Daily Archive: September 2, 2013

Great For Mood Lighting A Bachelor Pad

It is awesome to be able to do it quickly and with a remote! The part that plugs into the wall is a bit large so beware, it doesn’t bother me at all. I plan to purchase more next year as gifts.

It is nice to be able to crawl into bed and use one remote to turn lighting on/off around the condo. The condo is medium sized (around 1300 square feet) and the range on the remote works very well from all rooms. I only deducted one star from the review due to the large plastic housing of the modules which can look kind of bulky in the outlets and judging from the weight of the modules, probably do not need to be that large in size. But, most products are not perfect and these work very well.

This is a great idea, I like having the power to control 3 lamps and 2 Christmas trees by a nice little remote!

As people have said in other reviews, the outlets are big, but I don’t care, it is totally worth wasting an outlet on a hard to get to lamp.

The remote takes some weird battery, so don’t know if that will be a pain or not.

I totally recommend this product to anyone who likes turning things on and off by a remote.

For $35, I will probably buy 1 or 2 more. Would make a nice stocking stuffer to some elderly parents.

I DO LIKE THIS PRODUCT BETTER than the other one i have… Here’s why- The actual outlet that you plug your lamp, heater, fan, radio, whatever into has a ON/OFF switch. very convenient! If you are sitting next to the lamp- you dont have to search for the remote to turn it on…. But you do have to reach the outlet, so if its behind the couch then this is not helpful to you. *I also like that the remote works better and from a further distance. In my open floor-plan of a house i can keep the remote in a central location and it works just fine to all the outlets.

THE BAD: the remote on & and off switch – both of them turn the lamp on as well as off … so why they didn’t just put one button for each channel instead of two ill never know. I wish they had, and then the remote would be MUCH smaller!. *also, the units themselves are BULKY. Actually- lets be real – they are HUGE! I even made an out loud comment to myself on how stunningly large they were when i opened the box. You can still use the bottom plug (these have to go in the top outlet) if your other cord for the other appliance your plugging in is slender like a lamp or a fan (or in my case a fish tank).

We would recommend this to a friend! We love that we don’t have to point the controller at the outlet to turn it on our off. We could be in another room or outside if we wanted!