buy another one with channel B so i can control my fire place blower fan,and yes i checked to make sure it would handle the amperage.To sum it up the remotes work great and the controlers are made well.

He told me and showed me how it works. I was impress. Now i have them installed so my mom feels safer in the morning and its dark to see outside. My dad has them connected outside with lights. with a single press of the button the lights turn on. If press again lights off. This box will let you control the electricity to what ever is connected when ever you want.

I like this one because it works as it should (I have not tried it at distances outside of 10 feet), and the design of the wall plug is very intelligent. Also the button switch can be attached to a magnet due to metal in it, which is the design function I used. The price is right and it arrived very fast on the wonderful Amazon Prime. The only negative is that it does not use a standard 9-volt, AAA, or AA battery, but few do. And I knew this fact ahead of time.

Distance is approx. 20 feet, and goes through plaster, wood and concrete cinder blocks. Exactly what I wanted.